Target: Hidden Christmas Clearance Finds at 70% Off

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As I’ve been posting over the last couple of days, after-Christmas clearance is now up to 70% Off for many of you on most holiday, and Candy and Food is at 50% Off. While it’s great to score goodies that are obvious to the eye in the holiday section- one of the best things about after-Christmas clearance hunting is the finds that are not so obvious- the hidden finds that one may never know were on clearance unless you scanned to check.

Quite a few of you have written e-mails and left comments tipping me off to some of these finds and my buddy Christie over at Wild for Wags, who also has a big weakness for Target Clearance :)- scoped out a few of these finds for me tonight. So here’s a few things to watch for at your stores…

Take a look around in the party goods aisle for some hidden clearance on select plates & napkins. In the top right 2 photos- these items were found in with the other partyware. The Poinsettia plates and napkins were obvious but this other gold & red patterned Paper Plates & Napkins shown above are not really that Holliday looking, but are part of the Christmas clearance and ringing up as low as .67 cents if your store is at 70% Off.


clearance-tapeAlso – in addition to the Scissors & 3-Packs of tape I posted about HERE there are also single rolls of Scotch Magic Tape that are also part of the clearance, (both purple and green- Thank you Julianne & Tess!) and will be as low as .60 if you are 70%. There is also the 20% Off Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser Target Cartwheel x12/31 to save even more.

Christie also found the Tape & Scissor Gift Wrap Essentials set shown at the top of this post for 70% Off, but this was a random find for her in stationary- and neither of us are quite sure where it originated. But if you find it- it comes with a pair of scissors and 3 rolls of tape and will be as low as $2.70.

Also- Debbie left a comment that the Scotch Expressions washi tape in “Christmas” patterns (silver, gold, green polka dots and red) is also ringing up as much as 70% Off for 0.90. If you find the Washi Tape too- there is a B2G1 FREE Scotch Expressions Tape Coupon you can use (*Note- a large ad prints underneath this coupon) – Thanks Debbie!


Christie also found an entire endcap of Gold & Red Value size plates, napkins & silverware on an endcap in the party section all ringing up 70% Off $2.99 down to .89 cents. The red is holidayish- and easy to spot- but the gold is plain- and would work well for other things.


I posted earlier about the Orla Kiely Dish Soap in Peppermint Vanilla- but Christie found an endcap at her store with both the Holly Berry and Peppermint Vanilla Dish Soap on clearance down to $1.04. And so far these are all being found in the regular aisles unmarked. The handsoap in the center is not on clearance- but both of these Dish Soaps were scanning at 70% Off.


She also found a ton of JR Watkins hand soap in a variety of different holiday scents – normally $7.99 – they were down to 70% Off at $2.39. These were on the same endcap as the Orla Kiely holiday scents and they were all unmarked. There is also a VERY regional -$1.50/1 J. R. Watkins Product (excl. Dry Seasoning Mixes) 12-15-13 SS x1/15 and some of you may have the 15% off Watkins beauty, household, extract Target Coupon  Merry Christmas Booklet x1/4 to make this deal a little better.

Also watch for Solo Kids Cups in the regular aisles. These do not look holiday at all, but will be ringing up for .89 if your store is at 70%. The ones you want will have a picture of a single red cup on the front. If there is a pic of 3 cups on the front those will ring up full price.

And although I mentioned the Vanity Fair Impressions Plates on the Christmas Clearance prep list I just wanted to point out that the plates were a little more subtle than the Napkins. Christie had a bunch in her regular aisles, and I found 4 in the regular aisle last night- so it can’t hurt to check. They have just a few snowflakes or straburst looking decorations on the packaging and will be as low as .89 if your store is at 70. And if you still have it- there is a $1.50/2 Vanity Fair or Dixie disposable tabletop items Target Coupon x1/4 (no longer available) and also a 15% Off Target Cartwheel.


Christine commented about finding a Nordic Ware Bundt Pan and Cake Keeper in the pots and pans area – reg. $22.99 it was 70% Off down to $6.89. Christie found the Nordicware tonight too, as well as Wilton mini loaf pans, mini muffin pans and regular muffin pans regularly $9.99 – $11.99 at 70% Off. They were on an endcap in the kitchen area for her and not marked but scanning 70% Off and she picked up a muffin pan for just $2.99.

Also watch for these cute Sassy Teether Rattles that are in the regular baby aisle. Upon close inspection you can see that they have little snowflakes on the buttons, but other than that, they are not that easy to spot as holiday looking, but are ringing up as low as $1.50 If your store is at 70% Off.


There are also some toys you can attach to a stroller or car seat- these seemed a little more obvious to me- a couple of dfferent characters in holiday outfits- but they were in the regular baby area with the other toys and rattles.


Also watch for items that may have started out in the stocking stuffer section and mistakenly put back in the regular aisle. Christie found a holiday EOS lip Balm in with the regular EOS lip balms at her store. The holiday decorations are very subtle- tiny small round white snowflakes in the background and a silhouette of a reindeer pattern in the background. They will be as low as .89 if your store is at 70% Off.

You can also sort the blog by Clearance to see more of what is being found and check out the comments on these posts too. You can also take a peek at the Christmas Clearance prep list for more inspiration on what to look for.

I hope y’all have some luck finding some of the above items if you have interest & feel free to comment and let us know what other hidden finds we can watch for! I am guesstimating that people will see 90% Off as early as January 2nd, but Target does seem to be speeding things along this year- so maybe we will even see it on the 1st. It’s definitely something to keep a close eye on and remember there is no set schedule and not all stores drop at the same time.

Thanks so much to everyone for your comments & e-mails & a BIG thanks to Christie at Wild for Wags!

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  1. Found the wilton pans at our store tonight, and jingle and bell interactive puppies and books 90 %. Thanks totally target!

  2. Everyday I go to Target to check for 90% Christmas items, but every time no luck. Anyone from Sacramento that can tell me when? Thanks.

  3. My store was resetting today for “stock up and save section”… and said everything would be salvaged tonight- so NO 90% this year…. bummer. So I picked up some lights and tape…. still good deals.

  4. My Mom said her store (in the Birmingham, AL area) said that they were not going 90% and were going to salvage on Monday.

    I’m still going to try my regular Target on Monday afternoon & hope there are some good finds remaining. I may have to go tomorrow, too! 🙂

  5. My store said they were leaving it at 70% for a week. So they thought maybe this weekend it would go down. Still a ton left.

  6. Went to target and saw a bunch of 90 % signs in a shopping cart right next to the christmas stuff! I think thats a good sign as well!

  7. Just got back from my store and they just marked down to 90 but only the Christmas trees maybe a good sign 🙂

  8. So from what I see, no reports of 90% off yet? I keep checking here to see if anyone has any info. But I don’t see any reports of it yet.

  9. Also don’t believe the hype. I asked an employee this past Halloween when they were going to reduce the items from 70% to 90%. First the employee said they didn’t do it. Then he said they weren’t doing it this year (2013..last year). Good thing I ignored him because the first item I scanned that day was 90% off. The sign stated 70% but was wrong. Always scan, scan, scan.

  10. I woke up bright an early this morning hoping to get to Target for their 90% off Christmas clearance. I was HIGHLY disappointed when I arrived and began scanning items and realized its STILL ONLY 70% off. Oh well. There are 8 Christmas trees left at my store and even though I already bought 1 at 70% off who wouldn’t want one at 90% off. I’ll be back tomorrow and the day after and the day after until it turns to 90% off. Just an FYI my Walmart in GA is still 50% off. What’s going on with these stores? lol.

  11. At my store yesterday, the 90% off signs were behind the 70% off signs. Seems to me that they wouldn’t put them out if they weren’t going to use them 😉

  12. Thanks! Just going to look for some of the hidden clearance while I am there. Otherwise I will just wait!

  13. @Christina Don’t believe them. The target sales people say that every year to get you to go ahead and buy the stuff at 70% off. They’ve told me that every year I’ve asked and its been untrue every year. They’re not going to salvage all that stuff when they can get rid of it for 90% if even for just one day unless they have nothing left. They’re hoping they have nothing left if you believe them and buy it all at 70%. So just be patient.

  14. my store was saying something similar, Christine. I found 2 packages of 90 count tissue paper that didn’t have the band around them, and they were quite sloppily put together. i just found them shoved to the back of one of the shelves. i took them to guest services and they marked them down to 90% for me.

    while chatting with the GSTL, she mentioned that she wasn’t sure they were going down to 90% either. a few of the clerks were talking amongst themselves, but none of them seemed to know the real answer.

  15. My Target also said they would not go 90% off this year?! Never seen that before. I think it is because they have SOOOO much left. But wouldnt they make more money at 90% off then they would if they salvage it all?

  16. Called the St Paul, MN Target this morning to ask about 90% off and she said it is unlikely this store will go to 90% this year. Think I will still check tomorrow.

  17. @Lauren thanks for the update! I wasn’t able to go to my store this morning so I am hoping we are still at 70% today. Crossing my fingers for 90% tomorrow!

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