Hot Mobile Coupon Available & Working Now! Get $10 Off When you Purchase $50 in Groceries at Target!

mobile-couponWe have a super-awesome coupon coming in next week’s Target Ad that starts Sunday, November 17th but you don’t have to wait until then to use it! This coupon is available now as a mobile and you can get it by texting FOOD to 827438.

If you don’t have access to mobile coupons- no worries as this coupon will appear in the ad that starts on 11/17. and will be for $10 Off a FOOD or BEVERAGE Purchase when you spend $50 thru 11/23. This coupon excludes Alcohol, Baby Food, Nutrition Shakes and Bars, Pet Food, Target Cafe and Starbucks Cafe purchases.

I wanted to verify it was working now, so my buddy Karen went and stocked up on Coffee-Mate & K-Cups and it worked just great for her. The register already recognizes the coupon- and automatically took off the $10 as soon as the cashier scanned her mobile coupon which was handed over first. The $10 Off coupon also did not affect any cartwheel deductions! 🙂 Check out this awesome scenario that Karen’s just did…



Buy 4 Gevalia K-Cups 18-ct Box ($10.99) & buy 3
Coffee-mate ($1.99) & 1 VItaminWater (.88) = $50.81
-$10 Off Grocery or Food Purchase of $50
(found 11/17 Target Ad or text FOOD to 827438 now)
-$1/3 Nestle Coffee-mate Target Coupon x12/1
-$13.20 (use 30% Off Gevalia Target Cartwheel x11/30*
*($3.30 for single box & $9.90 for the 3 on the GC deal)
-.51 (use 10% Off Coffee-Mate Target Cartwheel x11/30
-$6.00 (use four $1.50/1 GEVALIA Single Serve Cups
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Coffee-mate on facebook HERE

.55/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Or Powder Creamer 
= $17.55 – $5 Gift Card Back for 3 Gevalia thru 11/30
= $12.55 for all items!! Or like getting 72 K-cups at
.17 cents per cup & everything else FREE :)

Plus she used her REDcard and saved another .63 cents!

-Thanks for the test-run Karen!

For the Sneak Peek at Next Week’s Target Ad with coupon matchups- check out my post HERE.

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  1. I’m curious…next week if you buy $100 in groceries can use use both the mobile and printed coupon in the same transaction?

  2. Thank you! So, just to clarify, you can use other coupons with this deal? The total just has to be at least $50 before you can use the $10 off?

  3. correct Julie- you need to reach the $50 food & beverage threshold- hand your $10 coupon first and then you can use other coupons. hth

  4. Hi, I know the receipt shows a different amount for the cartwheel for the Gevalia. Is this because they took it off the couponed price? Thanks for this trial run really appreciate what you all do! Oh! and the price for the coffee gets better Sunday folks ($1.50). Just in case you do your math now and shop after Saturday, be aware of that change!

  5. Hi Chantell- I lumped it together in my scenario- but if you look at the receipt there was $3.30 deducted on the single box shown at top- and then a total of $9.90 in the gift card deal (30% Off 3 boxes)- but I just made a note to help clarify. hth 🙂 & I think you mean the coffee-mate getting better on Sunday- yes it will be 2/$3 or $1.50 each.

  6. Just Curious….typically you can use a mobile Target coupon, a paper Target coupon in the same transaction for an item. Not trying to cause trouble, but couldn’t you use the paper and the mobile and get $20 off $50? thoughts….????

  7. Off topic but wanted to let you all know, you no longer need facebook to use cartwheel. You can actually use email login. Hth. It does work, as I have deleted facebook and created a new account with just my email.

  8. For us poor unloved souls who use tassimo, I found a 10% cartwheel and I noticed there is a $5 gc deal on them too. Not as good as the k cups but….oh well I still love my coffee maker!

  9. Wondering if I can use the text coupon and the printed one in one transaction? Surely there’s some fine print

  10. I just did a similar deal at target with the gevalia and the mobile $10 off of $50 worked perfectly. I paid $12.13 for 4 boxes of gevalia, 1 international delight coffee creamer, 1 Lindt chocolate bar and 1 40ct box of truvia sweetner. So excited!! Thank you for all the tips!!

  11. If you were able to use 2 (one paper and one mobile) I would think your total would have to be $60… The first coupon would drop it down to $50 and then the second would possibly work as well because your total is still $50.

  12. I have a silly question. Can i buy eggs and ground beef using this $10 off $50 coupon?
    I have two coupons from Gevalia house party that can get 2 boxes of Gevalia cafe style K-cup for free. I can still do this deal even though I have 2 coupons for free Gevalia K cups?

  13. Thanks Casey for commenting about Cartwheel being offered thru email now! I am so happy! I utilize a lot of the deal scenarios that Kerry posts but was always so bummed about some of the awesome Cartwheel ones that I felt like I was missing out on since I don’t do Facebook. I checked it out right away and I indeed could sign in thru email but there was a disclaimer that it was in the working stages so it may be down here and there. Either way I appreciate the opportunity to jump on this money saving option.

  14. Can you count meat and produce as part of the $50, or is it only for things on the shelves in the grocery section?

  15. @Maureen – meat & produce are food so absolutely. 🙂
    @Robinson- again – yes valid on any food or beverage- if it is something a typical human can eat or drink – you are good to go- and yes you can use other coupons with this coupon hth
    @Tal- you’re welcome!

  16. This is awesome! I ran out tonight because I just couldn’t wait. I got 3 boxes of the 18-count Gevalia K-cups, 2 Archer Farms frozen pizzas (“farmer’s market” toppings), 2 Archer Farms frozen dessert flatbread, a Vitamin Water, and a bag of Clementines. Paid a total of $16.12 and received a $5 gift card! Cartwheel has the pizza and flatbread at 50% off!! I’m so excited I got 54 K-cups for $11.12 and everything else free!

  17. Cassy…Thanks So Much For The Info. I’m One Of The Lame Non Facebook Users And Always Got Sad When Aa Deal Included Cartwheel.

  18. So do Larabars count as food or nutrition bars? I’d say food, but they’re by the nutrition bars at my Target.

  19. @Julie & @Elizabeth…you are both welcome. I was glad to see it open to email. I used it tonight and had no issues! Glad my information helped you out!

  20. Hi, my Target scans mobile coupons AFTER paper coupons, so in this situation is this mobile coupon going to work since it will be scanned after my other coupons? Thanks.

  21. the mobile coupon should work since it is the only coupon on that link. its really cartwheel that causes issues when you scan it first instead of last.

  22. @Kasia- if they force you to scan your mobile last then no it is not going to work and I would wait until sunday when you can give them a paper coupon.
    @Kara- I like them- they are very good imo
    @Adriana- myguess is Larabars would be considered nutrition- like you said theyare found in H&B
    @Andrea- only once- a mobile coupon can only be used one time period.
    @Casey- I think it is great news too & plan to post- ty

  23. I would love to see what people buy and how much money they saved.

    Too bad the coupon didn’t come out when they start selling Turkeys and pies!

    $50 is too much to spend before Thanksgiving.

  24. Also, if you are concerned they won’t take this mobile coupon first, print it. You can print mobile coupons

  25. There is no $1.50 coupon on Gevalia anywhere. Maybe there was but not any more. That makes it not a deal 🙁

  26. I can’t find the gevalia coupon on does anyone know if it’s still available under another zip code?

  27. I have a question, I to do not have FB, so I signed up through email, I printed the bar code with the things I wanted on it, when do I give it to the cashier? Do I hand them the $10.00 off coupon first, then cartwheel, then other coupons? Was so happy that I could finally get in on the cartwheel deals, just not sure how to use it.

  28. I got a cartwheel for 30 percent of gevalia k cups too bad my printer is on the fritzs but I hope everyone else gets this awesome deal

  29. I plan on getting groceries but in the holiday section they have a cookie mix with small skillet gift packz Would that count towards total if I snagged one of those?

  30. I have a $10 off $100 purchase Target coupon that I got on the back of a Target mailing. Can I use that with the grocery coupon on one transaction of $100? ($50 in groceries and $50 of other items). Not sure if this is double dipping. Thanks

  31. Oh darn. I thought I had 4 Gevalia Qs and now I see they expired in the last 2 days. Bummer! Oh well, win some, lose some.

  32. I had 122 ias my total today and my total was over 50 in food and beverage. I tried to use the 10 off 50 in food and beverage mobile and 10 of 75 of my total purchase catalina coupon and they said I could not use both because my total was less than 125. I argued about bc I met both criteria of the coupons-is this correct and did anyone else run into this?

  33. Hi Beth-imo – you cannot combine threshold purchase reward coupons like that- they can’t overlap at all. You must meet the criteria of both- so if you met the $50- and your store wanted to let you use both- you would have needed $125 total to meet the $75 of the other one. sounds like you were $3 short. So for example I have a $10 Off $100 that came with a mailer. And I have the $10 Off $50 in grocery mobile coupon. Personally I would just do separate trips- but if my store would let me use both I would expect to spend at least $150 in order to use both and $50 of that would have to be food. hth and makes sense

  34. on the $10/$50 coupon, I told my friend in Ft Worth TX to go ahead & use the mobile, what a fail, the register didn’t recognize the coupon & the cashier said it wasn’t activated till tomorrow, after talking with the manager he said the same its not supposed to be used until tomorrow, she asked then why is Target sending the mobile coupon out if it’s not activated yet, there is no start date on the mobile, at least I looked & don’t see one, she is going to contact corporate. Felt so bad I told her to do it & then she didn’t get the $10 off 🙁

  35. I used the Lindt Chocolate Coupons since I already used the Creamer coupons. Great deal on K-cups! Thanks for posting!

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