Nature Made Vitamelts as Low as FREE

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UPDATE: the B12 for $5 is now out of stock- but there are C & Melatonin for $6.40 if you have interest.

If your store was out of the Nature Made Vitamelts that will be FREE after stack this week at Target thru 1/18- here’s another chance to grab them as low as FREE online.

If you have a REDcard for FREE Shipping, is also offering Nature Made Vitamelts as low as $5 AND we also have a $5 online Stack on Vitamelts by using the codes TGRDP4EM (for $3 Off vitamelts 50 ct or higher) and NATURE (for $2 Off any Nature Made).


IMPORTANT NOTE- will not allow you to check out with a zero total- so if you order the B12 for $5, and then use the codes TGRDP4EM and NATURE your total will be $0.00 and you will need to add something else to your cart. I ended up adding one of those cute new bobble Gift Cards with $5 on it. My total was $5 and I will get a bottle of Vitamelts plus a $5 Gift card with my order, making my order FREE after gift card. Keep in mind the discount codes will only apply to one bottle in an order.

I am sure the $5 ones will go quick, but there are other Vitamelts on sale online for $6.40, so they will be $1.40 after this same stack, and if you order these higher priced ones you will not need to add a gift card to your order.

The code TGRDP4EM is only valid for $3 Off Vitamelts, but you can also use the coupon codes NATURE and NEWYEAR to get $5 Off your purchase of any two Nature Made products. You can actually stack all 3 codes on for a total of $8 off two products- but only if one of your products is Vitamelts.

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  1. We’re sorry, but Nature Made Vitamelts B12 Energy Melts – 60 count was removed because it is not available for purchase at this time.

    Please return to cart and continue shopping.

  2. HI Mary- it should be in one of 2 places- either under your summary box or underneath the pic of the last item when you are viewing your cart. if you still don’t see it- maybe try switching browsers. hth

  3. I am trying to order and still don’t see any promo code box, where are you finding the promo code box ?

  4. Woops- Brenda – my bad- you need to order a 50ct or higher to use the $3 vitamelts code- i’ll add that in to the post but that’s why the code won’t work. You could use the $3/2 code and the $2/1 code to get $5 off 2 though if you have interest. hth

  5. Hey Jane- should work on just 1 vitamelts and then one any nature made product. The $3 code is valid on one vitamelts- the $2 code is valid on any nature made and the $3/2 code is valid on any two nature made. I tested last night and worked for me. And just now I tesetd with a bottle of vitamin D & a bottle of vitamelts and it worked. Not quite sure why it didn’t work for you. Maybe you had one of the multi-vitamelt in your cart- which unfortunately won’t qualify in count size.

  6. I am trying to order the multi vitamin vitamelts, when I enter either code it says,The items in your cart do not yet meet the minimum requirements for the promotion you entered. I even tried with 2 items 🙁

  7. it only lets me enter two codes, not three… I have the vitamelts and more than one in my cart..suggestion?

  8. Nora-Lee, I wasn’t able to ever find the promo code box on my order even though I spent a full 5 minutes looking. However, I called them with my cart #, they entered the promos manually on their end, and the order processed 30 seconds later.

  9. Hi Nora- sometimes it’s hard to spot- it used to be on the right under my subtotal box- but lately it’s been under the list of the items in my cart toward the left- I swear it moves around on me from order oto order- so if you don’t see on right maybe look under your items to the left. hth

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