FREE $10 Gift Card wyb Mombo Nursing Pillows Plus Get an Extra $10 Off = as Low as $7!

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If you have a REDcard for FREE Shipping & an extra 5% Off on, right now they are offering a $10 Gift Card with the purchase of select Mombo Comfort & Harmony Nursing Pillows.

Even better- You can also use the code TGTMFVBU to get an additional $10 Off to get a huge break on these nursing pillows! These pillows have one side that features firm support while nursing and the other side is soft for lounging.


So for example- if you added the Comfort & Harmony Nude Coverless Nursing Pillow to your cart, it is on sale for $27, a $10 Gift Card would be automatically added, then enter the code TGTMFVBU to get an additional $10 Off your purchase, making it just $17 (plus by using your REDcard you will get an additional 5% Off +FREE Shipping). And remember- a $10 Target Gift Card will come with your pillow- making it less than $7 between code, gift card, sale & REDcard discount!

This particular model has the vibration feature and if you want a slipcover for it- they start in price on as low as $8.99 for the Coo Coo Conga Print. Even with purchasing the cover- your total would be as low as under $16 for a covered-vibrating nursing pillow!


If you do not feel the vibration feature is necessary there is the Comfort & Harmony Mombo Covered Nursing Pillow in Hoppi Haze that is priced at $29.99. You can also use the code TGTMFVBU to get an additional $10 Off making this pillow just $19.99 AND it will also come with a $10 Gift Card. After coupon code, gift card & REDcard discount- this covered nursing pillow will be less than $10!

Note- this $10 Code will expire tomorrow, October 22nd, but inventory may be limited and this deal may not last that long.

You can also go through who is offering 3% Cash Back or EBATES who is offering 2.5% Cash Back on purchases today. If you are new to you can earn a $5 bonus for signing up, and if you are new to EBATES, you will also get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus in your account for signing up if you spend $25 in one transaction within 30 days.

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  1. I just wanted to say I got the coverless pillow for $29, received $21 in discounts and it only charged my red card $9.62 and I received a $10 gift card yesterday! So mine was a money maker.

  2. Today, I just received the Hoppy in the mail and it does have the vibrating feature.

    FYI– my gift card has not yet shipped.

  3. I figured it out. The purchase price is $27.99 so $17.99 after the $10 promo code. For some reason it was adding the promo code instead of taking it off. I started over a second time and it worked. I know it is supposed to add the gift card and included that in my previous comment scenario. Not sure why it was adding the $10 off instead of deducting it but it’s not the first time this has happened.

  4. I thought that was weird too Megan but I understand what Kerry is saying. I got an email this morning that there was a delay with the GC but that the pillow/with yellow cover is on it’s way. Weird! The details of the price breakdown now reflect the total being $9.53, whereas when I checked out it was $19 something. So I’m wondering if that’s why there’s a GC issue, guess I’ll see when it gets here…

  5. HI Megan- If your total is $37.99 before anything- keep in mind target has to add the GC to your order so you will get it, and then they minus the cost of it out because its free. – so for example- if your order is $37.99 – they then ADD the GC you ordered + $10 = $47.99. So now- you use the code – $10 = $37.99. And now Target says- hey the gift card we are sending you is free so we will minus the $10 cost off = $27.99 and now your pillow ships and along with it will come the $10 GC so now you’ve paid $27.99 and you have a $10 gift card to spend. so $17.99 after GC & code – I agree its confusing but they need to account for the card somehow so you will receive it- hth & makes sense- lmk if you have more ?s

  6. This is the most frustrating transaction ever.. but it confirms that this is a Target wide issue and not just in stores. I added it to my cart, applied the discount code. It is adding the $10 gift card and $10 off code to the total price of the item. So instead of saying $37.99 – $10gc – $10 off code= $17.99 It is saying $47.99 – $20 = $27.99.. it’s not taking the promo code off! It’s charging me for it.. it has done this to me so many times in stores on gift card deals, charge me for the free gift card and then NOT take the amount off the total.. same with coupons.. Shows the coupon rings up and on the receipt but does NOT take the amount off!

  7. @Jennifer- I am not sure- the ad did not mention anything
    @Louise & Shirley- the code is still working- you should have thru end of day today 10/22 to use it as long as stock lasts
    @Diana – no- the gift card is a physical gift card that get s sent with your pillow. on some occasions when I do online GC deals I sometimes receive my gift card separately in an envelope. but it is always a physical GC

  8. Thanks so much for posting! I essentially got it for $6.53 after using my $10 GC I had from the Starbucks deal a few weeks ago. I love rolling these Target giftcards!

  9. Hey Christine- are you sure the Hoppi Haze one does? it calls it a basic in the description and does not mention it. lmk please!

  10. The one with a slipcover has the vibrating feature. I ordered one when it was $19.99 but now I want to return it and reorder with this better deal!

  11. This is an awesome deal. I just ordered the pillow with the cover for 29.99 and after discount and giftcard for the pillow and cover it was only $9.58.

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