Target: More Hidden Christmas Clearance Finds at Up to 90% Off – Cute Hello Kitty Coin Purses & More

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As I posted earlier today many of you have hit 90% Off on after-Christmas clearance today, 1/4. If you didn’t drop yesterday or today, there’s a very good chance you will drop by tomorrow, Sunday 1/5. Aside from my two other Hidden Finds Posts you can check out HERE and HERE – there’s a few more not-so–obvious clearance finds in the regular aisles of the store that some of you may want to watch for.

While there is no guarantee everyone will find what is mentioned- it certainly can’t hurt to look if you have interest and remember- you won’t be looking for clearance stickers and you can just scan to check the price to make sure.

HELLO KITTY COIN PURSES: Lisa, Brooke and Claire let me know about these cute Hello Kitty coin Purses they found. From their lead Kelley was also able to find these in the regular girls accessories area so take a good look around to see if you can find them too- as they are super cute and will be as low as .49 cents if your store is at 90. She found them hanging near the Monster High coin purses- but only the two different varieties of Hello Kitty shown scanned at 90% Off. -Thanks Brooke, Claire & Lisa!


MY LITTLE PONY MINI PLUSH TOYS: I got an e-mail from Toni and a comment from Sarah about finding these mini My Little Pony plush in the regular toy aisle. Kelley was also able to find them too and these will be ringing up as low as .49 cents if you are at 90% Off. They were mixed in with other colors- but only the yellow and gray scanned for Kelley. But Whitney also commented that the ones scanning at 90% Off have a green wreath tags and she said there were others aside from what is pictured. -Thanks Toni, Whitney & Sarah!


NFL SHERPA THROWS: Jessica and Vanessa told me about some NFL Sherpa Throws that are also ringing up as much as 90% Off. They will be $1.99 if your store is at 90% Off and Kelley was able to find these too. Hers were sitting in on a shelf in her regular Team Sports section. Jessica also commented about the register giving her an additional 30% Off automatically when she bought two. Let us know if that happens for y’all too. -Thanks Jessica & Vanessa!


PET BED: Tess let me know about this Boots & Barkley Pet Bed that also seems to be included in the holiday clearance. Look for the one above – it’s a tagged as a “Cuddle Cave” – regularly $29.99, now down to $2.99. She found hers on an endcap in Pet, but take a good look around in where the other pet beds are too- as you never know! -Thanks for the find & pic to Tess!


EARBUDS & MISC: And here’s a few more finds that just came in an e-mail from Jen in Mass. She dropped to 90% Off today too- and found these Revlon Hair Brushes scanning for .50. She also found the Earbuds shown above in Electronics down to .99 from $9.99. She found the Nautica & elf sets as stray finds – but it can’t hurt to check around the health & beauty endcaps and see if you spot any hanging around. The Nautica was scanning for .99 and her e.l.f. sets were down to .39. -Thanks for the finds & pics to Jen C.!

You can also sort the blog by Clearance to see more of what is being found and check out the comments on these posts too. You can also take a look at the Christmas Clearance prep list for more inspiration on what to look for.

I hope y’all have some luck finding some of the above items if you have interest & feel free to comment and let us know what other hidden finds we can watch for and you can also always e-mail me with any pictures or details of hidden finds we should be looking for.

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  1. The Angry Bird Star Wars, series 2 blind bags (no Christmas markings at all) are in the toy section by the Angry Bird stuff. Bought the entire box of 24 for $7.20 instead of the usual $3/bag. Perfect to fill Easter eggs and it’s TWO per bag. Same with the Knex Mario Bro blind bags $.25 each. Richmond VA

  2. Today i found a 6 pack of hanes boys 6-12m socks in a cardboard display reg priced $8.99 on clearance for $.89. They packaging was red with white snow flakes

  3. I called my target yesterday hoping they were at 90% and the guy said not yet. I decided to call again later in the day to double check that it really was 70% and not 90%, and he said that the price adjuster people didnt come in that day and that Sundays were their days to change clearance prices, blah blah. I should have gone anyway cause it was 90 and i missed out! 🙁 just goes to show, like other people have said, dont bother calling, those people dont have that info.

    I did go today and did find some things! Not what i was holding out for, but ill live 🙂 there was a box of softlips chapstick and they were .29. Found a ton of christmas cds in a cart for .99, i bought 6. 🙂 very excited. Found a tree skirt, some kids crafts, a couple toys, pink wrapping paper (.50 and not christmasy at all, will use for birthdays). Ribbons, scoth tape .30 cents, m&ms and other small thing. Oh, and there was TONS of starbucks coffee left over. Spent about 20 bucks. Not bad

    I was really hoping to find the jingle puppy toy thing with book, thats the only thing im really bummed about.

  4. Found cute (felt) Christmas stockings with assorted characters (Santa, Reindeer, Snowmen) for only $.40 each!! There were still quite a few left in the section with 70% off signage but they were actually 90% off!

  5. Thank you Joann the Beyoncé perfume is called Heat. It’s a small .5fl. oz bottle. Hope you can find that and many other great deals. BTW I got the (4) pack Hello Kitty glass set for $1.99. I can’t believe they originally charge $ 19.99 for them. That price is absolutely ridiculous to me.

  6. NFL throw SKU 087918166844, DPCI 047514179
    MBL throw SKU 087918167073, DPCI 047500561
    Minnie NFL SKU 087918165724, DPCI 047514299
    Mickey MLB SKU 087918165922, DPCI 047502835

    The NFL/MLB throws that I found did not look like picture above, they were in blue canvas bag but did have to/from tag on them. They were in sport section bottom shelf underneath other NFL apparel.

  7. What states did you find the throws?! I live in Wisconsin and plan on stopping this afternoon

  8. Something I haven’t seen mentioned yet are some wine aerator glasses. They’re a two pack by Vinturi. They have single ones in the wine section for $30 each. The double pack is regular $59.99 ringing up $5.99. I found two of these. Also found some cookie sheets by Nordicware that had snowflake cookies on the picture ringing up $1.29

  9. Thank you everyone so much for posting your finds. Like Traci in Montana, many of the items at my stores here in Ohio are not ringing up 90% yet (Chapstick, Faith Hill perfume, etc.). I was told by an employee that for the last six years she has worked there, they always pull the hallmark jingle and bell, as well as, elf on the shelf and return to the manufacturer instead of putting on clearance :(. Although Christmas was wiped out at 50% off, I did manage to find a few deals. The kids Circo pjs and slippers (.79 each), NFL throw in tote bag (1.99), Scotch scissors (.50), Scotch 3pk tape (.79), mini tree skirts (.80) and spinbrush (.50). Happy hunting!

  10. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but I was able to get kids 24,48, and 100 pc puzzles for .29. They are in a standup bag (not a box) and include Doc McStuffin, Princesses, Avengers, and Dora. I found them back on the shelf in toys with all the other puzzles.

  11. I bought the NFL throws but didn’t receive the additional 30%off I did however get it on the MLB blankets so that’s real weird.

  12. @cmarie the people you saw were at least keeping the stuff somewhere, I saw this one lady who was literally tossing the stuff on the shelf almost throwing them such that they were falling on the floor and she didn’t care…. Talk about being inconsiderate.

  13. slightly off topic but with xmas and my birthday the same month How does the $70 a year limit work? Is it a calendar we or do the returns start falling off from the time of the first return?

  14. Went looking for my Fitbit that I lost there yesterday. While there I got 9 of the Hello Kitty coin purses, some of the carter’s pajamas, 1 pair of the ‘bam’ mittens, 2 pairs of slipper socks for girls, a t-shirt, a bath set, a small magna doodle… spent $14.66. Did not find my fitbit though 🙁

    I would have gone to more Targets in my area, but the weather is getting messy out there and I didn’t want to risk it just for bargains. Oh well!

  15. I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but check out the “Kid Made Modern” craft sets. I found a 9 pack of Decorative Paper Tape for 89 cents. Supposedly there is an art supply kit, reg. 14.99 also ringing up at 1.49, but I couldn’t find any. These don’t look Christmasy at all. Also got make your own ornament and stocking kits.

  16. Any description for the Houdini corkscrew? Also, iHome headphones -1.99. 19.99 printed on the box.

  17. Hello Kitty Cooler Glasses Original Price $19.99 – now 1.99. It’s 4 glasses in a package. There were also Marvel Heroes on the same end cap, but I did not ring them up. In the beauty section I got a Burt’s Bees chapstick with cuticle butter for 3.48 – 1.50 printable.

  18. Thank you all for your comments. I didn’t find everything you mention in my Target in Montana, and some of what is mentioned is still ringing up much higher for me (stocking stuffer Chapstick 3 pk is still $4.24), but I did find an entire endcap of Energizer Christmas/Winter LED night lights for 90% off (0.69 to 0.99). I found them on a back endcap near the regular light bulbs. They weren’t marked “sale” or “clearance” AT ALL. I bought 20 since they are a popular decorating-for-Christmas gift for all my nephews and nieces, and there were still LOADS of them.

  19. Check the wine stuff….houdini corkscrews and wine stopper/pourers were ringing up 90% off. I also found the hello kitty glasses for 1.99. 4pk. On the end cap with thello kitty kitchen small appliances. Those are the only things I found not mentioned here.

  20. there are christmas cd’s for .99 (at 90%off) you have to scan a lot of them because only some of them are included. Jim Brickman, 3 different kids ones etc…i found those at .99. good deals for next year! Elf Story DVD was mixed in and .99!
    Also, look for Family Guy boxers in the men’s section, they are blue with stewie and brian on the front in a boat, NOTHING christmas-y about them and they are 90% off at .99/ There is a brown paper gift bag attached. In fact, the grinch boxers and holiday star wars boxers (also with bags) were in the regular section mixed in but were also 90% off. I also found a 2 set of Flameless candles by Emerson on and end cap that rang up .99! I think they are reg 14.99. IT says “with daily timer” right on the front of the box.

  21. I was able to score the Hello Kitty coin purse (.49), Revlon hair brush (.50), Remington curling iron (2.49), Goody 16pc hair ties (.19), 2 pc PJ sets (.79), 2pk socks (.40), 3pc hipster underwear (.49), mittens (.59), Hallmark Jingle Interactive Story Buddy (3.49), Jingle and Bells Christmas Star book (.99), Westinghouse 2-outlet indoor remote (1.09), Obsession for men by Calvin Klein (.99), Tim McGraw Soul to Soul (.99), 3 pk body spray set (.50), Dora and Hello Kitty bath squirter (.19), Disney Princess Baby Snow White(.59)…and a few candy and christmas decorations…….THANK YOU EVERYONE ON THE GREAT TIPS!!! I spent $24.69 after redcard and saved over $205!!

  22. Aside from the Nautical cologne… also look for mini fragrances in Faith Hill Soul 2 Soul, Tim McGraw Soul 2 Soul, Obsession (all spray colognes and have $9.99 round sticker on the top corner of box). Also Jergens 3pc mini gift sets (boxed with a red ribbon on package with a To; From)

  23. In the Baby/Toddler Section found holiday theme long sleeve tops from Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse at 90%, so $0.90-$1.00. J.O.Y 4 piece PJ (girls) holiday theme set for $1.49. Stocking stuffer toys found in regular toy section bins, Cars, Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Spiderman select items such as sports balls, camera, car key, $0.30-$0.50. Holiday Chapstick 3 piece sets in metal tin ringing $0.49. ELF cosmetics still ringing at 30%

  24. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting their finds!!IIIII

    So excited…I found a bunch of stuff posted here 🙂 The only things I found 90% that I didn’t see mentioned here were:
    – Merona Christmas men’s boxers (traditional boxers) (.59)
    – Lightbulbs for window candles
    – Merona men’s “holiday” socks– these were a 4 pack of Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patty’s and 4th of July (down to 1.29)
    – MLB and NFL tote bags with throws (down to 1.99)
    – Lots of Hello Kitty and Polly Pocket lip balm sets for stockings (around .39-.49)
    – My First Christmas Carter’s sets (.99)

    I met several other really great bargain shoppers and we shared our finds but…just a random comment on etiquette because this kills me…there was a woman in my Target with her teen daughter and every time they scanned something looking for a deal, and it wasn’t 90% off, they left the item by the scanner or, worse, threw it randomly somewhere…even if they were returning to the area where they picked up the item! I saw them do this over and over and over. Leaving products all over the place. Kills me. Please be considerate….

  25. I love all you guys and gals for posting all these great finds. I was able to find boxers/boxer briefs that were holiday for 59 cents and 60 cents each. The target i went to was at the palisades mall in NY. They never have clearance items tagged. I was also able to get the polar bear plush toy an pack of baby teethers for 50 cents each. I was also able to get the dinosaur pajamas set for toddlers that are in light blue for 79 cents. Thank you all again. Now i just need to look for the nfl throw that you guys have been talking about

  26. Arrived at Target this morning at 8:10 am and can you believe there was someone already in the Christmas section shopping. (BTW my Target opens at 8 am) Lol. Glad she had a basket and not a cart. I hit up three different targets today and hit the motherload. I was able to get a few 3 piece plate sets (Frozen, Sophia the first, Spiderman and Monsters University) for .89. I got a (2) Remington Curing Irons (1 inch and 1 1/2 inch) for $2.24 and $2.49. I got plush my little pony dolls (look at the tag it should be green with a Christmas theme). I was able to get a few (black ostrich) Ipad covers ($2.49) and I pad mini covers (1.99) in the men’s dept. along with ear phones (.99), slippers ($1.99) and a phone speaker ($1.00) all found in different stores in the men’s dept. I got a bunch of phones, car keys, fans, voice recorder,mini dry erase thingy, etc (monsters ink, toy story, cars, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, superhero etc for .50 and .30 (check the toy isle some rang up regular price but some were 90% off. I also got an Elf on the shelf ($2.99) last one. I got (2) Beyoncé perfume .99. I got a lot more stuff but that is just a few I want everyone to keep an eye out for. I will try and take a pic tomorrow. Happy Shopping. Kerry thank you again from the bottom of my heart for ALL you do.

  27. Sonia, what is the hello kitty three piece bath set you mentioned for 35 cents please? Can you describe it and tell me where in the store to look? Thanks in advance!!

  28. Piggy Paint – nail polish for little girls without the toxic stuff in common polish brands – is marked $4.99 ringing up at $0.49. I’ve seen pink, purple, yellow, and sparkly blue/green.

  29. Oh I see this now after spending hours in three different a Target 🙁 oh we’ll I do need something to look forward to next year 😉 I bought so much stuff it is ridiculous. Spent over $100 in Christmas clearance shopping, including the dollar spot clearance. Thank you TT, you rock and a big thank you to the readers who contributed wit their comments about the hidden deals and various tips. Can anyone tell me where they found the hello kitty stuff, the coin purses, lip gloss etc. TIA.

  30. You don’t have to scan all of the My Little Pony plushes. The tags are different. The ones ringing up for .49 cents have a GREEN WREATH TAG. I was able to get a few different ponies for .49 cents. The wreath tags are on more than just the grey and yellow ponies(Octavia and Applejack).

  31. I have also found cherokee girls mittens in the regular girls clothing section ringing up .59, some are blue and say “omg” and “lol” and some are pink and say “bam” and “pow”. Also girls xhilaration underwear 3 pack with snow flakes, doesnt look very christmasy for .49. Contents makeup zippered bags found by the wallets ringing up .49 as well as zippered card cases, coin purses, makeup bags, and small makeup mirrors with a snap closure that have a cream and gold colored tag that says “limited edition”, these are ringing up between .70-1.20. I have seen them in mint green, pink with small hearts, dark blue with flowers, and periwinkle with polka dots. Those are very cute and can be used as gifts all year as they have nothing Christmas or holiday on them.

  32. I was able to find the NFL throw (DCPI 047514395 … if thats the number on the receipt ) and one hello kitty coin purse. I also found some items posted about earlier in the week, the spinbrushes down to 50 cents, the hello kitty 3 piece bath set down to 35 cents and hello kitty chapsticks for 49 cents. Oh and the jingle all the way interactive story book with dog and cd was down to $3.49 I found it in the children’s books aisle. Additionally I did find a lalaloopsy mini pony set ringing up 90% it was a white pony and a red pony and the packaging has presents on it and says only at target. Also check the hanes infant and toddler tights my store had some in the christmas clearance hanging and more in the baby section , white, baby pink, and black with the “grippers” or whatever on the feet down to 69 cents each.

  33. I grabbed a few of these at target today…..thank you! I also found Hello Kitty lip gloss packs of 4 in the cosmetic section on an endcap for 90% off……49 cents and not marked at all.

  34. Thank you, thank you Toni, Sarah, Kelley and Kerry! Went to Target and successfully found the VERY LAST holiday “my little pony”. And yes it rang up $0.49. Made my 2-year-old happy and me extremely glad!
    I love and appreciate what you all do.

  35. Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but this afternoon the Starbucks at my Target had the 1 pound packages of Christmas blend marked as $7.47, but they rang up as $4.48 each. Even the workers were surprised (I heard one tell my cashier to put a couple aside for her.) I bought 5 packages and got $74.75 worth of Starbucks beans for $22.40.

  36. I got the coin purses, and 2 different throws. One was a nfl one with a Minnie Mouse on it for 1.99 and the other was in an nfl bag for 1.99. Used my cartwheel and got the Christmas m&m for .89. Good run!

  37. Back to Target I go tomorrow! I’m hoping to find those throws and a bigger pet bed. The brush and earbuds would be a nice find too! Anything e.l.f holiday related that I have found has had a clearance sticker on them for 30% so I haven’t bothered scanning any of it. Maybe I will go back to try to find those pictured and scan them. Happy hunting everyone!!

  38. Found the coin purses but that’s it. Going to my closer target tomorrow hoping they will be 90/70 and have some of this!

  39. Ditto what Betsy said! I JUST came back from Target a few hours ago and then saw this posted. Target is 20 minutes from me. I’ve been needing a new coin purse and I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty. I would have loved one of these! =(

  40. I found two My Little Ponies in the Christmas clearance section – both Rarity (the white pony with the purple diamond cutie mark), both 49 cents. So definitely scan those too! (My store in Atlanta, GA, was at 90% and was really picked over, so I was really excited to find the ponies!)

  41. I found scotch tape dispensers(for your desk) in the regular office section. They are in a clear plastic box and have no markings to make you think holiday. They were .79 cents each, originally $7.99.

  42. look for the sippies in Christmas themes in the baby section. Those are ringing up 90%. Its a straw type sippy, was $2.99

  43. I found Barbie’s today in the regular Barbie section. They were marked at $5.99 and scanned at .49. They have either, blue, purple or pink short sparkly dresses.

  44. Looks like some great hidden deals.. I think I will stop by after work and see if I can find any of these things.. thanks for the update!

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