Epic on DVD FREE After Price Match, Coupon & MIR


There is a new coupon we got yesterday to save $5.00 off Epic on DVD or Blu-ray. Target’s current price is pretty high, however the blackout is over and we can now price match with Amazon.com who has the DVD listed at $7.48 right now. Keep in mind that Amazon Prices can fluctuate pretty rapidly, but for now it is $7.48, making it $2.48 after coupon & price match.

To price match- just bring your item & coupon up to Guest Services and show them the price on your phone, however they will likely verify on their own device. If you have any trouble their complete policy can be found HERE which clearly states that you can use a manufacturer’s coupon when Price Matching.

To make this deal even better- now you can submit for a $3 MIR wyb Epic DVD or Blu-ray HERE x12/31/13 making it FREE after price match, coupon & rebate. Your rebate request must include the completed rebate form, proof of purchase tab from the movie, and your original receipt and must be postmarked by January 31, 2014.

-Thanks for the heads up to Tracy of Having Fun Saving!

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  1. I received a postcard in the mail a couple of days ago saying my submission was incomplete. Basically, the receipt did not show proof of purchase. I was afraid of this since Target receipts usually don’t list the DVD title.

  2. When it comes to those having issues with their stores and Prime, just logout and it will no longer say Prime 🙂 Then there won’t be that issue with any of them saying it’s a ‘club’ pricing. Bookmark it on your phone and/or when they check it on the store’s iPad, it won’t say Prime either.

  3. I just did it in Kennesaw GA with no problem. Its a shame some stores can’t follow their own policies!

  4. My local target told me this morning they are not price matching until further notice. The other one will not price match any amazon price that has “prime” beside it 🙁 very frustrating today

  5. HI Jen- it’s up to you- but honestly I would have asked for a manager right then and there. I am always EXTREMELY polite to all team members, no matter what the circumstance, however I do not give up on anything that I know I am right on without speaking to a manager first. I can usually tell right away if a team member is confused and I just skip over the convo and ask for management. I have also called corporate on one occasion from the store to straighten something out. I stay calm and polite- but honestly- I do not like to waste time when I can tell an employee does not have a good understanding of policies.

  6. Just purchased at Target in Fairview Park, OH & it worked perfectly! Since it’s a gift I can’t submit for the rebate, but I’d say $3.08 after tax is a great deal! Thank you!!!

  7. My store said no because their no price match policy was extended through 12.7.13. I pulled up the link to their own price match policy that shows 12.2.13 was the last day for no price matching and I was told to “download the newest version of our policy, then you will see.” Ummm, I had JUST pulled that from the website, there is nothing to “download”. Is it worth any more of my time to contact the manager?

  8. i also told my target that prime meant free shipping…she wouldn’t budge…i am calling corporate and the head store manager…

  9. I just got back from doing this at a Target in SLC, UT. No problems at all. Both the electronic and customer service departments were familiar with the deal and just looked up the Amazon price from an iPad they have at the registers in those departments. They did the PM then the coupon. Ended up $5.64 (with tax) and then you can do the $3 rebate. Amazing deal for the Blue Ray!

  10. my target would not price match they said the 7.48 was a prime Amazon price or in some type of time frame price…. their machine said the DVD’s for 19.99 I showed them on my phone where it was 7.48… wonder if I should call corporate if I can get anywhere with them

  11. I opted to price match Amazon on the Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy version for $9.96. $4.96 after coupon. Can’t wait to put it on my kids ipods they are getting for Christmas!

  12. I was just going to do it online (through amazon) but it reads “original cash register receipt”. BummER!!!

  13. Hey Pauline- there is a link to the price matching policy in the above post. If you have already tried showing this to a manager at your store- and you still get a no- I suggest calling corporate and asking for someone familiar with the policy to help you & explain to them what your store is telling you. hth

  14. Hi Amanda- the policy states no PMing thru 12/2. I would call back and ask for a mager. Policy gives very clear dates. there is a link in the post above. hth

  15. Just got back. My Target price matched and took the coupon. Since I used my Target Debit card total cost was $2.55. I am going to send in for the $3 rebate. So, I guess I was paid to take it.

  16. I called my Target and they told me they won’t price match while cyber sales were still going on. She said I’d have to wait until Friday before they’ll start doing it agian.

  17. Kelley B: As per the written description above ” If you have any trouble their complete policy can be found HERE which clearly states that you can use a manufacturer’s coupon when Price Matching.” If it’s their policy, they have to follow it. Thanks so much for posting about this great deal!

  18. I do have a question, do Targets take the Manfr coupon after they price match? Because I have been to some stores where they will price match but will not take the coupon on top of it.

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