More New Target Cartwheels for Toys, Stacks & Deals


Aside from the Monopoly deals I posted earlier, we’ve got some other new Target Cartwheels for toys for Hasbro & Crayola. Some of these are nice high-value cartwheels too.


Here’s a roundup of a few deals you can grab with stacks and a triple stack on the Crayola..

Scrabble Junior $10.99 (Regular Price)
-30% Off Hasbro Scrabble Games Target Cartwheel x12/14
-$3/1 Hasbro Monopoly or Scrabble 12-8-13 SS2 x1/4 or HERE
= $4.69 after cartwheel and coupon, or like almost 60% off!

Scrabble Catch Phrase $22.99 (Regular Price)
-30% Off Hasbro Scrabble Games Target Cartwheel x12/14
-$4/1 Hasbro Catch Phrase Game 12-8-13 SS2 x1/4 or $4/1 Printable HERE
= $12.09 after stack

Scrabble Classic $18.99 (Regular Price)
-30% Off Hasbro Scrabble Games Target Cartwheel x12/14
-$3/1 Hasbro Monopoly or Scrabble 12-8-13 SS2 x1/4 or HERE
= $10.29 after stack, or like almost 46% off

Crayola Digital Light Designer $39 (Sale thru 12/14)
-$4/1 Crayola Digital light Designer 11-24 SS x12/28
-25% Off Crayola Digital Light Designer Target Cartwheel x12/21
$5/1 Crayola Digital Light Designer
= $21.25 after triple stack

Ultimate Spider-Man $9.59 (Regular Price)
-10% Off Marvel Titan Heroes 12 inch (excl. Clearance) Target Cartwheel x12/14
-$2/1 Hasbro Titan Hero Series Figure 12-8-13 SS2 x1/4 or $2/1 Printable HERE
= $6.64 after stack

Magic Jinn Game $19.99 (thru 12/28)
-30% Off Magic Jinn Game Target Cartwheel x12/14
-$4/1 Hasbro Chasin Cheeky or Magic Jinn 12-8-13 SS2 x1/4 or $4/1 Printable HERE
=$9.99 after stack

Or there is also a Gift Card Offer on the Magic Jinn when you purchase this game along with a 24-Pack of Duracell AA or AAA Batteries for $13.99 thru 12/28, so you could also do this…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Magic Jinn Game ($19.99) & 24 Pack Duracell Batteries ($13.99) = $33.98
-$5.99 (use 30% Off Magic Jinn Game Target Cartwheel x12/14
-$4/1 Hasbro Chasin Cheeky or Magic Jinn 12-8-13 SS2 x1/4 or $4/1 Printable HERE
$1.00 off Duracell Coppertop or Quantum Batteries
= $22.99 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying both thru 12/28
= $17.99 for both after coupon, cartwheel & gift card

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  1. late to the convo here but what $5 coupon is being used on the fisher price toys? my baby turns 1 a week after christmas so i want to get her a little extra 🙂 ty

  2. Fisher-Price is Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, so I just got 2 ball poppers for $1 each with two $5 coupons and price-matched the smart screen laptop on Target online for $13.79 and used two $5 coupons to get each for $5.35.

  3. Taboo is on a price cut for $11.99 don’t know if there are coupons out there or if this is a good price but wanted to share!

  4. @Jean-Ann and Ashley: I had the same problem with the “Titan Heroes”. I brought the receipt to customer service and she eventually adjusted the price after giving me an attitude because it is was only $.90. What she doesn’t realize is that Target puts out these Cartwheel offers as a way to lure customers in to the store. The combined sale price, Cartwheel offer and MQ lured me to purchase these toys (which were all being donated). I find it annoying to have to always check that the discounts came off.

  5. I don’t see the Crayola cartwheel offer – does anyone know what category it is under? I couldn’t find it in toys.

  6. I price matched magic jinn to Walmart for 13.99 as well as the Duracell AA 24 pack for 9.97. Used 4 off coupon and cartwheel on magic jinn, 1 off batteries. And got a $5 gift card!

  7. TY for letting me know they finally updated it Sommer 🙂
    Unfortunately they still have this incredible need to sound so nice
    I really wish they would just say no TQs or Cartwheel on a price match- since that is really what it boils down to.

  8. I had the same issue with the Marvel 10% off Cartwheel deal. I bought 7 different figures – all with “Titan Heroes” on the box. I used $2 off coupons on all of them – no problem. But the Cartwheel discount only took on the Captain America figure (the one pictured in the Cartwheel offer.) I put in a problem feedback ticket on the Cartwheel site. So….will Customer Service help if a Cartwheel discount doesn’t take at the register??

  9. Here’s Target’s price match policy in regards to Cartwheel, TQ and MQ:
    • Combining both Target, Cartwheel and manufacturer coupons: the Target and Cartwheel coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target and Cartwheel coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made the manufacturer coupon will be applied.

  10. I don’t know much about there price match policy, but would you be able to price match the crayola light designer for the amazon price and still use the cartwheel to get 25% off?

  11. KMart’s ad has the Scrabble Classic game for $9.99 this week, so you could price match that to get it a bit cheaper.

  12. Ashley, the same thing happened to me. I brought my reciept to customer service and they refunded me the discount.

  13. Ashley check the details of the offer it may state only one per person. They did that with a fisher price toy on black friday.

  14. I want to add that this week the Fisher Price Ball Popper is $8. Back in October they had a $5 off coupon that has been sitting in my binder! For $3, it’s another toy under the tree for my 16 month old! Score!

  15. Magic Jinn is $13.99 right now on and makes for an even better deal when you price match!
    Crayola Digital Light Designer is $29.98 on too!

  16. I puchased the marvel titan heroes toy on Friday when they were on sale for $9. I purchased two different characters (Iron-Man and something else) and they both said Titan Heroes Series on the box but the cartwheel only worked on one. I’m not real sure why.

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