Target: Update on L’Oreal $5 Gift Card Coupon Stacks

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UPDATE: Looks like the $5/2 coupon is gone now folks. 🙁 You can check out the Best Deals of the week for more deal ideas

Yesterday we got an awesome High-Value coupon to save $5.00 off any TWO L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Products! *NOTE* This coupon prints at the bottom of the page with an ad above it- so to avoid that you may want to choose another coupon to print with it.

So I was not sure how the FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $20 worth of L’Oreal Paris products coupon was going to behave with other Target Coupons at the register- but my transaction went off without a hitch – no beeps – and this is what I did. NOTE- Be sure and hand your $5 Gift Card Coupon First…

DEAL IDEA: Buy (6) L’Oreal Advanced 13 oz Shampoo or Conditioner ($3.99) = $23.94
-$1 off L’Oréal Advanced hair care item ETS Target Coupon x2/1
-$1 off L’Oréal hair care items ETS Target Coupon x2/2
-$15 (use three $5/2 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Products
= $6.94 – $5 Gift Card Back WITH IN-AD or Mobile (text BEAUTY or LOREAL20 to 827438)
= $1.94 for 6 or .32 each after coupons & gift card coupon

If your store will not allow you to use the additional Target Coupons aside from the Target Gift Card Coupon and/or you only have one computer to print from – it’s actually a better deal to just buy 2 and use the following stack…

DEAL IDEA: Buy (2) L’Oreal Advanced 13 oz Shampoo or Conditioner ($3.99) = $7.98
-$1 off L’Oréal Advanced hair care item ETS Target Coupon x2/1
-$1 off L’Oréal hair care items ETS Target Coupon x2/2
$5/2 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Products
= .98 for 2 or .49 each after coupons

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  1. My store shelves were wiped! But I used the deal on hairspray (they were $3.99 also) and it worked like a charm! This was a great deal!!

  2. Hi all, I just went to my target today to do the exact same scenario except it became a bigger deal than I expected. I went to and printed out three $5/2 manufactors, then to to print the two $1 off loreal coupons. When I went today and luckily grabbed the last 6 bottles remaining bottles and went to check out the cashier called the manager who called over the Asset Protection and said I was using photocopied coupons because I had more than 1 of the $5/2 coupon! I was so scared they were accusing me of fraud, but I did not! All my coupons had different serial codes and I printed them today at my school (which I have to pay for prints!) my point is, I should have kept the coupon policy on hand also when you do big money saving transactions like these because sometimes the store will just refuse to accept coupons! I was almost denied using a manufacturer coupon and target store coupon because they said you can only use 1 or the other. Another thing I don’t fully understand yet is she said I could not use it any ways whether I had photocopied it or not (they did not believe me! I am not a liar and have no means to over $15 and get in some sort of trouble for it) is because they said “limit one per guest” but I have used same manufacturer coupons with different serial numbers for a deal all the time! Can you not use more than 1 of the same manufacturer coupon at the same time – meaning I have to go to different targets to get this deal? Im not willing to go to such lengths… I just had a horrible experience I couldnt even make 3 transactions because they said 1 per guest. It was 3 vs 1 and I felt like they were not acknowledging me so I left the store without buying anything I came there for, just wasted my time trying to get this deal..

  3. I printed 3 ($5 off 2) Cooupons, and the $1 loreal coupons from target websit from both my computer and my moms. SO a total of $19 in coupons
    I found Loreal paris conditioner on clearance. So I bought 3 of them at 3.38 a piece and 3 full price conditioners at 3.99 total of

    I only paid $3.11 out of pocket and got my $5 gift card, so I made $1.89 🙂

  4. Hi Enice- you can use the Target Gift Card coupon along with the $5/20 manufacturer’s coupon when purchasing $20 worth of Loreal products. hth

  5. When I try to do 2 separate transactions at target, some of the cashiers say I can’t if I am using coupons on the 2nd transaction, even if it is for different items then the first transaction. But some don’t mind. Any one else have this happen to them?

  6. Has anyone else used the BOGO coupon from the recent insert? Is it really taking off the full amount?

  7. I totally forgot to clip the physical Target coupon for the free gift card. Does anybody else have a hard time using the mobile coupons? Mine NEVER seem to work, even when the transaction is an easy one.

  8. Hi, I’m new to couponing and kinda confused on how to use coupons. Can I use both the $5 off 20 target mobile coupon along with the $5 off $20 found on I would appreciate much if somebody could answer my query. Thanks

  9. as far as the $5 dollar giftcard one and the $5 off 20 i didnt know if they were stackable or not and last nin decided to try it because half the time i dont understand the wording on some as it is and its a $5 off 20 not like a bogo or anything like that for the use of multi target coupons for like items i use to seperate the transactions one day asked a cashier if i could just use them all coz i had a few johnson no tangle shampoos and they said it was ok

  10. ahh ok i gotcha. i do only have one computer. but my store takes more than one target coupon, even though they state only one per customer. no FRAUD! yes, i did verify with management. they agree to take 2. sooo i guess with that being said, the first deal is still pretty good! thanks!

  11. Hi Liz-
    If your store will not allow you to use the additional Target Coupons- (aside from the $5 Gift Card coupon) and/or you only have one computer to print from (ie you can only get two $5/2 instead of the 3 needed for the deal)- then it’s a better deal to just buy 2 at a time. hth &makes sense.

  12. I still don’t get how buying two at 49 cents each is better than getting the first deal for 32 cents each…?

  13. Hi Kallie- per purchase means per item. So if you are buying 6 you may use 3 coupons since eac $5/2 is valid on 2 items. WHen a coupon states a limit of one per customer or one per visit or one per transaction- that is when you may only use one. hth

  14. Totally had a money maker on this! Bought 3 shampoos & 3 conditioners. Used 3 each of the two different Target coupons at $1/each, then 3 of the $5/two manufacturer coupon & the $5 gift card. Since I was buying 6, I put my gift card coupon at the bottom. So that worked out to $24 starting balance, -6 in target coupons, -15 in manufacturer coupons, – 5 for gift card = $2 money maker & lots of free shampoo/conditioner!

  15. I guess I am a little confused- I understand about the TQ, but the $5/2 MQ says 1 per purchase. How can I use three of them as you stated above?


  16. Jenna – sometimes things “go through” at the registers even though they are not suppose to. That does not make the transaction legal, ethical or moral. The correct term for knowingly and purposefully using coupons against policy is FRAUD.

  17. this is how my transactions went had 4 stacks to use (2 target coupons and 1 $5/2 per stack) had 3 $3.99 shampoos and 3 $3.99 conditioners and 2 of the $3.99 styling after 3 of the stacks went thru it wouldnt take anymore so i had him take off any 2 of the products since they were all $3.99 wouldnt make a difference. i then gave him my $5 giftcard coupon which went thru even tho i didnt give it to him ifrst. then tho i cant remember what the total was i said eh wtheck why not see if this $5/20 puchase from works and it did. bringing the total to .77 (tax only) and giving me the gift card. so he rang up the other 2 $3.99 items and couldnt remember which coupons he had already scanned so he scanned a stack and then just handed me 2 of my stacks back (lol! i was like score!) and that came up to $1.28 which i used the gift card on and i thught since i had some of my coupons back i would grab some more since its not often i can go out with my kid. I grabbed 2 $3.99 stylers and then 2 $5.99 stylers since i only had 2 stacks. the total before tax on my calculator was $19 something so i grabbed a travel size. then i went back to the same cashier gave him both stacks the $5 giftcard coupon (from the target sale ad) and the $5/20 coupon making the total $2.38 which i paid for using the first giftcard. so in the end i got 3 shampoos, 3 conditioners, and 6 styling products all for .77 out of pocket and $6. 64 in giftcards. and I did this right after i woke up and saw this new coupon becuase i wasnt fortunate to get the papers with the BOGO ones and alot of the items were gone due to clearance deals so seeing this coupon i didnt want to miss out becuase I knew once people saw these scenarios posted from various websites it would probably all be gone.

  18. I just did this deal using the 2 Target printable coupons and the mobile giftcard offer along with the $5/2 MQ, and it worked perfectly. No beeping or other problems. Thanks for the heads up!

  19. Kerry-thank you so much! I know you know what you are doing but that one per guest gets me every time!!! Thank you again!!

  20. Hi Bay- the scenarios I have listed above all follow the rules. WHile there are 2 target coupons being used- they are different with different bar codes. hth

  21. I just want to know if it is ok or not to use all of these coupons in this one transaction since the target coupons read “limit one coupon or offer per guest.” I’m sorry if you have already addressed this but I just don’t want to do the wrong thing and the “limit one per guest” confuses me!!

  22. @Charlie,
    Honestly, it is up to the store… Some let you use more than 1 TQ; other stores only let you use 1 TQ. Personally, my store allows up to 4 identical TQs. At that point, the register beeps and won’t take another. I am following my store’s policy. Could corporate program registers so that they can’t take more than one TQ? I imagine so… I am unsure why Target makes this a grey area. I am sure there is some sort of marketing reason behind it, albeit I am not sure what it is… 🙂

  23. Just did this deal found 6 conditioners (which is what I needed) on clearence for $3.38. I tried to hand her the mobile coupon for the gc, she said she had to do the regular coupons first. Even with that my total came to $5.30, I paid with a $5 gc from last weeks cereal deal and then only paid 30 cents and got the $5 gift card. 6 conditioners for 30 cents is unbelievable, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Although the register will scan more than 1 of the coupons that say one per guest, the cashier is responsible for catching it, if someone tries to use more than one. Purposely using more than one of those coupons, when you know its only one per guest, is coupon misuse and just plain bad and dishonest.

  25. you can use the $5 off $20 from with this, the target coupons, the $5/2 and the giftcard target coupon

  26. This is what I did.
    My Loreal was clearance so 3 shampoo and 3 conditioner @ $3.38 ea= 20.28
    Used $5 GC wyb $20
    Used 3 BOGO q’s(took off full $7.49 amount)
    1 Johnsonville Turkey Sausage @ 2.99 (used as a filler from overage)
    Used .75/1 Johnsonville q
    Subtotal .05 plus tax 0.92=0.97 for all plus a $5 GC!

  27. HI Michaela- again – you cannot combine a $/x MQ with a B1G1 MQ. From the policy….
    Buy One Get One Free Coupons (BOGO):
    •BOGO coupons cannot be combined (i.e. you cannot use two BOGO coupons on two items and get both for free). Unless stated otherwise on the coupon, the use of one Buy One Get One Free coupon requires that two of the valid items are presented at checkout of which one item will be charged to the guest and the 2nd item will be discounted by its full retail price.
    •A second cents-off coupon of the same type cannot be redeemed towards the purchase price of the first item.
    •If a Target BOGO coupon is used, one additional manufacturer coupon may be used on the first item.
    •If a Manufacturer BOGO coupon is used, one additional Target coupon may be used on the first item.

  28. Say I was to buy 9 items at $3.99 = $35.91
    use 4 x B1G1FREE = ($15.96) bringing total to $19.95 (with tax over $20.00)
    use 4 x $1/1 Loreal advanced Target Cpn = $15.95
    Use 1 x $1/1 loreal hair product Target Cpn = $14.95
    Use 2 x $5/2 Loreal Coupon = $4.95
    Less the Target $5/$20 Coupon (Given at start of transaction) = Money maker… (and 4 free products!)
    Anyone know if Target would accept the B1G1FREE coupons??

  29. Hi Michaela- you cannot stack the B1G1 MQs with the $5/2 MQs.
    The Target coupons state limit one per guest which is why you only see 1 of each since all TT deals published go by the wording on the coupons. hth

  30. confused, $3.99 x 6 = $23.94 as you say, less 2 x $1/1 target cpn and another 2 x $1/1 target cpns = 19.94
    less 3 x $5/2 = $4.94 less the $5 gift card… would make it a money maker wouldn’t it or am I missing something?

    Also I haved a pile of b1g1free coupons, would I be able to stack those too??

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