Target Hidden Halloween Clearance Finds in Baby & Toddler: Super-Cute Fleece Hoodie Sets for $1.29


Halloween Clearance should be at 90% for many of you by now. There are always stragglers, but hopefully lots of you have found as much as 90% Off today. While the majority of the clearance if you have any left will be in the back seasonal section, be sure and stroll around in each department to see what you can find. Remember- Holiday clearance never gets stickered- so you won’t be looking for clearance stickers.

Many things are obviously Halloween- but that’s not always the case. With all the cute outfits they make for kids these days- these kind of blend right in and may not ever have made it to the Halloween section. On a tip from Sarah- Kelley found these adorable little outfits at 90% off in her store in the toddler section. The princess one shown above left was down to .99 cents


The Fleece ones which which come with a cute animal character hoodie and pants that were $12.99 regular price were down to just $1.29! So take a look around and see what you can find. I just love the Koala- it is too cute! πŸ™‚ Look for similar Orange, white and black tags like shown in the bottom right corner of my top left photo and give ’em a scan!

I think these outfitsΒ are just adorable and Sarah talked about finding a ladybug one too so good luck hunting- I hope you find them too!Β -Thanks so much for the heads up to Sarah!


UPDATE: Here’s the Mickey & TNMT Hoodies that everyone’s talking about in the comments :). Sarah sent these pics in and also noted she found the hoodies in the toddlers dept, marked $15.00 but scanning $1.50.Β And she found the Tees on the left for Ghostbusters & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the boys Dept also ringing 90%off!Β –Thanks so much Sarah!


I love my readers! Here’s even more views of them from Teran, Kelly & Stephanie- who all found these super cute hoodies for just $1.50. Stephanie also scored the sequined Minnie ears headband at 90% off for just $0.49 cents. Good luck everyone! -Thanks so much guys – loved the pics and very helpful for others to know what to look for- you guys rock!

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  1. Bought 2 ninja turtle sweatshirts and 1 mickey for my boys and a baby gift, all three rang up for $1.50. Decided to go back a few days later to see if I could find one for my daughter. No ninja turtle ones but did find mickey. Did a price check and it was scanning at full price $15. For the same sweatshirt I had bought a few days before…hmmmm

  2. I went to two different targets today and found a few halloween items mixed in with regular merch. The first one had a bunch of halloween themed energizer nightlights and small stuffed toys. When I got to the register the cashier (a not to friendly young woman)called over a supervisor who scanned thd items with a hand-held scanner and told me she could sell them to me for the original prices ($4.99-7.99) I said no thanks and took those items out of my cart. I later went to a different target about 10 mins away and found a couple boxes of philips halloween led string lights and when I got to the cashier (a young upbeat male) I explained that they were from the halloween 90% off sale and he asked me how much I thought they were so I told him $1.20 (0rig $12) and he gave me the 90% price! I guess it all depends on who you get at checkout. I always have the best experience with younger males πŸ™‚

  3. I visited a store tonight and saw the mickey sweatshirt and ninja turtle one. I scanned and they already went to salvage, I even went to customer service and they told me they couldn’t sell them to me. I don’t have boys but was planning on donating it at xmas for the giving tree at school. Oh well. Are all stores on the same markdown schedule?

  4. Yes its true πŸ™ halloween items are officially INF! I’m so bummed because I just learned yesterday about finding hidden clearance items throughout the store and was planning on hitting up more targets today (I have 4 targets within a15-20 min radius of my home) first one I went to today I realized that halloween had been pulled and after searching the christmas dept and finding a set of philips skull led light set was sad to scan and see those 3 words INF, thankfully my cashier called over a nice supervisor who gladly honored the 90% discount after telling him I had just purchased the same sets the day before at that price. This was my first season trying out to score these 90% discounts I had been hearing so much about and I really had so much fun and was able to score so much awesome merch for next halloween. I learned the tricks about searching each isle for hidden clearance and even things like searching through the christmas department! You would be surprised at how much decor I found mixed in with christmas. One store even had the philips LED light up ghost, owl, and pumpkin sculptures mixed right in with reindeers and polar bears lol ( all of these rung up at $4.50 each btw! They still have the ghost full price online! Then I realized that anything “philips” in a purple box would scan at 90% and every single store I visited had atleast one or more lightsets mixed in with regular xmas sets. My biggest tip that I can offer you guys is that if you are lucky enough to live near a target in a “downtown/urban” area this will be your best chance at scoring the most/best goods. The target I visited is extremely unorganized and the employees seem to not care about standards at all which ends up being good for us because you literally can find stuff in almost every aisle of the store, employees were actually still unpacking boxes of halloween on the floor during 90%! Also in these downtown areas most people live in high rises and dont have room for these kinds of things and also alot of single people living in these areas with no need for many seasonal items. I know this was a long post but hope it helps for next time! All in all I spent about $160.00 total in the 4 stores I visited, needless to say $1600 in merchandise takes up quite a bit of room πŸ˜‰

  5. I found some items tonight that were Halloween clearance- just told my cashier how much I had paid on other days and she just inputted the price.

  6. Hi Caroll- I heard some Halloween stuff is already out of the system now. it all depends on wen your store went 90- usually will be in system around 2-4 days after 90 and then items will scan as “item not found” hth

  7. I have a very important question. Say that they take out the clearance aisles from Halloween (salvage) but if u still find items how Long will the items still ring up 90%?

  8. I really hate walmart but might try to find the bins… it’s close to me and worse that can happen i don’t find any . It’s on my way to target anyway : ) if i decide i need to go one more time this week…

  9. Halloween clearance is officially over in Fayetteville, GA. I wanted to buy some more hoodies (mickey and tmnt) to donate. However, when I scanned them it said “Item not found” and all you Target shoppers know what that means. If you don’t know 9 times out of 10 they are going to charge you the price they see on the tag which was $15. Oh well, I had a great run, I will just have to wait until Christmas clearance. On a side note I went to Walmart today and got (5) 21 gallon storage bins for $1.50 each (colors were black, orange and purple)

  10. I found one lonely Mickey hoodie with no tags and took it to register anyway because i know sometimes they can figure out price thru the number on the inside tag. There was none they could use, the cashier called someone over to help and i told her about the clearance and sure enough she put it under infants and the $1.5 price! Talk about great customer service. I thought i was going to walk empty handed. Arlington, TX still had 3 turtle t shirts in the boys dept way behind other t shirts, i got one. Little Halloween left thought at 90% but still lots of dog shirts and a few Dusty planes costume.

  11. Thank you all. I would’ve never bothered to check out kids clothes because I feel that store is too expensive. I was able to snag the only MM sweater they had for $1.50 and a cute character sorry for .90Β’. Thanks again! Hopefully I do get to se the PJ sets too.

  12. Can anyone post pictures of the PJ sets? I found the MM sweatshirt, they were in the regular priced racks, I had to hunt them down.There were only 3 left. Did not find any of the TMNT ones. None of the other designs are reduced. If anyone can post pictures of the PJs that will be GREAT. Thanks everyone for emailing the other pics, it help me. Totally Target you ROCK!!!!

  13. Couldn’t find any of the jacket sets or character jackets. I was able to find cute dog and kitten baby hats for $.29. I also found some more random Halloween stuff that wasn’t there last time I went like some pumpkin throw pillows and cloth table runners. I really wanted to get a Mickey jacket but I’m glad I went back since I found the other stuff πŸ™‚

  14. Check in the Disney princess section for the earrings and necklace Disney sets- they were 29 cents at my store. Also found a Rapunzel wedding set- ring- veil and boquet for 1.50 there as well.

  15. I love this site! I went to 3 Targets and was able to find 4 Mickey sweaters!! What a way to start my Christmas shopping!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all.

  16. I am sooooo glad I saw this post!! We are doing a Holiday Drive for a Children’s Crisis Nursery, and some of the items on their emergency wish list is clothes!! I found 2 of The Mickey Hoodies for $1.50, 1 little girls purple jumpsuit set for $0.99, 1 dino hoodie fleece set for $1.29…Plus they had a TON of little hats with ears, monsters, cats, dinosaurs for $0.29 each!!! Thanks TT!! P.S. I am in NE Ohio

  17. I went to one target (oaklawn,il) there was no halloween clearance anymore. Then I headed to the bedfordpark, il one and they didn’t have these bummer. I did score a charlie brown pumpkin shirt for my son for .90 cents.

  18. These are too cute. I really hope I find one or three πŸ™‚ tomorrow. My husband wonders why I go to Target so much. Lol

  19. I saw these hanging in the clearance section at one of the Target’s near me when it was 50% off. I wanted to wait until it hit 90% off, but I haven’t been able to make it back to that same Target. I wasn’t able to find them at the Target I went to last night either but I did find the Just One You pj set…got the girl and boy set for $1.49 each!

  20. Kerry, I emailed you two pics. One of the Mickey and TMNT hoodies, and one of 2 tees I found on clearance in the boys dept (TMNT and Ghost Busters).

    The Just One You pjs are a 4pc set, the boys have little monsters on them (grey and orange, I think), the girls set has big orange pumpkins.

  21. Thanks for this! I need to buy a baby shower gift for a coworker. If my local Target still has these tomorrow, this stuff would be perfect.

  22. I found 3 different pairs of baby pajamas for $0.90 each!! Got some for my daughter, niece, and nephew! Thanks for posting!

  23. Can someone post the DPCI number for these items? I don’t want to make a trip without checking with my store if they have any in stock. Thanks in advance.

  24. Kerry, tomw will be the 3rd day of 90% at my store, do you think it will last or by tomw it is typically salvage?

  25. I got 3 of the Mickey Mouse hoodies and one ninja turtle one all for $1.50 each! I have a 1yr old who is in love with Mickey. Missed the cartwheel, darnit!

  26. Hi, Pat up above πŸ™‚ that was me who showed you the hoodie! Thanks for finding my car key!!

  27. Ladies by any chance can we see a pic please of the Mickey hoodie so u know what I am searching for. Thanks in advance

  28. My daughter and I got lots of great deals at the Mehlville, MO store, but the best deals, thanks to a very nice lady, were the Mickey Mouse jackets originally $15 for $1.50. I got 4 for my grandchildren.

  29. Make sure to check out toddler boys in the kids section…I found the Mickey Mouse ear hoodie for $1.50 down from $15. Not Halloween at all but I think they arrived in store around the same time. I have a girl but bought a hoodie for our next trip to Disney.

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