Pinecone Research Looking for New Panelists

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pine-cone-researchPinecone Research is still actively looking for new panelists in the specific demographics listed below. If you are not familiar- Pinecone Research is a very popular & reputable invitation-only survey site because their payment is fast, members only get sent surveys they qualify for, and the surveys are simple to do!

Members will evaluate products and earn cash rewards for their opinions. You are also automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes.

Pinecone is specifically looking for the following panelists. If you are a US Resident and fit one of the requirements below, just click on the appropriate link to apply and see if you qualify…

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  1. I still love Pinecone. I do wish they had not switched over to the points system. I do the cash out option, but I still liked it better when they would just automatically send my $3 to my PayPal.

  2. Angi you can cash out for the cash, I cashed out the other day and they are sending me a check for $45.00. Once logged into the reward site go to redeem points, under Departments List in the left column, click Featured Awards then select Cash Out option from the list. Click the Cash Option at the bottom of the list then select the quantity of $3 amounts you wish to redeem. I LOVE IT!

  3. I am a member, but I do not like it anymore. They switched from giving $3 per survey to a point system. The stuff you can get with the points is junk and you need so many. So it comes out to less than 50 cents a survey really.

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