Target: Always Incredibly Thin Liners as Low as FREE


There was a new manufacturer’s coupon in the October P&G insert yesterday for $1.50/2 Always Pad or Always Pantiliner Product ETS. This coupon specifies no count size, which means you can pick up the Always Incredibly Thin 20 ct Unscented liners for just .19 cents at Target. But for those of you who have the P&G Target Coupon Flyer¬†that was in some papers on 9/1, you also still have today & tomorrow to stack your Target coupon and get them as low as FREE…

Always Incredibly Thin Unscented Liners 20 ct .94 (Regular Price)
-$1/2 Tampax or Always Feminine care items Target Coupon  9-1-13 Target P&G Flyer x10/1
-$1.50/2 Always Pads Or Liners Product ETS 9-29-13 PG x10/31
= as low as FREE after stacking coupons or .19 cents each after just an MQ

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  1. I’m still confused about these type of deals… nobody is ever on the same page. I tried to buy 6 packages of the liners- they were .99 and I had 3 TQs and 3 MQs. The register would not accept the final Q she entered, and the cashier looked at them and said I can only use 4. I told her the TQs and MQs were not all identical, so I thought I could use all of them. A manager came and said they were different, but they can’t accept them because the coupon value would exceed the price of the item. I told her I knew the policy, and you could do that, but they may adjust the coupon value down. She said no, that was not their policy. I went home, copied the official and current coupon policy, and went back in the store and showed her. I knew she was bugged with me, and said they have the right to refuse any coupon. End of story. Is this true? I probably went too far when I suggested that corporate re-write their policy to exclude the Shoreview, MN store from that part of their policy. What are your thoughts? I’ve never had this problem before. Thanks!

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