*Expired* The Croods DVD for Just $2.48 at Target with Price Match & Coupon


Today Amazon.com has dropped the price on The Croods DVD – and it is now down to $7.48! This is great news since you can go grab this $5.00 off The Croods on DVD or Blu-ray coupon and price match at Target for a great deal at just $2.48 after coupon and price match. Keep in mind that Amazon.com Prices can fluctuate pretty rapidly, so you may want to pick it up soon.

To price match- just bring your item & coupon up to Guest Services and show them the price on your phone, however they will likely verify on their own device. If you have any trouble their complete policy can be found HERE which clearly states that you can use a manufacturer’s coupon when Price Matching.

And if you missed my earlier post- you can also grab a great deal on the Movie Epic right now. There is a $5.00 off Epic on DVD or Blu-ray coupon and this movie is also listed on Amazon.com for $7.48 right now. Plus you can submit for a $3 MIR wyb Epic DVD or Blu-ray HERE x12/31/13 making it FREE after price match, coupon & rebate.

-Thanks for the heads up on the Croods price drop to Hip2Save!

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  1. I just went to Target today and the girl at customer service was a gem! I asked her what I wanted to price match and she looked it up for me, found the cheapest one and scanned it in. When I handed her the coupon she said she wasn’t sure she could take it with the price match but scanned it anyway, it went through no problems and she said well I guess we do!! 🙂 So after tax and red card, I paid 3.32 in store and after the rebate comes in the mail the final paid price will be 32 pennies!!! Awesome deal! I do have one question though, is the Croods coupon still available to print?

  2. The amazon prices went up, but Wal-Mart has them both listed for 7.48. Target will price match walmart.com. The only possible issue is Croods is out of stock online so they may not honor the price match. I just went to my target and they let me use both and use the $5.00 coupons. I was so happy!

  3. My Target would honor the Amazon price match. However they told me they have the right to refuse my $ 5 off coupon.

  4. does anyone know if the movies Epic and The Croods still On sale At Amazon?

    I can seem to find them for that Price

  5. It is frustrating that Target has a “corporate” policy but then stores decide to individually do what they want with the policy. I was told I was only able to get one of each DVD and that I was not allowed to use the manufacturer’s coupons, even though the corporate policy says they are supposed to apply the mq after the price match. It seems unfair to see that many people were able to get these at the $2.48 and I paid $7.48, although $7.48 is still a good price, but I wonder if I could have done better elsewhere without price matching and just using the mq, like Walmart.

  6. I have a question wal mart online price is 7.48 like shely said but it says out of stock. So here is my question can we price match that to target or how does it work. I have price matched only at target with the ad never online ad or online pricing could anyone let me know if this is possible to price match from online price if its out of stock online to in store? I hope i made sense thanks so much for the help in advance

  7. My target would not price match Epic this morning 12/3 in Euless,TX. They said that they were told to not price match anything online for electronics, toys, etc. First the lady was trying to tell me it was the wrong item although she typed in the UPC on Target’s Ipad and the bluray popped up @$9.99. Then she tried to tell me the one target had was “Ultraviolet” copy and the one on Amazon is not(which she was wrong because the digital copy is UV, photo were the same). Then she tried to tell me you had to have Amazon Prime to get that price and they do not price match to membership. I told her “Amazon Prime” is just for free 2 day shipping not to get that price. Wasted my time and made me late for work. I emailed corporate about it and waiting to see how they respond. I got home after work and the price was still the same so it was not a daily deal. I went ahead and ordered it on Amazon because I wanted it in my collection, without coupons I paid $7.52 (this includes shipping) and no headache. For some reason Amazon deducted $6.98 “promotional” from the $9.99 so ended up being $2.98 for Epic on Bluray before the $4 shipping, charge

  8. 🙁 I missed it too 🙁 was going to get some to donate at that price. Oh we’ll, I’ll just keep my eyes peeled and fingers crossed that the deal comes back around when my son isn’t napping 🙂 thanks for posting this though!!

  9. While Target does price match with Amazon, the product has to be fulfilled by Amazon itself and the offer can not be a limited time offer. This offer was a deal that was good for only 2 hours which is out of Target policy. Hope that helps. (This also pertains to Epic the store should not be matching that price either since it was a 2 hour windown on Amazon).

  10. Call corporate. I had to call several times because of the price matching issue with the little people sets, but they eventually gave me a gift card for the difference in the price. I still will never shop there again with price match, try to see if toys r us has it, much easier to price match there.

  11. My Target would only honor the price match for Epic. They had an Ipad mini and said they can only price match to the first item that shows up when they type in the item in the search bar. They won’t look for the one I had a print out for. . Bummer…..Walmart – won’t even pricematch their own website so I didn’t even both to try them.

  12. My Target refused to accept the coupon..even after I showed them THEIR corporate policy that specifically states a coupon can be used with a price match. Then they stated they were not going to be able to honor the price match until tomorrow…and this was a manager! Very disappointing!!!!

  13. Ahhhh I just did this deal for Epic (worked great). I saw the coupon for the Croods and didn’t print it b/c I didn’t know there was the same deal. Than you for all you do…I may have to make another trip today!

  14. hi amanda even if we have one, they will look from their ipad only and confirm. they will not take from our phone.

  15. This is a really dumb question, but can you just ask them to look it up for those of us that do not have a smartphone?

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