Target: Halloween Clearance Deals from the Readers on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Kool-Aid and More

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Many of you had some luck grabbing some inexpensive paper & plastic products at 50% Off like Solo, Bounty Napkins, Hefty Bags & Dixie Cups and plates. This stuff usually goes quite fast at even 50% Off- but I got a few other comments today on my clearance heads-up post from yesterday that I wanted to share.

First off- while food items, snacks & candy typically only drop to 30% Off the first few days- there are a couple other bonus special deals that coincide with this clearance…

KRAFT MAC & CHEESE: Right now Target is offering a B3G1 FREE on select Kraft products – including the blue boxes of Macaroni & Cheese. The Halloween Mac & Cheese is also prompting for the freebie- and it is 30% Off down to .90 cents each. You can grab 4 boxes for $2.70 after the freebie and clearance- or like paying around .67 each. This B3G1 FREE deal ends on 11/2. If you have a ton of these left at your store- you could wait until around the 4th when it drops to 50% Off – however they will only be a few pennies cheaper half off at around .64 cents and the B3G1 deal will be over. -Thanks Kristal!


KOOL-AID GHOUL-AID: The Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid 20 ct Jammers are also 30% Off down to $3.28. Right now Target is offering up a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 thru 11/2 making these 20 packs $1.62 each after gift card & clearance. The Gift Card offer will not show up on the scanner- but should prompt just fine at the register. – Thanks Cari!


HALLOWEEN CANDY: Heather let me know that the $2/3 Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, Milky Way, Dove, bites or 3 Musketeers Bags 7-11.5 oz has reset. It prints with an expiration date of 11/29 too! It’s only 30% Off right now, but if your store has lots of Candy left you can bide your time until 50% Off (likely to happen around 11/4), but print your coupons now before they are gone. -Thanks Heather! Other coupons you may want to clip and or print…

-$1.50/2 M&Ms Chocolate Candies 9.34oz+ Target Coupon Savings Season Booklet x11/17
-$1/2 M&M’s candies 9.34-oz. or larger Target Coupon x11/9
-$1/2 Snickers candy 11.18-oz. fun-size Target Coupon x11/9
-$1/1 M&M’s Chocolate Candies 9.9oz+ 10-27-13 RP x12/8
$2/3 Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, Milky Way, Dove, bites or 3 Musketeers Bags 7-11.5 oz

PYREX: Aside from food & candy many of you should have found lots of stuff at 50% Off. Ellen mentioned finding some cute Pyrex Halloween storage containers that were 50% off at $2.49. While there are no coupons that I know of- there is an opportunity to Earn up to $1 wyb Pyrex Glassware Products with ibotta app, making them just $1.49. – Thanks Ellen! 

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  1. This morning Manchester CT Target it at 50% for food and 70% off for non food Halloween merchandise. Black dot dollar spot is ringing up 70% off as well! 🙂 Happy Shopping!

  2. Manchester CT had candy/food at 30% and all other items at 50%. Found one package shown of the kool aid so I asked a worker to check inventory…he said 34 packages were in stock room…how many did I want? With a cart already stuffed and two ready to leave kids I only took three for the gift card deal. Wish I had gotten more. They still had half an aisle of costumes, one aisle of candy, and one aisle of food…goldfish, pirates booty, fruit roll ups, utz, Fruit snacks, pretzels, clif bars, and more. There was a full end cap of bounty double roll paper towels, solo cups, hefty paper plates, Kleenex tissue double packs, and plastic wear at 50% off…so $1.49 each. Plus all the dollar stuff up front with a black dot is 50% off including some thanksgiving items. Cashier said may go to 70% on Sunday since that’s the first day of the new sale…I’m thinking Tuesday. Anyone know about Dayville CT or Lisbon CT stores? They are close to me as well.

  3. My store in Western Mass. had all Halloween food/treats at 50% off and costumes, etc at 70% already. They had lots of cake mixes and brownie mixes left. Tons of candy too, especially the really large bags. Got the large box of goldfish half off as well as the Kool Aid deal. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. The Halloween storage totes were ringing up at 30% off at my local Target. I ended up paying $4.66 after Cartwheel. Would’ve been great if they had been 50%, but still a decent deal.

  5. Target in Hilo, HI has all their food items and candy at 50% this morning already (11/2). I scored the Mac n cheese deal with the buy 3 get 1 free. Food shelves were still pretty full and candy was really full.

  6. My local Target in Columbus, Indiana already has their Halloween Clearance 70% off. Food/snacks were still only 30% off. The mac and cheese and paper products were already gone but still some good stuff left.

  7. My Target has the 4 pack Mac and Cheese on sale for $3, and B3G1 free. That is 16 boxes of mac for $9, which makes them around 0.56 each! For some reason my kids do not like the taste of the holiday mac and cheese, the noodles are different. Good stock up price!

  8. Glad you were able to score yourself some Kool Aid Michelle !! When I was at my Target yesterday I kept seeing people with one in their cart and would tell them to buy 3. Most of them did and the rest looked at me like I was crazy!!!

  9. The lights are actually a Halloween endcap in my store not a Christmas set, so that’s why its clearance.

  10. Thanks for the heads up on $5 Gift Card on KoolAid. I had one in my cart this morning, but put it back (I try to wait until 1.00 or less for 10 ct Juice boxes/Pouches). When I read here that the gift card prompted, I went back and it worked great, thanks! .80 final for each 10ct box!!

  11. The storage totes were various prices at stores in Houston. I went to one store and it was full price, and the other store I went to had them at 15% off. I guess they figure if people are going to buy a bunch of Halloween clearance items, they may pay full price for a storage tote!

  12. I was able to get the storage totes at 50% off at my store in Illinois. I had an employee scan them an she said that they are. When I went to check out they did come up at $7.99. The cashier checked and was told by management that they are 50% off. Scored 7 totes for $4 a piece!

  13. Kerry, do you have any idea when will the Halloween storage totes go on clearance? I checked all the orange and purple ones in my store but they were still at regular price. Thanks for the info.

  14. It was like that at my store too Wendi. The pretzel fun size M&Ms were coming up 30% off but the other M&Ms, snickers, reeses and twix were on sale price.

  15. How strange that the fun-size 3 musketeers are on clearance, because I scanned the “fun-size” M&Ms and Butterfingers since I had coupons, and both showed 2.69, reg 3.24, which is this week’s sale price but is not a clearance price. On the up side, I found a ton of the Milky Way dark clearance candy bars at my Memphis store and will go back tomorrow with B2g1f coupons.

  16. I was able to get the 200-count of Bounty napkins for $0.98 and $1.23 with a few coupons I had. They were marked down from $3.49 to $1.48. Great price considering the 100-count pack at Publix is $1.99.

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