Target: More Hidden Christmas Clearance Finds- Fisher Price Plush, Kids 3-Piece Meal Sets & More

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Here’s some more hidden Christmas clearance finds to watch for and most of you if not all should be at 70/50 now. I love hunting for hidden clearance and hearing about all your finds, so thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this post- you guys rock! And a big thanks to my sister Kelley- who got us some awesome visuals for many of these finds!

Remember that the items listed below will not have clearance stickers. You will need to become best friends with the price-check scanner. 🙂

ZAK KIDS MEALTIME SETS: Jane let me know about these really cute kids mealtime sets that include a plate, bowl & cup. She found hers in the regular aisles hanging on pegs but check around the endcaps in that area too near the girls & boys sets. They are $8.99 regular price, but appear to be part of the clearance and will ring up $2.69 if your store is at 70% Off. Only select sets will ring up at 70% – there’s the Spiderman like shown above and Jane also found Disney Frozen and Monsters University. And Denise found that the Sophia the FIrst were also ringing up 70%. Let us know if you find any other characters or varieties included too! -Thanks Jane & Denise!



MEN’S BOXER BIEFS: Alison let me know about these Mossimo Brand Men’s Boxer Briefs. They are hanging in the regular section and a few styles are scanning as part of the clearance for $1.79 if your store is at 70. The Gingerbread men are pretty obvious, but the Elf looking character is pretty subtle and the Walrus just has a winter hat on. Because they are hanging with the other boxers that are regular price- you may just find them too. The 3 shown are the only ones that rang up 70% Off for Kelley too- but let us know if you find other patterns! 🙂 -Thanks Alison!


KIDS CIRCO SLIPPERS: Jessica found these cute Circo Kids/Toddler bootie slippers in very non-holiday patterns like Skulls, a Unicorn, and more scanning for 70% Off down to $2.39. Kelley was able to find a whole endcap of them in the baby department too- and above are the styles that scanned at 70%. -Thanks Jessica!


FISHER-PRICE STUFFIES: Check out these adorable small stuffy toys from Fisher Price that Kelley found mixed in with the regular infant toys. While the Monkey in the Santa suit is quite obvious, the Polar Bear is not and is also included in the holiday clearance and is scanning for $1.50 if your store is at 70% Off. She tried a few others- but these 2 were the only ones that scanned at 70 for her.


BATHERY BATH POUFS: Watch for these nice large-sized Bathery Poufs in the regular section in the above shades of green and red with a red tag that has stars on it. Leslie & Kelley both found them ringing up at 70% Off down to .59 cents. While there’s actually some clearance Bathery Poufs hanging around right now on regular clearance- the ones you want will not have a clearance sticker on them. Just look for the red tags and the colors shown above. Vanessa & Elizabeth also commented below that the purple & cream-colored ones are ringing up 70% Off as well. Just look for that same holiday tag. If you notice any other colors ringing up 70% Off let us know! -Thanks Leslie, Vanessa & Elizabeth!


BODYCOLOGY & SIMPLE PLEASURES: Look in Health & Beauty for these Bodycology & Simple Pleasures gift sets. These were on an endcap for Kelley in Health & Beauty and are part of the holiday clearance. The Simple Pleasures will be $1.50 down from $5 if your store is at 70% and the Bodycology will be down to .89 (regularly $2.99) if your store is at 70. The snowflakes on the Bodycology are very subtle and stylish and the Simple Pleasures set is not Christmasy at all so perhaps these would work as nice small gifts for other occasions too.


STARBUCKS CHRISTMAS BLEND: Kelley found the 20 oz Large Bags of Christmas Blend Starbucks Ground Coffee ringing up 50% Off down to $7.47. There was not one small bag in her store- so I am not sure if the smaller bags are also scanning 50% Off. I don’t think they are, but let me know if any of you find that they do. If they are- we still have the promo to get a FREE Starbucks mug filled with coupons wyb 3 small bags thru 1/4. (the large bags are not included in the free mug offer).

EMERSON SLIPPERS: Amanda found Emerson Slippers scanning for $2.99. There is nothing holidayish about them and Kelley actually found a whole endcap of them in the home department- so it can’t hurt to look! – Thanks Amanda!

DOC McSTUFFINS STETHOSCOPE: Tasha found these cute Stethoscopes hanging in the regular aisle in toys at 70% Off. Not sure if it was a stray fnd or not- but can’t hurt to keep an eye out for them!


SPINBRUSH: Watch at your stores for certain varieties of the kids Spinbrushes that are ringing up 70% Off as part of Christmas clearance. There are some that are obviously holiday- the Crazy Wrapz with a red bow on them- but watch for the pink ones that are not holiday looking at all that may have gotten hung up in the regular aisle. Kelley found that the ones with a UPC ending in 023 were full price- but she found a few in the regular aisle that ended in 619 that are ringing up for $1.50 at 70% Off as part of the Holiday clearance. There is a –$1/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Product 11-24-13 SS x1/24 that will make them as low as .50 if you luck out. – Thanks Jessica & Sheri!


HOLIDAY BARBIES: Thanks to a very descriptive comment from Alison- Kelley found these Barbie Target Exclusives in the regular aisle ringing up 70% Off down to $1.49. Alison said they come in Teal too. -Thanks Alison!


STRAY STOCKING STUFFERS: As many of you know there is a lot of Hello Kitty and other stray character Lip Balm and nail polish etc sets that can be found in the regular cosmetic section year-round. So it may be worth a peek around to see if some of the special Holiday items that were in the regular stocking stuffer section may have gotten put back in the regular section by mistake. Kelley found all the items above hanging around in the health & beauty section by mistake and while it’s been a long day- we are pretty sure everything was scanning at 70% Off when price-checked. 🙂


You can also sort the blog by Clearance to see more of what is being found and check out the comments on these posts too. You can also take a look at the Christmas Clearance prep list for more inspiration on what to look for.

I hope y’all have some luck finding some of the above items if you have interest & feel free to comment and let us know what other hidden finds we can watch for!

UPDATE ON 90%: so far as of 1/2 11:26 am EST I still have no reports of 90 anywhere. So it looks like we are looking at starting tomorrow- so Friday/Saturday 1/3 & 1/4. I was really surprised it didn’t happen for some of you today, since last year some stores that dropped on the 3oth went to 90 on the 3rd. And since some dropped to 70 on the 29th I really thought we would see it a day earlier this year. But that’s Target holiday clearance for you- you just never know and I guess they like to keep us on our toes!

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  1. Found the Spider-man 3 piece dinnerware set, but it was only clearanced to $4.54 here in Murfreesboro, TN. Still a good deal in my book and went ahead and bought it for my 3 yr old son who loves Spider-Man

  2. I found the Monsters inc 3 piece set for only .89 came with the plate,bowl& cup. I also found the Disney princess pink camera ringing up .50 reg is 5.00.

  3. Kim I don’t know the DCPI’S for the 3pc plate set. However, I know Monsters University, Spiderman, Sophia the First and Frozen

  4. Another hidden item that I haven’t seen mentioned that I found today by the office supply is Scotch Scissors for .50¢ Thanks to everyone for sharing their finds and to you Kerry!!! Oh another hidden find for the girls is Lollaloopsie lipgloss a 4ct in a cute purse.

  5. Watertown, Ny was 70/90 off today, still tons of stuff left, got light sets, wrapping paper, they had tons of kids craft stuff left, also was able to pick up the slippers you mentioned for $.79. Thanks again!

  6. found mens regular boxers also ringing up at 90% green with brown bears, blue with dogs in sweaters, and a red that I cant remember what was on them.

  7. Found some girl pajama infant two piece sets for 99 cents and 1.29.look for santa and reindeer. Algo got a mickey and minnie light blue happy holidays shirt for 99! One pj set has a dress for doll too.

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