Target: High-Value Giada De Laurentiis Stacks & Deals


UPDATE: We now have a 25% off  Giada De Laurentiis™ for Target®kitchen item Target Mobile Coupon x1/24 and the same coupon also appears on the new batch of Target Coupons on the Shopkick App that you can use in place of the 20% Off coupon to make the deals below even better!

We got a couple nice high-value Target Cartwheels for Giada De Laurentiis Kitchen Tools & Cutlery yesterday. We still have our 20% off Giada De Laurentiis™ for Target® kitchen item Target Coupon x2/1 to stack with as well- that makes for some nice deals.


Karen found Giada De Laurentiis Kitchen Gadgets starting at $4.19, so as low as $2.36 after stack…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Giada De Laurentiis Strainer $4.19 (Regular Price)
-.83 (use 20% off Giada De Laurentiis™ fkitchen item Target Coupon (no longer available) x2/1
-$1.00 (use 30% Off Giada De Laurentiis Kitchen Tools Target Cartwheel x2/8
= $2.36 after stack


Also to watch for is possible clearance on Giada De Laurentiis 14-piece Knife Sets. Karen found them for 30% Off at her store down to $69.99. This particular cartwheel does not exclude clearance, so you could do something like this…

DEAL IDEA: Biy Giada 14-Piece Block Knive Set (Possible Clearanced for $69.99)
-$13.99 (use 20% off Giada De Laurentiis™ for Target® kitchen item Target Coupon x2/1
-$22.40 (use 40% Off Giada De Laurentiis Cutlery Target Cartwheel x2/8

= $33.60 after clearance, coupon, & cartwheel (regularly $99.99)

There is also a 40% Off Giada De Laurentiis Cookware Target Cartwheel x2/8 that you can stack with, though her cookware tends to be quite pricey. But let us know if you spot any clearance cookware! -Thanks for the pics to Karen!

NOT FAMILIAR WITH TARGET CARTWHEEL? This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started

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  1. i got the 12 inch skillet that is retail 39.99 for $15.xx with a clearance, 40%cw, and 20% coupon!!! i was so excited!! LOL

  2. I love Target! Today I bought the 10 piece professional set which was normally $199.99. I used the cartwheel for 40 percent off then a 25 percent Catalina coupon printed out and the cashier used it too. Cartwheel would have made it $149.99 but I paid $89.99! 🙂

  3. I just checked at a SuperTarget in Indianapolis, and they’re still $99.99 here too. One other question, though. I have a 5% pharmacy reward. When does that come off if I’m using a paper coupon for 20% and a cartwheel for 40%? And finally, do we know if the 69.99 clearance price was at a regular or super Target? Sometimes, I think that’s the difference.

  4. Hi Joy – Those are my pics and found them at the El Paso Super Target, hope you find it – it’s a nice set!

  5. I found them in Washington state for 69.99 and did the cartwheel and target coupon thank you for posting!

  6. I found the knife set at my super target in Colorado on sale for the $69.99 with the target coupon and cartwheel down to $33.60. Bought this for my daughter’s birthday who is moving out of state next year for grad school. What a great buy. THANKS !!

  7. The new Shopkick coupons and Target mobile coupons came out today both with 25% off Giada De Laurentils kitchen item!

  8. Karen, thanks for sharing. Do not want to drive too far East but, Bassett is always a wreck hoping to find at Montwood. Seems like this is a Super Target find though… I will let you all know tomorrow.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing the details. I’ll keep checking to see if the price drops, but I scanned it last night no luck yet. At that price, it’s cheaper to buy a new set than to have my old ones sharpened!

  10. I was at a super target (Dallas area) last night and the knives were still regular price. Had to go to a regular target this morning for something and regular price there too. 🙁 happy some people are getting a great deal!

  11. The knives were 49.98 at my target after discounts cartwheel and coupon it was 23.98 and my husband said we don’t need new knives

  12. Does anyone have an item number so I can check to see if my target style carries them before driving all over? Thanks ladies!

  13. Some of the single knives are on price cut here (San Diego area). One was $17.99. After coupon and cartwheel, I paid only $8.09!!

  14. The cutlery set was marked down to $69.99 at a regular Target in Central VA. I forgot to bring the 20% off Giada coupon with me, but I used the 40% off Cartwheel and a 25% off Catalina coupon printed so I used that too. I paid $24.49 for the set!

  15. Is the Catalina a manufacturer coupon? I don’t understand how you guys are using a target coupon, cartwheel, and then the cat. Please enlighten me 😉

  16. Cutlery set wasn’t marked down in (N) Dallas, Tx ($99.99) and they can’t be found anywhere according to Target app. BUT I just got a cast iron/enamel Braiser Dutch oven, reg $59.99 paid $28.79. Also a mortar/postal (note: it’s ceramic not marble) reg $7.99, paid $4.19.

    Had a 25% and a 20% off Q. The system applied the 25% to the lower priced item (ugh!) so beware. Do them in separate transactions if 5% matters (and it did for me Boo!)

    Also got a 25% Catalina back. There’s also a 25% off Giada In the Shopkicks app.

  17. I went to Target and they was on sale for 69.99 I used the 25% off then it would not take the 40% off from cartwheel, because it said just on cookware. Still got them and it did print a 25% off the clerk would not let me use it 🙁

  18. Susan – there are several Giada Cartwheels – you have to use the 40% off Cutlery one for the knives – hth.

  19. Our Target in Keene, NH had the knife set for $69.98… after the 25% mobile coupon and 40% cartwheel, my total was $31.49… 5% off for using my RedCard and my grand total was $29.92 (and no tax in NH!)… thanks so much for posting this deal 🙂 we needed new knives!

  20. They were on sale at my Target in Kansas but they were all gone 🙁 I still got some single knives for $3.xx. I still think it’s a good deal.

  21. I got this deal in Orlando (hunters creek location). It was on clearance for 69.98 – used the 40% off cartweel, then 25% off mobile coupon, plus tack on 5% red card – final price was just under 30.00. Great deal indeed! I wonder if they are discontinuing her line with Target with all of these discounts.

  22. Found the Giada knife set on clearance for $69.98 in Blue Ash, OH. Great buy with 25% coupon, Cartwheel, and Redcard!!! Only had one on the shelf.

  23. HI Autumn- looks like the printable TQ is now gone- the mibile & sk are dead. If you still have the printable TQ it should still be valid though. hth

  24. My target had the 14 piece set on clearance for 29.99 and then I used the 40% off cartwheel!!! Got it for 17.99!! Although I’m not that impressed with the knives and have read online about recalls. Anyone else feel the same?

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