10% Off at Target Stores thru Tomorrow 12/22

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target-10-percentDue to the issue of unauthorized access to some accounts and the delays some customers experienced in getting thru to their call center, Target is offering all guests the same discount as team members – 10% off on December 21st and 22nd. No coupon is needed- the discount will automatically be applied by the cashier when checking out.

There are a few exclusions: all gift cards, entertainment cards, airtime cards, prepaid cards, iTunes cards, Apple, Bose, all video games, Playstation 4 consoles, Xbox One consoles, Target Mobile(SM), prescriptions, optical, clinic, and alcohol purchases.  Offer cannot be combined with other storewide or category/department coupons.

You can go HERE to read more about the discount and the statement from Target’s CEO.

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  1. I 100% agree with Amber! After all the headaches, trouble, and complete failure on Target’s part that this has happened to so many faithful customers, 2 days of only 10% off doesn’t make up for the stress this causes, in the least. I am now constantly worried whether our account is going to get hit big time with charges that we didn’t make and overdraft us, I have to worry what exactly of my information is now out there and all who may have it, I had to make several calls recalling over and over to finally get through Target’s busy credit line when this first happened and pray and hope their automated system actually did when I asked to cancel our card and reissue a new number so that my information isn’t compromised.

    I love Target and shop there often because of all the sales and discounts I can stack. But, this disaster has upset me. I know it could have happened to any retailer, it isn’t necessarily Target’s fault completely. But on the side of customers, we all shop there hoping to confidently use our cards securely without worries when we run in for essentials. Now, it isn’t so easy. Luckily, I looked at my receipts and only used our Target debit card twice during the timeframe. But, it only takes one time for the information to be out there. Checking your account several times during the day to make sure everything is on the up and up is not fun!

  2. should be for more than 2 days. didn’t get to use because my husband was working both days and couldn’t take the kids with me!

  3. Thanks Anna. What gets me is I got my discount for my bags he even took the coupons off my products all with out a word from me.but I well go back tmo.

  4. Check your receipts. We did not get 10% off after spending 180.00. We paid in cash. Even asked the cashier and she confirmed. How did we know? My daughter went at the same time, different cashier, and the item “target coupon” is applied to her receipt, but not ours. Going back to the store for my $18.00.

    Double check your receipts!!

  5. I read that they are giving the 10% off even on some excluded items. I want to buy an I-Pad Air, has anyone received the discount on one of these. Otherwise, I will buy online using Discover to get at least 5%.

  6. I always have to remind cashier about 5 cents off for reusable bags as well. All they have to do is scan the barcode they have at the register.

    As I see it, there’s no way they can enforce one per customer on the 10% off.

  7. @Sharon – Always watch them scanning things and don’t be shy to remind them of deals/offers. You’d think after a dozens of times they’d remember to discount for my reusable bags but I still gotta for my 5-15 cents =P

    Take your receipt back tomorrow and show them that they didn’t scan the 10% off.

    Anyways, more videogames stuff that works: Xbox Gift Cards, PSN Cards, Wii U console (comes w/ $25 gift card on Sunday). Actually came across a Zelda 3DS today. Normally $220, down to $127 after sale, hack discount and Red Card!

  8. Everything says one per customer, even the signs they put up at the end of EVERY aisle and at every register, but I had to check out in electronics for some items and then the rest at the register, and they scanned the 10% off both times without question (even when I had my bag from electronics). Despite being crazy busy, the employees were all very cheerful and accommodating. I was able to use all my manufacturer & Target coupons without any trouble, and they were scanned after the 10% was taken. I <3 Target!

  9. I spent $133.20 today(12-21-13) at target and I didn’t get 10% off. What’s deal? You were my favorite place!!

  10. I went in this afternoon. They were very up front about the ten percent off and showed me on the screen where it came off, without me even having to ask. I was then able to use my rx rewards coupon for an additional 5% off and then my RedCard for another 5% off. I used all my coupons and they worked fine. The only thing I couldn’t use was the $10 off a $100 purchase coupon that had come in a mailer. Big savings on all my stocking stuffers!

  11. Adrienne…I saw one post online in which someone said they were told to bring in their receipt from Friday and they would get the extra 10% off. I don’t know if that’s true or not. For $30, I would consider returning the mdse. and rebuying it with the 10% discount.

  12. Completely unadvertised deal – just bought the Radio Flyer Kid’s Steer & Stroll Trike in red. Regular $69.99, on sale for $62.99. Did not say it on the shelf or online and I didn’t see it in any ads. Not sure how long the sale is going on, but with an additional 10% off, it’s an excellent deal! I did try to use the 10 off 75 toy coupon (was buying an additional toy), but the coupon didn’t work and the cashier said the trike is not a toy. It is under the toy section on their website, but I didn’t argue with her. Still a great deal!

  13. Jane, you can’t use the 10% off with say, a $5/30 Home Purchase. But you can still you coupons and cartwheel. HTH!

  14. Sorry to hear that someone who posted earlier didn’t get the discount last night. I did. I hadn’t even heard about the 10% discount yet and was wondering why 2 different cashiers gave it to me. Didn’t question it, though.

  15. “Offer cannot be combined with other storewide or category/department coupons.”
    I’m confused. Will the 10% come off with individual coupons and with Cartwheel?

  16. For in store purchase, the discount is not automatic. The cashier needs to scan a code for you to get your 10% discount. Yes, if you use your RedCard, you will get your normal 5% discount in addition to the 10% for this weekend.

  17. The link to the statement from the Target CEO says the following at the bottom of the page:
    *Valid in store only. Limit one offer per guest to be used in a single transaction. Void if prohibited by law. Not valid in Canada. No cash value.

  18. I just tried to make a purchase online and didn’t get the 10% off either. Hopefully this will get fixed quickly!

  19. I just went to order online and I did not see a change in price when I went to checkout. Anyone else get 10% online?

  20. I can confirm that although “video games” are excluded, this 10% will work for video game ‘consoles’ other than Xbox One and Playstation 4. Nintendo 3DS XLs are on sale this week for $149.99, including the Mario & Luigi bundle, which normally retails for $200. Use your Red Card to save even more!

  21. Sweet for GC deals like the swiffer deal because you will get 10% off what you pay for products up front and still get the full GC value! Makes 3 swiffer vacs total $12.47 after 3 $1.50/1s and the 10% and the GC!!

  22. I was there early this morning. Yes, the 10% is online as well. For their employees, they would get the 10% ontop of their discount. Pretty nice. Just happy my account was not hacked!

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