My After-Christmas Clearance Target Trip Plus More Hidden Clearance Finds Up to 90% Off to Watch For

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Most of you should have hit 90% Off on after-Christmas clearance by now with 70% Off on Food & candy. My store hit 90% yesterday, but after my regular trip to gather price cuts etc for the new week, I was just too wiped to tackle clearance too. So I ducked out early this morning instead to see what I could find.

I didn’t have much in the holiday section, so I moved on to see what I could find in the regular aisles. I had quite a bit of luck and ended up with the 28 items shown above for just over $16. Everything I purchased was 90% Off and most of it as a result of comments & e-mails from my awesome readers! I was able to check out several of the reader tips and have some visuals for you too- so I hope it helps.


TOYS: Be sure and check out the toy shop display in the outskirts of the toy department like shown at above left. I scored quite a few things from the bins & peg racks that rang up 90% Off. I found these cute little cameras for just .50 cents each.


In this same Toy Shop area I also found character fans and Car Key toys. Be sure to scan everything you plan to buy- even if the toys are identical. For example I picked up 4 Hello Kitty Keys that were identical, but only 2 rang up 90% Off- and it turns out the full-price ones had a different bar-code- so be sure to price check them all.

A few readers mentioned finding other small toys here too- so you may want to do some more digging than I did. Other things I heard mentioned in the comments were character sports balls, toy phones and voice recorders.  -Thanks Michelle & Keosha!


SCOTCH TAPE DISPENSER: I found this little goody thanks to Kimberly. It’s a nice heavily weighted Scotch Desktop Dispenser regularly $7.99, down to .79 cents. I actually noticed when I got home that there was a sticker on one side that said Only at Target. I found it in with the office supplies and in my opinion it does not look like a holiday item at all so take a look in the tape aisle if you have interest. – Thanks Kimberly!


WEBKINZ & GOODY: Ilyssa wrote in about a couple hidden clearance finds and included some pictures for us. She found a plush Webkinz Polar Bear, in the regular toy section with the other Webkinz animals regularly $4.99- now scanning for $0.49 if your store is at 90. She only found the Polar Bear scanning that way but let us know if you find others. She also found these Goody’s elastic hair bows regularly $4- but ringing up on clearance at $0.40 each. -Thanks to Ilyssa A!


COIN PURSES / MAKEUP MIRRORS ETC: Jessica left a comment about finding these above items with a “Limited Edition” tag near the wallets. I was able to find them too and there are several different patterns and there are coin purses, makeup bags, small makeup mirrors & more. These are ringing up between .70 – $1.20. if your store is at 90. She also mentioned seeing some in a periwinkle color with polka dots.


The ones you want all have a “Limited Edition” tag like shown in the top right corner above, however- be sure and check the back of the tag. The ones ringing up at 90% have a white colored bar at the bottom like shown in the pic, and the ones that are full price have a solid colored bar at the bottom in gold, red and other colors.


Thanks again to Jessica – I also found these cute zippered pouches with a handle by Contents also by the wallets ringing up at 90% Off down to .49. I am not sure if there are other colors or patterns that are ringing up 90% Off- these were the only 2 styles I found. (Courtney also commented there is one with pink, black & white stripes too.  -Thanks Jessica & Courtney!

KID MADE MODERN: Amy e-mailed me a picture of these Kid Made Modern art kits in the office supplies/party department at her Target.  They have a snowflake on the packaging, and came up between $1.29 and $1.49 each. – Thanks Amy!

KIDS PJs: Katie found these kids Circo PJ sets tied in a white ribbon in the regular aisle down from $7.99 to .79 cents. -Thanks Katie J.!


MEN’S DEPARTMENT: Alison let me know about these Family Guy Boxers found in the Men’s department. While the Grinch & Christmas Story are very obvious, The Family Guy ones are not and are also scanning at .99 if your store is at 90. I found loads of different ones with this paper bag attached, but only the 3 mentioned & shown above are scanning at 90% Off.


It also can’t hurt to just take a cruise around the men’s department to see what else you can find. I found these iPhone cases scanning at 90% Off in the Men’s area down from $14.99.

I just want to say once again thanks so much to all the helpful comments left- I am happy with my little 90% Off Haul and I hope y’all have some luck too!

For more hidden Christmas Clearance finds you can also sort the blog by Clearance and check out the comments on these posts too.

I hope y’all have some luck finding some of the above items if you have interest & feel free to comment and let us know what other hidden finds we can watch for and you can also always e-mail me with any pictures or details of hidden finds we should be looking for.

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  1. Was reading through the comments and saw C’s post, like others, I’m shopping the 90% off sale for Operation Christmas Child. I’ve been so happy with my success (thanks for everyone’s help!). Anytime someone sees something in my cart that I have multiple of, and it appears they want one, I will offer it to them.

    A few days ago, I found one Elf on the Shelf set in the 90% off section. After seeing that the book wouldn’t fit in the box, I came back to the section and asked the people there if anyone wanted it. This younger lady happily freaked out and said she had been looking for it. Anyways, I was glad to hand it over to her.

  2. It’s frustrating when you are able to find a bunch of stuff. Then they don’t sell it to you because they have it listed as not found. They should be more proactive on removing all items before the next shopping day. One worker I dealt with today was a complete witch. I doubt she was a manager other employee was extremely nice.

  3. My store in Ohio went to 90% on Saturday and did not go to “item not found” until Wednesday. So 4 days at 90% here.

  4. Jr I went to a Chicago store and had the same thimg come up. I think this is done and they are salvaging all leftover items. There were carts full of merchandise all throughout 🙁

  5. Okay, I found a bunch of mirrors and a few coin purses. When scanned said item not found, then asked a worker she said it was 7 [email protected] a store in gurnee, il. Went to another store no accessories did find a monster inc dish set marked as item not found, I took it to the register and manager gave it to me at 90 percent off. I guess it would depend on the store. Does any one know how long 90 percent stuff stck around? So far it looks like two days maximum.

  6. Can you not buy the items when they ring-up as ‘item not found’? I mean can’t they ring-up the item based on the tag or something and then apply the applicable discount?

  7. Never found ANY 79¢ pjs (major bummer). The toys in The Toy Shop rang up full price. It seems like every ing people got great deals on rang up full price. Maybe my area doesn’t discount the way others do. 🙁

  8. Went to another target today in Ohio because I was in the area. Found a ton of hidden finds… but were ringing up as item not found! 🙁 I was disappointed.

  9. went this morning to the amherst,ny store. there are no christmas items left ! i looked for the coin purses and did not find them . the fragrence/gift sets are not 90% off. not much left

  10. Thank you Chris. I checked both of those spots at one store….but didn’t dig too deep in Fan Central. I will have to check it out at the other one if I make it there today.

  11. Fan Central…look behind the shirts and stuff in case they are hidden…also look in home decor clearance aisles (I found two, one in each area).

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