January Target Toy Clearance Update: 30 – 70% Off

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Every year in January, Target resets the toy section with new stock, and when this happens Target has major toy clearance. Eventually a BIG portion of whatever survives this clearance drops down even further to 70% Off all at once. Many of you are already seeing this big clearance going on with discounted toys on endcaps, in the regular aisles, and in designated clearance aisles- marked at anywhere from 30-50% and some select toys are already as much as 70% Off.


While some of you may be finding some select toys as much as 70% Off right now, many brand-name popular toys usually hold out until mid January before going to 70% Off all at once. Over the coming days you may notice more & more consolidation happening and I am betting this big simultaneous drop to 70 will happen on Thursday, January 16th for most. But stores can vary and the day of the week that it happens may also depend on your store’s markdown schedule and some of you may drop on Wednesday, January 15th or Friday, January 17th.

But unfortunately I do not have any definite answers for you, and can offer you no set schedule, just my past experiences and an educated guess. You never know when Target will do something different and I could be a whole week off and it could happen the 23rd. It’s just something to carefully watch on your own too, and it’s worth a good, long look in the toy aisles now to see if anything interests you as there is no way of knowing if what’s there now at 30 or 50% Off will survive until 70% Off.

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  1. Target will take back any clearance. I love their return policy. You have 90 days just like with a full-priced item. Use either your receipt or the credit card that you used for purchasing the items.

  2. Does anyone know if target will accept returns on clearance toys? I bought a megablocks for 30% thinking I would need it for a party but turnsout I don’t need it afterall. Now they are much cheaper and I would like to return the one I bought and buy another one but I’ve never returned clearance merchandise before. They didn’t tell me it was a final sale like most places do and I can’t seem to find out anything from their return policy about clearance items. Any one’s experience with this will be greatly appreciated.

  3. My store had 30% off signs but most of the toys were marked 50% off. lots of workers in that toy section this morning so I’m hoping tomorrow morning the toys might be 70%

  4. My ST was VERY quiet tonight & it didn’t look like anyone was even thinking about the toy clearance, but I was really surprised to find some toys already 70% off! Most were still 30-50% & some of the 30% already scanned 50, so I don’t think it will be too long now, but this store didn’t have too much stock. 🙁 There we several end caps, but we also had 1 aisle of clearance w/ NO signs posted & that was where I found the 70% off! I plan to check out the other tomorrow, they usually have more & mark down 1st! Good luck in scoring some excellent deals, Y’all! 😀 Oh & I only saw ONE Lego set on sale. 🙁 That’s what I’m looking for the most for my 5 yr old grandson! He can build anything ~ lol! 🙂 Please post on Lego sets for me & happy shopping!!!!

  5. I am hoping to go to my closest ST this afternoon. This one doesn’t usually clearance things out as fast as my other store, but I have to pick up a prescription there, so might as well poke around in the clearance section ~ lol! Will post later if I find any terrific bargains. 🙂

  6. I was able to get a Barbie Jeep about 3 years ago at 70% (or was it 75% still) off. I paid around $80… considering people sell their used ones for $50.00 around here at garage sales I was so lucky to find it! Happy shopping!

  7. I am holding out for the corvette power wheels to hit 70% it is at 50% at my store right now…if anyone sees it marked to 70% please let me know!!! Thanks!

  8. The red motorized car is 53.98 here 70% off. They had another motorized car for 70% off also, but everything else was still 30-50 in my area.

  9. This would explain the cartloads of toys yesterday at one Chicago store. I just thought all that merchandise was being salvaged.

  10. Found a lot of baby alive dolls several different kinds 70 percent off everythjg also was at 50 percent off

  11. I found some Skylanders mega bloks sets 70% on the regular toy aisle, $3.58 each. They are the big kid sets so the size of regular Legos, not like the toddler mega bloks.

  12. Target in Portage, MI had the ride-in Beetle and red cars at 70% off and marked down to $53. The rest of the toys on clearance were only 30% off.

  13. The red motorized car is 50% here in Colorado- $89.99 down from $180. There were a ton here in one store. There was also a Barbie Jeep marked down but I cannot remember how much- I am thinking it will go fast. I noticed at there was 1 aisle jam packed with toys 30%-70% off and then there were 3-5 endcaps overflowing- but these were more in the more high traffic areas and not in the toy section. These were some of the more brand name toys- Disney princess, planes, etc.

  14. They were marking things to 50% at my store this morning…Can’t wait til next week to see if it drops!!!

  15. Thank you Kelli and Amy! Last year I passed on a yellow pt cruiser at 50% off because I was holding off for 70% and of course it was sold before it hit 70.

  16. Mazi I’ve been to two targets and the red viper car has been marked down to $89.99 which is 50% off. Reg $180

  17. Has anyone seen the red motorized looking car in the bottom right picture please? If so, how much is it please? Thanks in advance to everyone!

  18. Found plush circo babies, millionaire monopoly, Britney Twister (still $10.xx) and some game with motorbike characters all 70% today. Everything else was 30/50 in Cassleberry Florida which I though would go early because they looked ready last week. Heard the red shirt leader say that next week they isles will be pulled up for the floor wax guy….

  19. My Target had 30-50% off the day after Christmas. People had carts filled w/ toys that day, but I saw less clearance that day than last year after the holidays. I went last Saturday & there was only a little clearance left. I’m hoping they’ll clearance more.

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