New Video Game Accessory Target Coupon & More

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We have a few new Target Coupons available to print today. For a matchup of all current Target Coupons available right now- check out my Target Coupon Page. Here’s what I see new…

20% off select video game accessory items (Controller or Headset) Target Coupon *HERE* x1/7
(also valid at use Code RCX20VGCHP)
can use with in-store sale – get 20% off All Turtle Beach Headsets that are reg. $24.99-99.99
or select Turtle Beach Headsets are also on sale online on

15% off Mobile accessory items Target Coupon *HERE* x1/7
(also valid at use Code RCXMOBACC)

$25 off Contract smartphone new 2-year agreement required Target Coupon *HERE* x1/7

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  1. Just thought I would let everyone know that after 2+ weeks of not being able to print target coupons, this morning I tried again just to see and was able to. I don’t know if they fixed something or what happened but I picked a coupon got the screen to download the printer software and downloaded it again, and they printed after it re-installed it. Not sure if this was just a lucky try or if it really will keep working but thought I would pass it on to see if it works for any of you 🙂

  2. I haven’t been able to print Target coupons for at least a week now.
    I’ve tried everything, including calling
    Up until then, it was fine. They changed something, and it just doesn’t work for me.
    No one seems to know how we can fix this.

  3. When I click the link it says that these are Red Card coupons and disappear if I click “see all.” If I don’t have a red card, will it be a problem to use them?

  4. I have been having problems printing for almost 2 weeks now…no one seems to know what the issue is or how to fix it. 🙁

  5. I’ve had problems printing on a mac before, but under firefox I was ok. It suddenly stopped working again this weekend. So if anyone else has resolved a new problem, please share!

  6. I am having trouble printing the Target coupons. Anyone else? It keeps asking me to reinstall the catalina printer, but doesn’t print.

  7. Hey Rachel- it’s a controller or headphones- so I don’t think the wheel would work only because the remote controller does not come with it. hth

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