Target: More Hidden Christmas Clearance Finds at Up to 90% Off – Cute Hello Kitty Coin Purses & More

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As I posted earlier today many of you have hit 90% Off on after-Christmas clearance today, 1/4. If you didn’t drop yesterday or today, there’s a very good chance you will drop by tomorrow, Sunday 1/5. Aside from my two other Hidden Finds Posts you can check out HERE and HERE – there’s a few more not-so–obvious clearance finds in the regular aisles of the store that some of you may want to watch for.

While there is no guarantee everyone will find what is mentioned- it certainly can’t hurt to look if you have interest and remember- you won’t be looking for clearance stickers and you can just scan to check the price to make sure.

HELLO KITTY COIN PURSES: Lisa, Brooke and Claire let me know about these cute Hello Kitty coin Purses they found. From their lead Kelley was also able to find these in the regular girls accessories area so take a good look around to see if you can find them too- as they are super cute and will be as low as .49 cents if your store is at 90. She found them hanging near the Monster High coin purses- but only the two different varieties of Hello Kitty shown scanned at 90% Off. -Thanks Brooke, Claire & Lisa!


MY LITTLE PONY MINI PLUSH TOYS: I got an e-mail from Toni and a comment from Sarah about finding these mini My Little Pony plush in the regular toy aisle. Kelley was also able to find them too and these will be ringing up as low as .49 cents if you are at 90% Off. They were mixed in with other colors- but only the yellow and gray scanned for Kelley. But Whitney also commented that the ones scanning at 90% Off have a green wreath tags and she said there were others aside from what is pictured. -Thanks Toni, Whitney & Sarah!


NFL SHERPA THROWS: Jessica and Vanessa told me about some NFL Sherpa Throws that are also ringing up as much as 90% Off. They will be $1.99 if your store is at 90% Off and Kelley was able to find these too. Hers were sitting in on a shelf in her regular Team Sports section. Jessica also commented about the register giving her an additional 30% Off automatically when she bought two. Let us know if that happens for y’all too. -Thanks Jessica & Vanessa!


PET BED: Tess let me know about this Boots & Barkley Pet Bed that also seems to be included in the holiday clearance. Look for the one above – it’s a tagged as a “Cuddle Cave” – regularly $29.99, now down to $2.99. She found hers on an endcap in Pet, but take a good look around in where the other pet beds are too- as you never know! -Thanks for the find & pic to Tess!


EARBUDS & MISC: And here’s a few more finds that just came in an e-mail from Jen in Mass. She dropped to 90% Off today too- and found these Revlon Hair Brushes scanning for .50. She also found the Earbuds shown above in Electronics down to .99 from $9.99. She found the Nautica & elf sets as stray finds – but it can’t hurt to check around the health & beauty endcaps and see if you spot any hanging around. The Nautica was scanning for .99 and her e.l.f. sets were down to .39. -Thanks for the finds & pics to Jen C.!

You can also sort the blog by Clearance to see more of what is being found and check out the comments on these posts too. You can also take a look at the Christmas Clearance prep list for more inspiration on what to look for.

I hope y’all have some luck finding some of the above items if you have interest & feel free to comment and let us know what other hidden finds we can watch for and you can also always e-mail me with any pictures or details of hidden finds we should be looking for.

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  1. Still 90% in Ohio! We went 90% on Saturday, so I was shocked that they still had stuff!

  2. Found NFL throw In a tote bag and MLB throws for $1.99 today. They were shoved on an en cap clearance with golf stuff that was 50% off.

  3. Found Method dish soap “Orla Kiely” tag (not foaming hand as this was regular price) for $0.34! It has 2 shades of red leaves on it & scent is Hollyberry. It was on an end cap with other Method soaps & sign said a sale price. But please scan bc I accidentally bought 2 of the hand soaps & they were 3.98 each!

  4. I went to target today and found some stuff not mentioned on these clearance sections:

    I didn’t take any pictures I apologize but I was able to find a box full of Kinex Mario figures, I had to scan the whole box because not all of them where marked down, original price for them are $2.99 but some were part of the Christmas stocking stuffer isle so they are marked down to .29.

    I also found a couple of wallets with a Holiday Special tag on them marked down 90% as well, the purses with the same tag were not marked down to 90%.

    Some girl socks (2 pair socks that came in a plastic box)

    Little girl hanes panty hoes (they come in a pair)

    Hair bows (light pink and hot pink)

    I’m going back to a different target tomorrow to check there Christmas stock since the target store I went to
    Today had pretty much nothing left.

  5. If your Target still has them. Buy the Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes!!!! I bought 10 of them today, using 5 of the 0.75/2 off Betty Crocker coupons and also got a $5.00 gift card in return!!! A great money maker deal, but you must buy 10 of them to qualify for the gift card. Happy shopping!!

  6. I went tonight and found a Disney Mickey Mouse NFL Pillow & Fleece Throw set for $1.99!

  7. I found some cute holiday jewelry, regular $7.99, for 79cents in the jewelry section. They had necklaces, rings, pins, single pairs of earrings and sets of three earrings. All were nickel free too. There was no sign to indicate that they were on sale. Thanks for all the tips on the hidden sales. I got the nfl throw today along with a few odds and ends but most of the 90% off stuff was really picked over by the time I got there. Maybe next year.

  8. Yes, usually the items like Hallmark Bell & Jingle are sent back to the manufacturer. I wonder if they’re going to come out with a new edition or something next year? They are great toys. My daughter loves them.

  9. I also found MLB Sweatshirt Throws. They are not in a bag but rather have a white shoelace type rope around them and have the to/from tag. Sku #087918166530.

  10. Does anyone know the dpci for the Remington curling iron or a picture please and thank you.

  11. How long do you think this 90% will last? Weather has been crazy in the Chicago area yesterday & today 🙁 hoping to shop on Tuesday lol. Thank you ladies for all your findings!!!

  12. Made my thousandth (it seemed like so) trip to Target and found the hello kitty purses, goody hair bands and ties, ladies makeup bags, scotch tape dispenser. After spending close to $150 on Christmas clearance over the past week, I think I am finally done!!!!! 😉

  13. I bought several items at 70% off b/c this year the items were flying off the shelf. However, over the last 2 days I have gotten these items at 90% off:

    Wilson Wooden Spoon (2) @ $.059 each
    Wilson Pie Server @ $0.69
    iHome Earbuds (4) @ $0.99 each
    Men’s Boxers Gingerbread (2) @ $0.59 each
    Men’s Boxers Gnomes (2) @ $0.59 each
    Men’s Boxers Walrus (2) @ $0.59 each
    Snowflake Slippers (6) @ $0.40 each
    Women’s Christmas Socks (2) @ $0.40 each
    Sassy Christmas Stroller Toy (2) @ $0.50 each
    Baby Christmas Headwear/Cap (3) @ $0.50 each
    Baby Christmas Booties (3) @ $0.50 each
    Christmas Sippy Cup @ $0.29
    Christmas Baby Bow Set (2) $0.49 each
    Christmas Baby Sock Set (2) $0.49 each

    I also was able to nab some gift paper/bags, stockings, ornaments, and Christmas décor.

  14. Angela-
    What is an Angry Birds “blind bag? Any additonal info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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