$50 iTunes Gift Card as Low as $42.75

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itunes-gift-card is offering up a $5o iTunes Gift Card for $45, but if you have a REDcard, you will get an additional 5% Off, plus shipping will be FREE, making it $42.75 after sale and REDcard. You can also get this same deal in stores this week thru 12/14.

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  1. Hey Claudia- I believe it is a discount on any Gift Card other than a Target Gift Card- so Disney, chili’s etc- you get 5% but when purchasing a Target Gift Card you will not get a 5% discount. hth & makes sense

  2. I never used my Redcard to buy gift cards. Will I get a 5% off on any gift cards at Target? Is the discount only applicable on the iTunes gift card? Thank you!

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