$6/1 Schick Hydro Silk Returns & Target Triple Stack


If you missed it the last time it was available- here’s another chance at that super high-value $6.00 off any one (1) Schick Hydro Silk Refill coupon. (Note- a large ad prints underneath the coupon). If you already printed it, you will not be able to print it again.

But for those of you who missed it, we have a triple stack for this product and many Target stores have bonus 4+1 packages of the Hydro Silk Cartridges in stock. They sell for $14.99 regular price- but you can get a nice savings of around 65% Off after triple stack…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Schick Hydro Silk Bonus 4+1 ct Cartridges $14.99 (Regular Price) = $29.98
-$5/2 Schick Hydro 4 ct Cartridge or Razor items Target Coupon x10/12
-$2.49 (use 10% Off Schick Hydro Silk Target Cartwheel x10/5
-$12.00 (use two $6.00 off any one (1) Schick Hydro Silk Refill
= $10.49 for 2 after triple stack or $5.24 each or like paying around $1.05 per cartridge 
You can also wait until Sunday, 9/29 to purchase as sometimes we see unadvertised sales & deals on Schick, but print your Target & manufacturer coupons now while they are still available!

*NOTE- Keep in mind there is also still a $4/1 Schick® Women’s Razor or Refill coupon you can print and stack with too. Be sure and check the prices at your store before you purchase- some of you have razors priced as low as $7.99- so it is more economical for you to buy 2 razors instead of cartridges- since each one comes with 2 refills and between stack and cartwheel it can work out to a lot less per blade if you have the lower price on razors at your stores.

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  1. i went and used my couponsand spent 13.66 for 4 boxes.
    I used the
    6.00 x2
    5.00 off 2 x2
    they are $14.99 x 4= 59.96
    6.00+6.00+5+5= 24.00 Off plus my 10% Cartwheel and i walked out paying 13.66 for 4 boxes.
    For me that wasnt to bad. I missed the 12.95 sale last week so i couldve saved a lot more but for my first big coupon useage i was proud of myself.. and so was my husband. 🙂

  2. that doesn’t quite add up for me.

    59.96 minus two $5/2 TQ’s is 49.96 (Cartwheel is supposed to come off next) so, less 10% brings you down to 44.96. even if you had 4 $6 printables, that’s still $20.96 paid. please explain.

  3. Sorry JOdi, i forgot to add in my Gift cards from previous transactions.. Thanks for calling it out!!.
    So the total was 25.96 and sorry i hate math and %’s- i had 2 5.00 GCs and then the cartwheel. Brought me to 13.66 total. I paid 3.41 for each 5 pack of razors.

    Is tht better.?

  4. Thank you Kerry. i was so happy with that purchase.. more happy than when i boght the Kraft takes for 80 cents each and the Other Kraft products paying only 75 cents after applied 2 $ off coupons.. LOL..
    I love saving money

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