Target January Toy Clearance Update: Up to 70% Off

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Today should be the day that many of you see your stores drop to 70% Off on a large majority of their clearance Toys. I’ve gotten a few comments already about finding 70% on a large number of toys- so I hope lots of you have some luck.

imaginextKelley did find an entire section newly marked to 70% Off today- and many of the toys in the 50% aisle stickered at 70- but there are still quite a few toys holding at 50 for her.

So I am not quite sure if this is it and the rest will be holding on until next week.

I asked her do a little shopping for some of my friends 😉 and she still managed to find quite a bit at 70- including quite a few Fisher-Price Imaginext toys & more.

She’s now headed to her other store to see if she can find some more toys for a few more of my friends. 🙂 And just a reminder everybody- don’t forget to scan, scan, scan! The signs and stickers may not always be correct and you will never know unless you scan. So good luck & let us know what you find today at your stores if you are headed out!

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  1. Thanks Ginger and Jessica! I was able to find lots of the Barbie mega bloks for 70% off! I got the barbie car, the big concert stage set and the individual barbies themselves! Too bad Halo and the Lego sets were still only 50%. I’ll keep checking and maybe I’ll be luck to find those too. 🙂

  2. mine was down to 70%, but only had 1 sparsely populated aisle- still with 30% signs. i did find a few things but the pickings were slim. :/

  3. Went tonight to see if anything was left. Surprising amount still at my local store. Some was 70% off and some was still at 50%. None of the Megablock sets were marked down, except the mini sets that come with a storybook. (And even those were inconsistent. Some 50%, some 70%). The Viper was also not marked down at my store at all. It was the main reason I even went. I had them price check it and went to guest services, but they treated me like I was lying and trying to pull a fast one. All 4 employees behind the guest services desk were incredibly rude and started talking about me when I walked away. Every single time I go to this Target, the customer service is awful.

  4. I found a bunch at my store! Thanks for the heads up. No 70% off signs but they were they with no signs! Yay! 😛

  5. I was excited to find a Thomas and friends wooden railway figure 8 set for $18. But now I am considering returning it. I had previously bought a figure 8 set and can’t figure out if the 2 sets can be combined to make one big track…. We are new to Thomas

  6. Fresno and Hanford Target have some 70% off toys tag already. I scored 5 toys prices raging from $3-8 and normally price $12-$30 🙂

  7. Mel – all of the Barbie MegaBloks went 70% as well, including the “mini-figs” and bigger sets. In fact, ALL of the MegaBloks sets went 70 today – I got 2 Halo sets (left the big $100 set, too much even at $30) and 2 Skylanders sets, 2 small Barbie sets, 1 baby set, and 2 baby accessory sets.

  8. Jen. I’m in southern oc mission viejo area. I went to two both 50-70% maybe your store will do it later today or tmrw?

  9. Sandy, UT: some toys 70% off, lots of toys still at 30 or 50% off. I even scanned and no luck.

  10. My local store this AM was 70%. I pass another one on my way to work and that one was still only scanning at best 50% for some identical toys. I am in NJ

  11. man, i was at my local target and it was def not down to 70% , i scanned a few things too – still at 30% not even down to 50…. salisbury, md

  12. @ Amaya- Where in SoCal? Ours is still at 30% with very few scanning at 50%. I’m in Corona.

  13. In Latyon, Utah most toys were down to 70% off and getting snatched up. If they do mark the rest down to 70% next week, I don’t think there will be much left! I got some planes sets, squinkies, walking dog, and lots of other great stuff. I left with my cart overflowing and only spent $188. That will be all birthday presents for friend parties for the year, not to mention 1 or 2 things for each of my 5 kids. I also found some hiking boots for men for 70% off making them only $10!

  14. Theres was nothing in my store that was exciting enough to buy, lots of junk toys this year! Very picked over too at my store!

  15. I am in Williamsburg, VA. They still had lots of stuff today at one target. No signs showing 70% off, but most was marked. Havent checked my other Target yet. Didnt buy a lot since there wasnt much for my 2 year old

  16. @ Lauren – also in Mid-Michigan and scored the same awesome kid kraft doll house for my daughter and niece! Tucking them away for Christmas next year! 🙂

  17. When I went shopping on Sunday, I checked it out to see if it would be worth my time hauling my 3 1/2 year old and 1 year old when the discount got better…

    all they had was what I consider junky plastic toys. No building blocks / Legos. No dress-up clothes. No Melissa & Doug. No board games or card games.

  18. They were marking lots of toys down to 70% off today at my store as well, although there was still some sticking at 50%. I was able to get a few nice toys for Easter baskets, so I was happy!

  19. @ mary, I am work 🙁 called the Elston and Brickyard stores in Chicago, they are marked at 70%! Now I have to see if I can make it tonight and get some stuff. The one on Elston said there are a lot of toys, the one at the brickyard said they do have 70% and some at 50%. Of course, please scan. Hope I was able to help.

  20. 70% off in Cleveland Ohio, however The Monsters University stuff was still at 50% off, I even had the guy marking the toys down check….They had a TON of girls stuff…..I did manage to get some Play Doh Dump Truck sets, Planes toys, Lego building blocks, and Doc McStuffins set at 70%!!

  21. I wasn’t able to make it out, but my friend picked up a few things for me. Most was picked over. I understand wanting to get a deal, but when we go out, we try to help each other and even offer items we had picked up and decided against when other shoppers have asked us where we found something and it was the only one. Blocking off aisles is ridiculous in my opinion. Yes, they got there first and should have first choice, but if you start at one place, others are entitled to look at the other end, or even right next to you. I would probably say something to Target management if it happened at my store like that. I don’t care how many carts you fill, that’s your business, but don’t be a bully!

  22. I wonder how many people get caught up in the “70% off, so I gotta have it” group. Then have regrets?! Those ladies from the above comment. Blocking off aisles, what crazies!

  23. I went happened to come across it this morning at my Ohio store. Unfortunately, there was already a group of four women there blocking off the aisle with their carts, filling multiple carts, getting aggressive with people and loudly taking orders on their cell phones from friends who weren’t even there. I didn’t manage to get much since they had already taken everything.

  24. Oh maaaaaaaaaaan. My child does need ANY more toys but you know I can’t resist looking!! 🙂

  25. We were in last night, southern California, and our stuff was still mostly at 30% very few things were marked to 50%. 🙁

  26. Mid-Michigan is down to 70%, but there wasn’t a single sign that said so and most stickers weren’t even right. Scored a doll house for $35 regularly $119. Still lots of items! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  27. @mary, I’m in NW Indiana (Regional Chicago) and our store did go to 70% today. I was there at 8:30 (store opened at 8) and 5 women had already cleared most of the good stuff 🙁

  28. Most of Sioux City, Iowa at 70. Some still at 50. I did pick up a blue Lego bucket for 50%. I filled a cart for under $100. Would have bought more, but my 2 month old had had enough!

  29. Nerf and Star Wars still at 50% at first store, picked up some of the same Imaginext in the pic at 70%. Headed to store #2 right now.

  30. In Metro Detroit area as well 70 as well in two of my stores one store had almost nothing only one isle of sale items. stopped at another store they had more stuff but I was in a hurry to get to work did manage to spend $200 bought two ride on bikes for $59.99 original price $119.99 and two thomas the train small sets I wish I had more time to dig for thomas stuff.

  31. Metro Detroit is at 70% off, but none of the signs have been changed and most stickers are showing 50% Scan, scan, scan! I found the hot wheels car maker for $15! Tons of Airplane toys and Imaginex as well.

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