Target: Data Breach Update & FREE Credit Monitoring

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Most of you are aware of the breach in personal information that occurred at Target. If you are not familiar with hat happened, you can read more about this and get links to different resources plus read statements made by the CEO of Target HERE.

In response to the breach and to ease worried guests, Target is providing one year of FREE daily credit monitoring plus a FREE credit report and identity theft protection to all guests who shopped in US stores during the breach. They are also providing personal assistance from a fraud resolution agent. All you need to do to get started with the free credit monitoring through Experian is go HERE and fill out a short form.

Target is assuring all customers they will not be liable for any fraudulent charges that were made to their accounts, and the above measures are recommended to ensure any suspicious activity is caught. Even if you don’t think your information was compromised, you might want to sign up to be on the safe side. Guests have until 4/23 to sign up for their FREE year of credit monitoring.

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  1. Thanks! I signed up and it worked like a charm. I used t my debit card a lot at Target and now I am paranoid. I signed up for instant alerts for any withdraws from my checking and savings. So far so good.

  2. This is probably nit-picking but I think it’s almost ironic that now I’m going to be receiving an activation code from Target and probably a link to a website where I’ll have to enter my SSN for monitoring. Were we not told to be careful about suspicious e-mails from Target now? This happens and I still love Target – but I just wanted to share.

  3. I keep getting an error that a full name is required when trying submit my info. I am entering my full name…Grrr!

  4. This is awesome and gives me piece of mind. Luckily there hasn’t been any suspicious posting to my red card but I check weekly.

  5. It is TAKING forever for the credit monitoring to go because of the high demand….just have to have patience I guess!

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