Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 70% Off!

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Wow that sure was quick! I had a few reports of some of you already hitting 70% Off Halloween yesterday, and looks like even more of you are hitting 70% Off today! I really hadn’t expected a large number of stores to drop until tomorrow- but if you’re shopping in Target- be sure and take a look around and scan even if you don’t see 70% Off signs as you never know! Kelley found 70% Off at her store today- including black dot in the One Spot.


While her One Spot was signed correctly- Her costumes and decorations etcetera were only marked at 50%, but were scanning at 70! So be sure and take a few things over to the scanner to check!


Most of her Food and candy were at 50%- there were a few that were not like the Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid but most food items were 50. The Food and candy had correct signage- but you will want to be sure and scan despite what the signs say. I am in SHOCK at how much food she has left at her store- it’s crazy. I doubt my store will look like this by the time I get there- but I sure hope it does!


I cannot even believe how much she has left!- especially Candy! I am not sure if you will have any luck finding any of the Bounty Napkins or Paper Towels, Solo, Dixie, Hefty or Kleenex Paper and plastic goods- but be sure and look around just in case as these may be scanning super cheap if your sore is at 70% Off too!

Here’s a quick roundup of coupons you may want to have on hand for the clearance…

$1.50/2 Vanity Fair or Dixie Tabletop Items Target Coupon x12/7
$1.50/2 M&M’s Brand Candies Target Coupon x12/1
$1/2 M&M’s candies 9.34-oz. or larger Target Coupon (no longer available) x11/9
$1/2 Snickers candy 11.18-oz. fun-size Target Coupon  (no longer available) x11/9
$1.50/2 M&Ms Chocolate Candies 9.34oz+ Target Coupon Savings Season Booklet x11/17
$1/1 Halloween Pet Costume $10 or higher Target Coupon Savings Season Booklet x11/17
$1/2 Market Pantry Granola Bars or Fruit Snacks Target Coupon x11/9

-.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins ETS 10-27-13 PG x11/30
-$1/2 Solo Products 11-3-13 SS2 x12/29
-$1/2 Hefty Slider Bags 12ct+ 9-15-13 SS x11/30
$2/3 Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, Milky Way, Dove, bites or 3 Musketeers Bags 7-11.5 oz
-.50/2 General Mills Fruit Snacks Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 9-29-13 SS x11/23 or HERE

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  1. 90% off in the Kenner, LA, store yesterday! I got all kinds of things such as costumes & more trinkets for Mardi Gras, but the selection was much less than @ the Metairie store, which I may run back to today or tomorrow, but I’m sure it’s also quite picked over by now. Hope everyone found some great deals! 😀

  2. The lalaloopsy I found was a little doll with a pumpkin skirt and some Halloween accessories. Sorry don’t have it in front of me.

  3. @ Amanda H. were there any costumes left at Memorial City? I so wished I still worked near there and I could go after work! Now I’m out near Bush airport!

    I never understand why Target employees say it won’t go past 70% when it ALWAYS happens!

  4. My Target in Fayetteville, GA was 90% this morning. I made sure I was there when it opened and I scored BIG. I saw the 70% sign when I arrived and asked when they were going to reduce the price to 90% off an employee working the floor said they weren’t going to reduce it past 70% this year. I told him they do it every year and then he said they probably would reduce the price in a few days. When I went to the scanner it was indeed 90% off. That’s why I always say SCAN, SCAN, SCAN. I am looking for the hidden toy clearance in association to the 90%.

  5. At 90% in Houston at Memorial City Mall. Not the best selection, but they still have some cute stuff for super cheap!

  6. 50% off candy, 70% off all other Halloween items (costumes & Halloween related trinkets). I got a Spiderman & a cowboy costume for $6 ea. & loads of trinkets for .30 that I plan to throw @ Mardi Gras. 🙂 This was @ the Metairie, LA, store. I didn’t see any of the paper products, 🙁 but hope to check another store tomorrow or Thursday. Anyone heard when things will definitely go to 90%??? That would be awesome! 🙂

  7. Lisa and Kelly, had the same issue with a black dot item not ringing up clearance. The lady explained that black dot was clearance but black oval was not. When you compared the packaging you could only slightly see the oval was a different shape than the circle. I was glad to know at least what the issue was so I could browse more carefully but think it’s pretty misleading on Target’s part!!

    Melanie, thanks for the tip about sifting the funfetti out!

  8. Its 90% off here in windsor, ct… I got disney just play for 49 cents, lalaloopsy 49 cents, hello kitty shirts and tutu, customes, barbie flashlight is 50 cents, swirl straw tumbler for 39 cents, marvel tee for 1.29, straw cup for 29 cents, just for you pj set for 1.49 and crayon rings for 10 cents…

  9. Everything at my store was 90 percent off candy was still at 50. There was a lot of baby and kids clothes left at my store.

  10. The Target in the Bronx Terminal had everything for 90% they were doing it manually at the register.

  11. The target in Grand Prairie, TX (Carrier) still had boxes of pirate’s booty for $3.49, boxes of cliff z bars for 2.99. I got what seemed to be the last Annie’s bunny graham crackers and also find a few webkins (got a cute owl, they had black cats too) and a lalaloopsy for $1.49.

  12. Walked into Target this afternoon in Denver, CO and they were boxing up all the Dollar Spot Items and putting out Christmas things already. This was the middle of the afternoon as well- glad I went over the weekend. There were still costumes and candy so hoping for 90% off tomorrow morning.

  13. I was able to score some great finds today in my store in aventura, fl .. They still had a decent selection of outdoor decorations including the lighted spooky tree, owl, and ghost sculptures at 70% with alot on hand of thd ghost. I was also able to find a few halloween mini stuffed disney toys mixed in with reg. Price toys and boys mickey and spiderman l/s t’s slso mixed in with reg boys clearance -all ringing up at 70%! Amazing how much food and candy is left at this location especially baking supplies and kits. When I went to the register I had just a few items that werent ringing up on sale at all but were clearly halloween so the cashier just gave me the 70 off on those aswell including these reallh cute metal pails that came to .30!

    I got these things today (in the post, but I got several pumpkin pokers, bowls, things of that nature). They had quite a bit of small decor items, There were really 6 aisles of candy at 50% off – my Target overstocked dramatically. I live in Silver Spring MD and I suspect part of the issue was the government shutdown. I noticed that the kids’ candy this year was half lollipops. There was quite a bit of the food, I didn’t see the cups & plates, but I didn’t go to the cup/plate aisle either. I generally have no luck looking outside the seasonal area (I looked in toys today) at my Target.

  15. I went Saturday, November 2nd and Candy was 30% and everything else was 70%. I went yesterday and candy was 50% off and everything else 70%.

  16. Just grabbed 4 of the Candy Corn M&M’s for $1.49 each and used 2 Target $1.50/2 and 4 $1/1 from 10/27RP. I had also purchase 3 fun size M&M pretzels for $1.49 each and used the printable $2/3. 10% from cartwheel came off all 3 of the M&M pretzels and 1 of the Candy Corn bags. Paid $0.68 plus tax for it all.

  17. @ Patty, were these in the toy section or the Halloween section? I have been waiting to hear about finds of hidden goodies in the toy section!

  18. My stores in chino hills and diamond bar ca were both clearance to 50% while chino hills had nothing really left to offer diamond bar had a small selection. Lots of baking items mummy cake pop kits along with the skeleton cookie kits kool aid and those mini cans of soda. I managed to get a tub of Cheetos bags for 50% off along with a good selection of kid cliff bar and fruit 12 packs for $2.50 I also got some dog treats for $1.50! Very happy with what I got they are great snack foods for upcoming trips! (: also the black dots were already 50% off as well (:

  19. Haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere but i got an Anchor pumpkin shaped clear glass container with lid at 70%. My store was 70/50 and 70 One Spot.

  20. I found Hefty slider bags and cups 70% off in Raleigh, NC. Also tons of clearance food at 50%. I got Pirates Booty popcorn 20 mini bags for $2.50, granola bars, mini pretzels, and so much more. Check the aisles, most items were not with the Halloween, but were ringing up 50%.

  21. Went back to the Manchester CT today and was able to get 50% off food and 70% off dollar spot black dots and other non food items. Same situation with black dot items. Thre were brushed metal pails with white ribbon handles that were still $1. Cashier nor customer service would adjust. One score was double packs of Puffs tissues with Christmas images for $.89. They’d till had a ton of candy and food items, like three aisles. Hoping to go back on Tuesday for 90%.

  22. 70/50% off in western PA! Found a bunch of the cake mixes left (same as last year, although these ones have March exp dates), and had a few $1 off 2 Pillsbury mix coupons hanging around from a store display. Ended up getting several boxes of Funfetti mix for .06 each! I sift out the Halloween sprinkles and freeze the cake mix so that I can use it for any occasion.

  23. I got frustrated at my store (Omaha, NE) because they had the 70% off black dot signs posted in the One Spot area but half of my black dots didn’t ring up discounted at all. The cashier told me it was only the Halloween black dot stuff. Um, that’s not what the sign said, and I had about 15 items and only a few were Halloween related. Sure, those rang up at 70% off, but also some of the non-Halloween. She just asked me “So, what do you want me to do?” I told her I didn’t want the stuff if it wasn’t 70% off, and that I didn’t understand why it wasn’t 70% off. She grumbled something and then rang the stuff up at 70% off.

  24. Was able to score lots of things! So excited!!
    Goldfish clearly were Halloween but was a no
    go! Did find Oreos, candy, tshirts, napkins & more!
    Whoo hoo! Spent. $75 saved $178!!!

  25. Not sure if its true but an employee told me that black dot from dollar spot will be salvaged on Monday…they didn’t know when or if the regular halloween would go to 90%..maybe Tues. It just went 70/50 today.

  26. 70% in NY.. Got the norwave cake pop pans and Wilton cookie sheet for 3.50 each. Got the Barbies too, they will both in the normal aisles

  27. 70% off in Houston! I was able to find some more costumes for the dress up trunk I’m putting together. I also picked up a lot of candy for 50% off. A few things I found didn’t have tags, but the awesome people at Target let me substitute other things for them. I also found Thanksgiving gel clings in the dollar spot for .30.
    I wonder if the remaining items will go 90% off on the 6th instead of the 7th this year?

  28. I went this morning (Northern California), and found 50% signs but ringing up 70%. Food and candy at 50% off; majority were candy corn bags. The oreos were $1.49 which my s/o says is a good deal. The dollar section wasn’t marked but I made to sure to check it out (rang up as 70% off); that section had everything mixed up (I spent a lot of time digging through).

    I was looking more for décor and treat bags. I got a pretty apron with “Poison” written on it ($2.99). A pack of well-made, heavy pumpkin carver set for $3. Plastic pumpkins ranging up from 0.60 – 0.90 cents (the 0.90cent one has a carved face that lights up). A wooden “welcome” bat sign for 0.90 cents. No luck finding treat bags, only the pricey ones that are more DIY bags.

  29. I was really excited to find a few (squished but sealed) Kleenex box sets left. I took one to scan to make sure it was 70% (it was!) and by the time I got back to the Halloween section the few others were already gone. I did find one lonely package of Matchbox cars that I grabbed for a friend’s son – I think it was $1.50 for four. My store had a LOT of baking supplies left, some of the paper plates, some of the Solo cups, and a LOT of candy and costumes left. (I got the Goldfish cookies for 50% off and there were giant endcaps of them, so I’m hoping some might be left for another price drop.) I’m thinking I might check a few other Targets in the area. I’m in metro Atlanta.

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