Target Halloween Clearance Now Up to 90% Off!

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Halloween Clearance may have hit 90% for some of you today! If you saw my Halloween post on Sunday, you may remember that my sister Kelley’s store was packed full of stuff. Well, I asked her to check out her store this morning and she reported 90% but there were like 7 sippy cups and a tattered costume left, that was it! I have a feeling that’s what my store will be like- but hey, Kelley and I lucked out big time last year and we can’t always score big. 🙂

But hopefully some of you will get lucky with 90% clearance, like Brooke – who sent me this picture of her haul from earlier today. Her Overland Park and Olathe, KS stores went to 90 today and just check out all the goodies she scored all at 90% off!


Tracy also sent me this picture from her Tampa store that also went to 90% Off today. She managed to find some nice stuff and there were still quite a few costumes left at her store! I’ve had some other comments & emails about hitting 90 % Off, from Brandi in Biloxi, MS; Christina in Brooklyn, NY; Amanda in Houston, TX at Memorial City and from Keosha in Fayetteville, GA. Many of you said though that despite 90% Off for most of Halloween, Candy & Food was stuck at 50%.

While it will be very hit or miss today- if you are headed by a Target- you may just want to pop in and see if you are at 90% Off – and be sure and check a couple things at the scanner. If you don’t drop to 90 today, many of you should drop tomorrow and maybe you can find some great stuff to repurpose or tuck away for next year! Good luck & Happy Hunting everyone and let us know what you find!

-Thanks so much to Tracy from Having Fun Saving and to Brooke for the pictures & to all of you who sent me a heads up!

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  1. Where are y’all finding the Christmas puffs tissue double packs with snowman and reindeer? I’ve looked in the Christmas stuff and with the tissues….I know I’m just missing it. TIA 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if the Brandon Supercenter is at 90% off yet and if they have anything left???

  3. Florence SC – 90% off, had a small section left until I arrived with my 3 kids. They managed to score some Monster High costumes for $3 and a Batman costume for $2.50. Got some decorations, stuff from Dollar Spot. Walked to register with an overflowing cart and only paid $42. Even our doggie got several new costumes. There is still candy left which we avoided

  4. check out little kids section for mickey mouse sweater (Black) turtles sweater (Green) they are $1.50 a piece. The hood looks like eyes (turtles) or ears (mickey)

  5. My Target in Manchester CT had TONS of Market Pantry halloween fruit snacks (48 ct box!) for $3.49. Theres a mobile Target Q for $1 off MP items (which of course I forgot about Lol)

  6. Shawnee, Ks was 90% yesterday and I made out like a bandit…and again today scouring the aisles for hidden gems.

  7. Does anyone know where the hidden clearance is in the toy section? I’ve scanned a few toy items and nothing is on clearance. : (
    On another note thank you Totally Target for making Target my favorite store. I’ve been in GA for 8 years and the first 4 years I refused to even step foot in Target. However, after reading your website everyday I am proud to say I know more about Target and their sales/clearance than most of their staff including managers. lol.

  8. Papillion and Bellevue, NE stores 70/90% off. Got doc mcstuffins dress up costu
    es, superhero silly string, pumpkin carving kits, and boxes of pirates booty! 🙂

  9. The KC Speedway store went 90 this morning (after I went yesterday and was disappointed to still be at 70!). Lots of good finds!

  10. That’s great, but over where I live (El Paso,Tx) at they have the stuff at 70% off. I went yesterday and I got some cheap tee shirts for $0.90-$1.00. I even got a costume for my toddler for $1.70. I was also able to pick up a pumpkin carving kit for $1.00 originally it was $10.00 dollars! I saved a total of $43.28!

  11. Went to Target in Raleigh (Brier Creek) and found that the scanner in the store did not match checkout scanner. Food was coming up only 50% off at the self scanners but at checkout it rang up 70% off.

  12. Willowbrook and Lemont. IL were 90%off almost nothing left. Christmas puffs tissue double packs with snowman and reindeer scans .29cents.

  13. I called Manchester CT and Dayville CT stores and was told both were at 70/50 so I didn’t do the 20 minute drive. Will definitely go tomorrow to Manchester as perhaps the signs are incorrect and that’s all the customer service rep went off of. Fingers crossed! Anyone know about Lisbon? Waterford is like 45 minutes away from me.

  14. My target was 90% off today. Got a costume for my daughter to play dress up. Also Got some cupcake liners, a cookie cutter, some cake pop sticks and more at a great price, but it didn’t make it into my cart! 🙁 so sad and mad, cause I went later to replace it and EVERYTHING that I had was gone! Got my money back but I would rather have the goodies i found! Oh well.

  15. The candy for me tonight was 70% off even though it was only signed at 50%. I hunted in the regular candy isle and came out with quite a bit. Look for the bags with the fall leaves on them. Rolos, Kit Kat, Reese’s, Hershey Kisses. Bought 20 bags for holiday baking.

  16. Which stores in Overland Park and Olathe, KS? I checked a couple this morning and were still at 70%.

  17. Was the full size Barbie in the regular toy section? What does this Barbie look like please???? Thanks so much

  18. This halloween clearance is so unpredictable. Was hoping for 90 but still 70/50. Not sure when it went 70, it was 50 on friday and then 70 on sunday.

  19. My store was 90% off. Not much decorations left (but I really don’t need anymore anyway). There were a lot of costumes, pet stuff, and craft kits. I mainly bought costumes for future Halloween. Spent $50 on what would have cost $500!

  20. i have some target candy coupons that don’t expire until the 11/09 so hopefully they go 70%off so i can get some free candy

  21. 90/50 in Gastonia, NC – signs correct. Not a whole lot left. Hopefully the food will go 70 tomorrow

  22. Waterford, CT 90/50. They had a lot of costumes and candy left at lunch. I even snagged two of the gold branch lights for $2.70 each and they had a couple of the purple and orange ones left. A few decorations and carving kits were left and a bunch of pumpkin candy pails. They also had a lot of the baking pans. HTH.

  23. My store had hardly anything left but a few costumes, small junky stuff & lots of candy corn. As usual by time my Target reduces it to 70% there is nothing good left.

  24. boy am so jealous of how much is left. One of the stores near me was still at 70% and 50% (west chester, OH) and another one was 90% and 50% (Mason, OH). Anyone from that area reading this dont bother going to the Mason store, didnt have much left.

  25. The one in biloxi ms pretty much wiped out minus dog costumes an 50% candy there was a lady that came in an wipe the shleves clean she has a resell store she was using it for an sje was VERY VERY rude! Did manage to get a few things!

  26. 90/50% at several stores in MD too. Found some great “hidden” clothes clearance, all 90% off. In the infant/toddlers section – infant one piece outfits with hat (i got a ladybug), lots of cutsie animals/animals/Halloween themed characters
    4pc pj sets for boys and girls, pretty obvious Halloween prints (Just One You)
    Hello Kitty s/s tees and black/orange tutu
    for boys l/s Mickey, Charlie Brown, and spider shirts
    Hoodies (originally $15), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Mickey Mouse

    Kids section – for girls, jackolantern face, or trick or treat print tees
    For boys, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Ghost Busters s/s tees (scan because there may be other styles)

  27. it is only wishful thinking in my neck of the woods…i swear our target here is like the last one to ever mark
    anything down…ugh.

  28. Yay for 90% off in Houston!! Hopefully I can make it after work to a Target! If not I’ll be going to one at lunch tomorrow.

  29. I really found a lot today! Lalaloopsy toys for .49, a full size halloween barbie for 1.19, webkins black cat and owl for .49 each, halloween themed LED nightlights for .69! Halloween bathroom and kitchen hand towels for .39, a pumpkin bath rug for 1.49, solo plates were .29 (only had 1 pack left), ghost and pumpkin cake pans for .99, halloween baby outfits for .99, a bunch of tshirts for .59 each. I’m surprised at how much one of my local targets had left. Oh also found my daughter red dorothy shoes for .50, had a great morning!

  30. Lombard, IL 90%off at lunch. Few costumes (small sizes) and a row of goodies. Picked up 3 costumes, party favors, cake pop Nordic ware, witch Lego,…. Candy at 50%.

  31. Orange County, CA was ringing up 90% but signed at 70%. One of the stores was in the process of boxing up the Halloween items. Candy and food items still 50% off. Got the Halloween Barbie for $1.19 and some dollar spot stuff for .10 cents! Check the baby section for .90 cent Halloween shirts.

  32. Durham, NC (Southpoint) was at 90% off (signs said 70%), food still only 50% off. Tons of costumes and other decorations.

  33. Brandon Supercenter in Florida was not 90% off as of this morning. Brandon Towne center Target was (5 miles difference?) at 90% off. Candy there was also stuck at 50%. Wasn’t much at that Target but managed to score a few things and some nightlights which we really needed – who cares that they have bats on if they are 90% off. 🙂

  34. Pittsburgh, PA Target (in McCandless) I scored some Halloween tights (39c each) for myself and my kids, as well as some Adult Light Up cardboard box heads (only $2, normally 20). Figured the light up heads would be a fun project for the kids to take apart/wear etc.

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