Happy Halloween & Get Ready for Up to 50% on 11/1

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Here’s wishing everyone a Happy, safe & fun Halloween! My 8-year old son Austin & I carved our Pumpkins yesterday and he is anxiously awaiting being able to go trick-or-treating.

pumpkinMy husband did a great job of hiding the Halloween candy from me this year- I still don’t know where it is, and I hope I don’t go overboard when he finally brings it out. 🙂

Tomorrow, Friday November 1st will be when all Halloween will go 50% Off except for candy- which usually goes to 30%. Some food items may sit at 30% for the first few days too.

If history repeats itself, on November 4th is when we will likely see most stores drop to 70% off and 2 or 3 days later down to 90%. Last year my store went to 70% on the 4th and then 90% Off on the 7th, but not all stores follow the exact same schedule – and you could possibly see 70% off earlier or later at your store.


But in preparation- aside from the usual costumes and decorations etc that we know will be 50% Off-  there are also some household items that will likely go very, very quick. Special Halloween Packaged items from brands like Bountty, Solo, Dixie, Kleenex, Puffs and more usually drop to 50% Off on November 1st.

These types of items- paper & plastic goods usually disappear lightening fast- so if you have any interest you will likely have to get there early or have a little luck on your side. 😉 While much of it will be in the Halloween section- it can’t hurt to cruise the regular aisles, or search the endcaps around the regular aisles to see if you have any luck!

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  1. Will everyone please mention your city/ area so it helps others out? Someone suggested this on a past clearance and i think it works great. I like to have the numbers to the targets around me/ work and call to see if they went 90% but there’s one that sometimes doesn’t change their signs so if they tell me 70 when i know most are 90 I’ll go by and check anyway. Arlington and Mansfield, TX at 50% yesterday with food at 30%.

  2. Just got back from one of my Target stores. It was somewhat picked over but I found everything except food to be at 70%. I found cute carter pj’s for $4.50 a 2 pack. Cups for $.89. Also they did not move the Halloween Kleenex to the back of the store so I scored 2 packs for $.89. Went to my other store still 50% off so I didn’t get anything there.

  3. I scored this morning, drive to a target 15 min away and they had a whole end cap of solo plates all 50% off. I took about half of them 10 packages! Such a good deal, this store had tons of the food which was all 30% off. Does anyone know when they normally mark the food to 50% off? I would love to stock up on some snacks.

  4. I couldn’t go early this morning because I had to work — but I was very happy to find lots of paper towels & orange solo cups this afternoon! They had the Halloween products placed with the regular priced items and there was no clearance signs — I scanned everything & found out they WERE clearanced. Got several packages for our house! Also found some great fall craft supplies for my toddler including glow in the dark paint! My little one loves fruit snacks so I stocked up on those as well — they are the “halloween” version but they won’t go bad until June of 2014. She’s little so I’m sure she won’t mind the Halloween packaging! Got some cool glow in the dark bracelets in the dollar section – six bracelets for 50 cents — not a bad deal! Hoping to try a different store this weekend to see if they mark down to 70%

  5. Costumes were sparse to begin with at all five of the targets around me???and everything was going quick at fifty and thirty percent…there may be a random find here or there but I noticed aisles were not full to the gills as in previous years

  6. Indiana postponed trick or treating which means we were only at 30% off today. I was disappointed.

  7. I’m in Ohio and the storms that cancelled trick/treating until this weekend didn’t cause Target to delay the markdowns. One store almost everything except candy 50% off and candy 30%. Also CVS in the same area had all Halloween 50% off including candy.

  8. Kraft macaroni was on sale this week for buy 3 get one free. My store had halloween macaroni and chesse marked down so I got 4 boxes of for $2.70!

  9. Found kleenex, bounty napkins, and solo paper plates for 50% off at a Target in the Atlanta, GA area. Happy I could go on my lunch break.

  10. The Kool-Aid Ghoul Aid Jammers are $3.29/ 2 pack. Buy 3 get $5 Giftcard (promo ends 11/2). Making them $1.61 a 2 pack.

  11. Hey guys the bounty PT are part of the sale. They had to do it manually. They are aware of the situation.

  12. I got some Hefty storage bags for $1 after a $1/2 coupon. There were some things left, but it was a total mess. I got what I wanted, but I’m hoping that the cute little owl that lights up will be there at 70% off. It was too much to pay at 50% off, so fingers crossed!

  13. No paper towel clearance in philly either.. BOO.. the halloween colored storage totes where not on clearance either, But all my cartwell discounts did come off the clearance items..

    I had a MM with the dixie comfort cups
    $1.49 ea x 2 = $2.98 – $1/1 TQ x 2=$.98 10% cartwell – $1/2 MFG

    Keep your eyes open for 2 pk bundles of kleenex tissues for $1.49

  14. The food/candy was 30% off in West Des Moines, and costumes/other Halloween items were 50% (including black dot in the Dollar section – also 50% off).

  15. The Pyrex Halloween storage containers (really cute btw) are 50% off at $2.49, but there is also an iBotta for $1.00 of any Pyrex making them $1.49. Pretty good deal for a glass storage container.

  16. I am in SE WI and the paper towel was not marked down at 2 of the Target stores around me, but was at another one. I did not make that store in time to get any. Not happy 🙁

  17. The paper towels were the only thing NOT marked down at our target this morning. Got some other good deals though!

  18. Is there any policy change on returning. One employee was telling in case if we return they going to ask our license

  19. Bummer, all food items were only 30% off at the Lino Lakes, MN store. That was the only thing I really wanted!

  20. How much are the napkins? My store will have barely anything left even though there aren’t many extreme couponers around. I will be able to go during lunch hour.

  21. The Bounty paper towels were not part of the sale at my target. They did have the napkins for $1.49 and the solo cups, plates, bowls for $1.49 each. Candy and food items were only 30%. Also storage bins were not part of the 50% off price reduction. 🙁

  22. Wow my store was crazy this morning!!! Definitely not going to make it to 70 or even 90%, saw several women with carts overflowing!!

  23. Don’t forget to grab good stocking stuffers for “See Spot” aka “The One Spot” as it hits clearance today too!

  24. I went to my local target bright and early today and was delighted to see two end caps full of bounty paper towels and napkins. got my self 4 napkins (1.50 each…the towels were $3 each), some little halloween lights (multi color so i’m using it for our first christmas tree in this apartment) along with decorative lights for tall vases, some cheap decorations that can be repurposed, a costume for the bf for next year ($10 for something that looks like domo and lights up), and saw some other nice clearances too like a gold-dipped nate berkus bowl i’ve been eyeing (half off too 🙂 )

  25. I was sort of thinking due to Saturday being 2 days after that we won’t really get to 70% on much of anything at all! Waiting to hear reports from first thing in the morning shoppers!

  26. Just a heads up for any fellow Indiana readers: Due to the severe weather warnings and most of the cities trick-or-treating and events being postponed until Friday evening, the stores in your area may not go to clearance until Sat this year. I just wanted to give any other Indiana readers a heads up to be prepared.

  27. I need to look through any coupons that will match up with these sales! Can’t wait to be there early tomorrow morning to see what’s left. I’ve had my eyes on a few things and settled on if I’m willing to pay for them at 50% vs 70% or even 90% off.

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