ACE Hardware Coupon: 50% Off 1 Item Today 11/30

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Just a reminder that this great coupon to save 50% Off 1 Regularly priced item at Ace Hardware priced $30 or less at zip 34689 is still available if you plan on being out and about today! We got Austin a great tool belt with this coupon, and hubby is back out on his way to check out tackle boxes for Austin too. So hopefully 2 more Christmas presents will be knocked out today! You can check out the comments too to see other ideas people had.


Here’s a super-nice coupon if you have an Ace Hardware in your area! Right now you can print a coupon to save 50% Off 1 Regularly priced item at Ace Hardware priced $30 or less at zip 34689. My hubby gets all excited about this coupon every year since we have an Ace Hardware right down the street. 🙂 NOTE – This coupon is good for use on Saturday 11/30 only, but can mean a nice big discount on something you need that you normally don’t have a coupon for!

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  1. A 2-gallon Ohio stoneware crock ($28.99) would be awesome. I wonder if they allow this to be used on items that need to be ordered?

  2. Seth,
    Home depot and Lowes take competitors coupon kind of like publix takes target at least here in Florida.
    I believe they just manually input the discount. I’m not sure if this would work if the item is larger than $30.

  3. Glo,

    How would you be able to use this coupon at Home Depot????? I do need a new dish washer! I’m in Ohio so maybe it will be different for me. Thanks!

  4. I suggest using it at Home Depot for real christmas trees. I have done this the last two years and have never had a problem. Maybe different for some. I’m located in south florida if that helps.

  5. batteries is the first thing I’m thinking of! 🙂 Richard’s ideas- fishing gear, tackle boxes etc, pocket knives, stainless steel cleaner, tools and paint.

  6. Thank you for the posting. do you have anything suggest to buy? i guess everything is almost on sale that day.

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