The One Spot Black Triangle Up to 70% Off & More

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While we are all waiting patiently for the next drop on Christmas Clearance to 70% – there are a couple things you may want to check for at your store. All stores do not follow the same markdown schedule- but for starters, Brooke, TJ & Melanie left messages on the TT Facebook page that despite Christmas still being at 50% Off- their One Spot areas with dollar merchandise both had Black Triangle merchandise scanning at 70% Off already. If you don’t see a sign- it can’t hurt to check at the scanners to be sure. Let us know if you found black triangle down to 70 already too! -Thanks for the heads up to Brooke, Melanie & TJ!


Also- Casey sent me these pictures from her home department. She found lots of Threshold seasonal merchandise marked up to 70% Off at her store yesterday, so you may want to take a look in the home department and see what you can find. These items are independent of the Christmas clearance – and although some are quite holiday looking – will likely be found in the home area only. Keep in mind we still have the $5 off Home purchase of $30 or more Target Coupon x1/4 you can use if you can meet the spending threshold. -Thanks Casey!


As far as the regular Christmas/Holiday section in the back of the store goes- so far – we are still at 50% Off for general items and 30% Off for Candy. My guesstimate for Christmas Clearance in this area to drop to 70% was for Monday, 12/30, however- things seem to be moving a long at a fast pace this year- so perhaps we may see the next drop as early as tomorrow.  You can still access the Christmas Clearance Prep list HERE for inspiration on what to look for in the coming days, but keep in mind some of the items on this list disappear early on like paper towels etc. You may also want to sort the blog by clearance to see what else you can watch for and check the comments on these posts to see what others have found.

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  1. 70% off of the one spot items with the black triangle on the tag. I got all
    Sorts of goodies for .30 each, wow what a deal
    I’m in the high desert , Calif.

  2. 70% off one spot in Tampa. Bought small rolls of wrapping paper and a pot strainer for 30 cents each

  3. @Jen I was also at Hampton vilage Target today. Really hoping those jingles dogs hit 70% tomorrow morning! I asked, and was told to check back first thing in the a.m. hoping it does!

  4. I found the 70% odd dollar spot in Cleveland. Also most other things were 50%, there were about 6 aisles FULL, plus alot of end caps! Any idea when the toys clearance will happen?

  5. Dollar Spot was 70% off at STL Hampton Village. They also had quite a few elf on the shelf and jingle all the way dogs for those looking for them.

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