Reminder: Target Christmas Clearance Up to 70% Off

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Just a reminder that the After -Christmas Clearance is now up to 70% Off. Quite a few found the drop to 70% Off most Holiday and 50 Off Food & Candy yesterday- so for those of you at 50/50 yesterday- there is a very good chance you may have dropped to 70/50 today.


Not all stores follow the same schedule- but be sure and scan if you don’t see signs for 70. Not all stores manage to get to change out the signage- and unless you scan something you will never know!

You can sort the blog by Clearance to see more of what is being found and check out the comments on these posts too. You can also take a peek at the Christmas Clearance prep list for more references on what to look for and some coupon matchups.

And one more thing to note that did not make it on that list is this year’s limited edition Orla Kiely Method Dish Soap in Peppermint Vanilla. Leslie sent me this pic from her store this morning- she found them in the regular aisle not marked, yet scanning 70% Off for $1.04. There are no coupons that I know of- but it’s a nice big discount if you are a fan of Method. -Thanks Leslie!

I hope y’all have some luck & Happy Hunting! Let us know if you find 70/50 today at your stores and what goodies you found. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. @Allison Which Target in Houston? I was planning to go after work, but wasn’t sure which one I should go to first.

  2. Check the regular aisle of lotion… or possibly the end caps. I found a box of the smaller size Jergen lotion, that is boxed with red ribbon print on it with a ‘To: From:’ on the box. One Original Scent, One Regular (or extra strength?) and then a small container of their extra rich crรจme.. Reg: $4.99, scanned $1.49 with the 70% off.

  3. I was scanning some men’s boxers, which did not scan where as they did at another target for 70%, but noticed some slippers that I thought might be on clearance. Sure enough I scanned them and they scanned $2.99. I couldn’t believe it. They are Emerson memory foam slippers. Hth.

  4. Charleston SC is 50% off food/70% the rest and had a large area of stuff but nothing really reached out and grabbed me.

    I wandered over to the men’s department and discovered a rack of pj’s with just a clearance sign. Not sure if it’s our store only or not as I haven’t seen them mentioned – they didn’t look particularly holiday related but it was a 4 tier rack and full so might be worth a look.
    On a side note, I’m not sure how all of you are so coordinated to get the item in the picture at the same time as the scanner price. Our scanners only display for a few seconds so by the time I got it scanned, the outfit held up and the picture taken, the display was blank or the pj’s were out of the shot or I had a nice picture of the fire extinguisher above the machine. LOL

  5. Don’t forget arm and hammer spin brushes for .50 after $1/1 coupon from a past insert. Still waiting on the DD coffee which is still regular price.

  6. Found the Method in MD on an end cap in the back of the cleaners section. They had the all purpose spray and the dish soap for 1.09. I was soooo happy!

  7. found a ton of tape, scissors, spin brushes and method soaps pictured here and ALL ringing full price…completely bummed ๐Ÿ™

  8. What the heck is up with the Axe gift packs!? 15% at one store and 30% at another. Everything else at both stores is 70%!

  9. If Target is on a 3-3-2 clearance schedule, is it safe to assume that all the Christmas merchandise will be 90% off on Jan 1st?

  10. In Katy, TX, everything is 70/50. My store even had quite a few Christmas trees left, marked down 70%! There were tons of wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, ornaments, stockings, lights, some wreaths, and quite a bit of “good” candy/chocolates left. There were also alot of stocking stuffers, but all the good stuff (small Lego sets) were gone. I picked them up at 50% off b/c I didn’t think they’d be left. Tons of Chex mix peppermint muddy buddies left. All the Glad storage and Ziploc which were at 50% last week were long gone. All the dollar spot black triangle items were cleared out. I found a few holiday Goldfish left on the shelf next to the regular Goldfish, I also got the 4 pack Scotch tape for 0.90 and Scotch brand washi tape in “Christmas” patterns (silver, gold, green polka dots, red) also for 0.90.

  11. Grand Prairie and Irving, Texas dropped down to 70% off most Christmas and 50% off Christmas food, but the stuff at the front of the store with the black triangle that had been down 70% off (but I didn’t know it) has been removed from the shelves, and if they have already counted the inventory they will not sell it to you.

    Also sucks that a few things I said I would buy if they were still there are not the same clearance price as everything else. They have clearance stickers on them, so the are marked down, just not as much as I’d thought. They still had flannel sheets, but when everything else was 50% off they were marked down maybe 20%. And I stocked up on hand soap during Halloween clearance, but the Christmas soap has stickers on them, so they are not marked down 70%.

    AND BE CAREFUL OF THE SCOTCH TAPE. I found a whole box of the 4-pack like in yesterday’s picture, but it scanned regular price, more than three dollars. But then I saw someone else scan one before I could tell her not to bother with it, and hers was 90 cents. Hey, what’s the deal. The package looks the same, but there are several barcode numbers. The one ending in 31 is 90 cents, but you have to check the others.

  12. At my target in St. Louis, MO we have Christmas Toblerone’s $1.99. So the 50% price should make it $0.99 and use $1/2 coupon from 11-10 smart source to get it for $0.49 each.

  13. In Houston, it was marked down to 70% and they are still stocking the shelves!! I saw an un-opened box on the cart that they were unloading that said Hefty Cups. I asked if they could open that one next and he opened it and let me have what ever I wanted! I got a 6 – 20 packs of 18oz. Hefty plastic cups for only $0.89 each! Score!!!

  14. Not sure if someone already posted this (didn’t see it) but the Target store brand Christmas cookies were clearanced out at 50% yesterday – I had two .75 off coupons from the store flyer a few weeks ago – ended up getting 2 boxes of the cookies (the reindeer shaped graham crackers) for less than a quarter each after Red Card discount and coupon. Great deal and my daughters LOVES the reindeer shaped cookies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. My target has actually printed NEW barcodes that they are sticking over the old ones on some items–therefore, they are no longer getting marked down as a Christmas item. The three rolls of scotch tape are now ringing at $3.67.

  16. My store (in NY) was marked down to 70% off today! I got some extension cords, outlet timers and a bunch of other “boy” stuff for my husband. And found wrapping paper for $0.70, bows for $0.70, outdoor Christmas lights for $2.40, tons of craft kits for kids marked down to as low as $0.90 and as high as $3 for the bigger kits. I also snagged a Starbucks Espresso Refill Tumbler for only $22.50. The tumbler itself is a really great quality, plus it gets you a free espresso drink every day in January at Starbucks. There were lots of gift sets- like a USB charger, iPod dock, portable speakers, wine kits, desktop bowling, etc for only $3 (or less). Thanks for posting all these great deals for us! I can’t wait to hear about any “HIDDEN” deals like last year!

  17. Dollar section was completely cleared out thรฎs morning, but I was happy to see 70 off in the Christmas! I want to get a few more things, but waiting for 90.

    We have stores here called Dirt Cheap, and they always have the previous years left overs and cancelled items. It’s fun to go on there and see what Target goodies can be found.

  18. Im in SA TX and my Target has the One Spot black triangle clearance at 70% and the rest of xmas items only at 50% …

  19. I scored one of those Starbucks tumblers with the free espresso drinks in January for 22.50 and down from 75.00. So happy! It was in the Starbucks section front of store.

  20. Be sure to check out the jewelry sections too- I found girls bracelet and necklace set marked down from $6.99 to $2.09. My store had them in teal, pink and red. I picked up 3 sets for birthday gifts!

  21. Thanks Kerry. I’m impatiently waiting for it to drop to 90% to get some of those burt’s bee lip balms! Hope i can find some then.

  22. FOr those who dropped yesterday- I’m actulally placing bets on 1/2. For those who dropped today I’m thinking 1/3- but you never know – could be 1/1 or as late as 1/4. hth

  23. Also, make sure you check the regular toy aisles for clearance. I know that the big toy clearance happens in January but I got a lot of great deals on Saturday. They had many things down the aisles for 50%-70% off. I also grab things for my gift closet and I was able to great some great toys (LaLa Loopsy, Nerf Toys, etc.) for awesome prices to save for future events. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. The dollar section was all cleared out of holiday sale items in Shakopee MN this morning. Filled with Valentine’s and st Patrick’s day stuff.

  25. Interestingly I found the Dixie paper products in my Target in the regular aisles and they would not give me any discount on those. Heading back tonight after work to see if there has been any movement ๐Ÿ™‚

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