Target Toy Clearance Update: Waiting for the Big Drop

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I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the big January Toy Clearance. If you are new to Target Toy clearance events you may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about since you probably have been seeing a ton of clearance in toys already- some of it even as much as 70% Off right now.

But what I am talking about is a big drop to 70% Off across the board, on many, many clearance toys all at once. Where most of what you have seen sitting on the clearance shelves for weeks at 30, 50 & 70% Off, will all drop to 70% Off at once. While I can’t say with absolute certainty, I am still betting on it happening this week – starting as early as tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th, Thursday the 16th & Friday the 17th of January. But I do not have a definite answer for you- and sure- there’s always a chance it could drag on one more week- anything is possible with Target.

Usually only a small percentage of stores go on a Wednesday, then lots of stores on Thursday and then most of the rest on Friday. Again- I cannot offer you a concrete schedule and it is something you will need to watch closely on your own too- and it may coincide with what day of the week your store usually does markdowns in toys. And don’t forget toΒ scan, scan, scan!! You cannot always trust all the signage or stickers.

Here’s hoping for the big drop this week and let me know if it happens tomorrow (on Wednesday the 15th for any of you)- as that will be a good sign for those of us who usually drop on Thursdays!

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  1. Cincinnati, OH was 50/70 today. The 70% off stuff included some name brand toys such as Fisher Price Planes, Baby Alive dolls, Barbie Mega Bloks, other Mega Bloks sets, etc. I picked up a good load for $53. I am sure the rest will go to 70% off next week. Also saw a few Lego and Lego duplo sets at 50% off. Everything was condensed into two aisles and a couple end caps.

  2. Gastonia, NC 50/70 today! Sales person was pricing when I got there. Signs still said 30 and 50.

  3. im hoping for the drop tom since i am off from work and could actually make it there. i popped in tonight and things were consolidated and down to 30/50 and still some things i ahve my eye on, so fingers crossed

  4. The target in Rossford, OH had signs up stating 30/50% off, but was actually snickered at 50/70%. We picked up Lalaloopsy toys at $2 a piece as well as small Baby Alive Toys to use as party favors for $2.50. Princess Sophia sets were down to $3.48 a piece. There were two aisles of random things. My daughter’s favorite find was the big buckets of plastic toy animals for $3.60.

  5. My NJ store was still 30-50% off but I lucked out and found a Ninjago lego set for 50% off ($55.98 from $110). Legos rarely make it past 50% off, though I did luck out one year with the small bags for 70% off.

  6. Thank You Caitlin. This Kid Trax 6V car is not a good buy even at 70%. It’s too big for a 6V battery. My store had 16 of them. I know they will not go to 90%, but that is the only price at which I will buy again. BTW, I bought it last year at 70%.

  7. Target in Cicero NY is at 70% off starting today, the other close to me is not – walked out with $100 in toys, saving about $300!

  8. Went to target today, still only 30-50% off. The guy told me maybe tomorrow, of friday. if not this week then thursday or friday next week. He also told me some stores put toys in the back before placing them on the sales floor to be marked as clearence. i did find alot of pantee shampoo on clearence today, and one of the workers told me clearence on make up is friday. but im not sure if in all stores.

  9. I went yesterday In Texas they had I full aisle and end caps full of toys for 50 percent off I can’t imagine they’ll go to 70 percent this week with all those toys still left but ill keep checking !

  10. Only 30% last night in St. Louis. Didn’t see any Lego sets but I think I saw Lego Friends stuff on 30% clearance on an end-cap.

  11. My store has the red car I’ve seen people talking about for 70% off at 54xx. There were like 5 or 6 there! I couldn’t justify getting one, though.

  12. I totally agree with keosha, this year, the selection is so limited. I didn’t see any legos in my store. I have nothing want to buy.

  13. My guess is that this drop will occur next week at the earliest. In the past, I think it’s been the second to last Thursday of the month. I believe the July drop occurred the very last week in July, which was a week later than normal.

  14. My store hardly had anything on clearance after Christmas and when I went through the tow aisle today there was hardly anything. Just a couple of toys on the end caps. It’s so weird, last year there were lots of things. I also saw an employee taking lots of toys to the back room about a week after Christmas. Maybe they decided to donate instead of mark down this year.

  15. my daughter loves my little pony…. im hoping to find some good deals on that. Has anyone seen any on sale yet?

  16. Baby Alive…my store had them for $18 at 30% off. I’ve been stalking my stores and I’ve been really dissappointed with the selection. Not many toys to choose from and they’re all still at 30%!

  17. From someone with three boys that are heavy into Legos I’ve shopped this sale for 5 years now and if you want Legos then 50% is about the best you can do for the more collectible character sets like Ninjago, Star wars, etc. Sometimes the more basic Lego City or not as popular sets will go 70% …..rarely will the collectible ones make it to 70% unless you find a hidden gem which I know happened last year with one particular Ninjago set.

    Just make sure that when you buy expensive Lego sets that the seal is always in tact and it’s never been opened though. Learned this the hard way this year when I had bought a now retired Lego star wars set on clearance and gave it to one of my guys for Christmas. Came to find out that someone had bought the set before, swapped out the first bag essentially stealing the popular lego minifigures and returned it. This is a known problem where people will steal the minifigures to sell on Ebay or to add to their collections.

  18. Lego’s rarely go 70% off. There are some on markdowns now 15-30% off. Usually they get wiped out at that discount.

  19. Chrissy, I am looking for Legos, too, & while they do have a nice selection, they’re only 15-30% off! πŸ™

  20. I am @ my Target now & most toys are still 30-50% off, but some are still only 15%! I saw a guy scanning toys & asked if he was marking down. He said another MD would be Friday, but didn’t seem to think they were going to 70% yet. πŸ™

  21. Ok, thanks! When I went to my Target on Saturday they had TONS of clearance in several different aisles. However when I went today there was barely anything and it was all just in one spot, not even taking up the entire aisle! I thought maybe they moved it to another location but I couldn’t find it anywhere! πŸ™

  22. Do you know if the Legos go on clearance? My 5yr old just got into the Lego Friends and my 3 yr old is enjoying playing with a little box of hand-me-downs, but I’d like to know if it’s worth my time going to see if I can get some. TIA.

  23. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! When it went to 70% last year I bought up for the whole year! Saved us so much money by doing it that way and doing it again this year, hopefully!!!!! πŸ™‚

  24. If I buy something on clearance today and it drops to 70% this week, will they do a price adjustment?

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