After-Christmas Clearance Up to 50% Off at Target

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If you are headed out to Target today- as you know – today is the day that many items will be already marked at 50% Off. Clearance will vary from store to store- some stores may have practically nothing, while others may have lots of stuff left. Most of the usual Holiday items- decorations, ornaments, giftwrap, stocking stuffers and more should all be at 50% Off today. But there are lots of seasonal grocery and household items to watch for now that it is after Christmas too.


Some of the seasonal grocery items will be 50% Off, except for bagged candy which will be at 30% Off. Surprisingly we still have the $1.50/2 M&M’S chocolate candies 9.34-oz. or larger Target Coupon x1/11 and the –$2/3 Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, Milky Way, Dove, bites or 3 Musketeers Bags 7-11.5 oz available to print. There is a cartwheel too, but it will not apply since it excludes clearance. Other select food items stay at 30% at first too. food

Kelley found lots of stuff at her store – it was well stocked although most of her holiday household items were already gone- that kind of stuff – paper towels, napkins, storage bags etc always seems to go fast. But some of you may still get lucky. I have quite a large list going of several possibilities in grocery, and other areas to look for along with coupon matchups on my Christmas Clearance Prep list HERE.

Although much of the holiday items – including grocery & household will get moved to the back- its always a good idea to check the regular grocery & household aisles and endcaps for these items too. And don’t forget to peek in on the dollar spot. Kelley found all Black Triangle at 50% off, much of it Christmas.


Casey also let me know that the Up&Up Holiday Jumbo pack diapers in the baby department were ringing up 50% Off down to $3.49, and the holiday wipes were also 50% Off down to .79.  There are also 5% Off Up & Up Baby Diapers & 5% Off Up & Up Baby Wipes Target Cartwheels to save even more. This may be hit or miss- since Casey only found it at one of her stores. Kelley’s were clearly marked as well- but it certainly can’t hurt to give them a check at the scanners if you don’t see signage. -Thanks Casey!

As far as the next drop to 70% Off goes, there is no clear set schedule. Last year some of you went as early as 12/30, so you may want to start keeping a close eye as early as the 29th just in case. Happy Hunting folks! 🙂

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  1. Scored the holiday up and up diapers for 3.50! excellent! was wondering when they will be 1/2 off online I want to stock up. They are so cute! ALMOST like pirate diapers!!!

  2. @whitney It was the mens boxers and socks and PJ sets that were 70% off, I also got a carwash gift set and some other random things from the the Gift boxes they offer all the the red and green target boxes are 70% off. but the black box items are only 40% off. i want those items to drop because they have some really awesome looking stuff. A good hint is i don’t know if you guys have City Targets where you live but i have them here in Los Angeles. they have ALOT of stuff left i don’t think people go as much to it because it’s smaller.

  3. @ Darcy thanks for the info! I wasn’t able to go today when it hit 70%, hopefully they’ll still have some tomorrow!

    @Cruzcuz pls email ([email protected]) me pics of the men’s items! I haven’t had luck with any clothing, everything seems to be 40%. I was hoping to find the women’s holiday pjs like I did last year, but no luck there either. Hope some more hidden finds pop up!

  4. I hit the jack pot today at my target I went to a city target and they had tons of stuff I got some men’s underwear socks and cooking stuff. Although some stuff in the men’s section is 40% off not 70% anyone know why

  5. @ Whitney- they had a whole shelf full of glad containers for 1.49. The also had dixie and chinets plates, and cups. I didn’t see any foil or ziploc. Can you e-mail me if it’s 70% off? [email protected]


  6. @ Darcy, did you notice if they had a any dixie/ziploc/gladware/reynolds wrap left? I’m heading to that one tomorrow, fingers crossed for 70%!

  7. @ Amy. I went to the target on Wilson and Broadway this am.The shelves were FULLY stocked of almost everything. I can’t wait to go back when it’s 70 % off.

  8. If anybody in STL city is looking for Elf on shelf or the jingle all the way dogs, Hampton Village had quite a few. They had a ton of stuff left. And it was super organized!! 🙂

  9. Thanks again Darcy – I went to the target you suggested and got two 3 packs and 2 rolls and they had some nice giftbags in the $1 section for only 30 cents!

  10. Yesterday in Manchester ct there was so much stuff and they were even opening new cardboard boxes to refill the shelves while I was there. Tons of everything. 30 off foods and candies and 50 off everything else.

  11. Went to Target in East roseville. No diapers, wipes, ziplocs, foil. There was some plates and silverware left. Lots of decor. And 6 elf on the shelves and jingle all the way dog and the pink one for 50% off.

  12. @ amy- just got back from target in Chicago on Addison. TONS of paper, and lots of Christmas stuff, but I was looking for the diapers

  13. I was able to get some wrapping paper and tons of ziplock products. They had tons of stuff left at my target lots of the target brand gift sets at half off

  14. Hello!1 @ E–what store in northwest fl did you go to? I wasn’t able to make it out today, but was hoping to go tomorrow, probably will go to both- Bayou Blvd & Nine mile rd..does anyone else know how slim pickings it is? Thanks!!!

  15. Went to 2 different Targets looking for the up & up diapers and wipes and had no luck. I follow another coupon blog and someone mentioned that I could check the stock on these on Did that and scored big time 🙂

  16. I went to find the diapers and there were none. However, I saw Elf on the Shelf 50% off as well as tomme tippee bottles the 3 pack with two pacifiers for 9.99

  17. I was able to get a ton of wrapping paper and gift bags @ 50% off as well as a bunch of Ziploc bags and containers for .49 a piece after the clearance, cartwheel, TQ & MQ. Also got an Axe gift set for $4.48 after clearance, TQ & MQ. My store never makes is past 50% with anything good, so I had to stock up now.

  18. I was able to snag 2 of the diapers and pink Disney wrapping paper for my daughters birthday and Christmas next year! Love it!

  19. I went in the morning and got a few decor items and went to another target this afternoon and they were just stocking the starbucks travel mugs that allow you either a free regular grande size coffee or a free espresso drink everyday in January. Those mugs were also 50% off, so $37.50 for the espresso beverages mug and $15 for the regular coffee mug!!! Looks like I get to treat myself to some Starbucks!!

  20. @Suzette Connor:
    Is Jan 1st confirmed 90% off? I tried asking a few store employees if they knew when we could expect 90%, but they didn’t know. I found a slew of bounty paper towels half off (2ct) unmarked, so I’m hoping they go down soon to either 90 or 70%.

  21. I was so disappointed, all the wrapping paper they had left was angry birds and justin beiber. I managed to snag a foil roll when an employee put it in the bin and one that really could be used as all occasion giftwrap since it just had coffee and hot cocoa type drinks on it. There was so much left last year when it hit 90% and i got 8 rolls! Not sure what happened this year. If i didn’t have a headache, i’d check another store today. I also got some tissue paper and gift tags, that’s about it.

  22. Yup dollar spot was 50% as well, there was a sign when I walked in, I didn’t check, I was after those Christmas diapers, unfortunately for me:( no luck:/

  23. @jennifer in Ohio the elf on the shelf was half off
    @ K my target had the tidy cats pine litter for $3.99 …..hth!

  24. @Jennifer Elf on the Shelf was 50% off at my target in Northwest Florida, but they were sold out by the time I got there at 8:50 AM!!!

  25. Ziploc bags and containers were 50% off @ $1.49 ea — used the $1/2 TQ and 75 cents/2 MQ for the bags and the $1/2 MQ for the containers, so pretty cheap there. Chinet Cut Crystal cups were 50% off at $1.49 – $1/1 MQ. Glad zipper bags were also $1.49, but I didn’t find any coupons for them in my binder, but it was a larger sized box (36 ct. I think) and they were storage & freezer bags in one.

  26. My daughter really wants the Elf on the Shelf. Have you seen these marked down @ Target after Christmas in previous years?

  27. Check the “Merry Christmas” coupon books too- especially for the $1 off Up and Up item of $3 or higher. I was able to use it on two bags of the 50% off Up and Up diapers!!! SCORE! Gonna keep my eye out for those wipes— and many of the workers told me that they are still unloading boxes of Christmas items. There were tons of unopened boxes of Glad tupperware and ziploc.

  28. @ Kelly-It should say on your receipt which items were discounted by Cartwheel. Also, there is a limit to how many times a Cartwheel offer can be used per transaction (I think it’s 4). If you bought all 10 Ziplocs in 1 transaction, then only 4 of them would be discounted by Cartwheel.

  29. I just got back from target and they were still stocking items on the shelves while people grab from the boxes. It was a little crazy but I think I got away with a reasonable amount of things. There vanity fair plates with snowflakes on them that we’re in the regular household section and they were half off as well.

  30. I got 10 ziplock bags, 10 up & up elf diapers and Dixie plates and utinsels and only $1.xx came off from cartwheel. Not sure which items it applied to.

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