Target: Babyganics Diapers $2.99 after New Stack!

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babyganicsWoohoo for an awesome price on Babyganics Natural Diapers this week! There is a very nice new high-value Target Coupon and it does not specify a size so it should apply to the jumbo packs. These are actually on sale this week plus, you can stack with a manufacturer’s coupon to get a great deal…

Babyganics Diapers Jumbo Packs $8.49 (Sale thru 2/1)
-$4 off BabyGanics natural diapers Target Coupon x3/1
$1.50/1 BabyGanics Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers
= $2.99 after stack

In addition to the $1.50/1 BabyGanics Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers coupon on Hopster- there is also an opportunity to earn an even higher-value $2.50/1 coupon by redeeming two $1.50/1 coupons and learning more about Babyganics Diapers

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  1. All out of Babyganics at my Target, but they did have rain checks so that’s fine with me. As long as I can use my coupons I don’t mind. I did get two packs of Pull Ups.

  2. The coupons worked fine for me today 🙂 I had 900 points on Hopster already, so I just boosted it to $2.50 and used the $4 TQ 🙂 came out to $2.15 with tax! Here in Houston!!

  3. My store only had the nb and size 1 jumbo, but had boxed sets for $23.49. I needed size 4…..used a $4 TC and 2.50 coupons from hopster. It came out to $17 for 80 diapers. I felt good about it even though I wanted the smaller packs for 1.99.

  4. You can look up on and see the store availability, whether they carry the product and whether they have it in stock. I got 2 pkg NB and was so happy because that’s what I needed and I was going to be paying $8 for Pampers! All coupons went through without a beep!

  5. Christa, thats a no you can’t use a mq with another mq. And your deal would probably beep since tq’s are limited to one per guest- although some stores will push through a second one- I am not sure if they will push through all 4 of them.

  6. They only had size 1 at my store- but were sold out.
    They did however have the boxes which were $23.xx and had a $5/$30 mq on them.
    I am going to try (when they restock) to buy 1 box and 1 small package, use the $5 q and 2 of the $4 tq… which will make it $31.98 before coupons…. $18.98 after coupons. I am not sure on the total count of diapers yet (since they were sold out) but I think it may be a better deal, since the mq’s online are only $1.50 each unless you have the extra points, etc.

  7. my store in danvers ma had jumbo packs in size nb-2 but boxes size nb then 2-6. They are on price cut to $23 and change i wanted a size 1 but for some strange reason they don’t carry them in a 1. I even talked with the head of that dept.

  8. I’ve been to 3 Targets in my area, one has no Babyganics diapers, one has just a couple types, and the last one has packs and boxes in most sizes. Just depends on your store. I’m gonna go with no, you can’t use the $5 off $30, that is still a manufacturers coupon.

  9. works on jumbos! I just picked up some with no problem! My Target (Beavercreek, OH) only carries NB & Size 1 in jumbo but that’s ok since I will need them come April!

  10. Used the $4 target and $1.50 mc and it worked perfectly, no beeps. My Target does only carry size Newborn and 1 in the jumbo pack, and they didn’t have very many of them.

  11. I haven’t purchased any yet, but my store has a $5/$30 on any Babyganics products. Being it’s a manufacturers coupon, can you stack it with your other manufacturers coupons? For example: 4 x $8.49 = $33.96 – $5/$30 MQ – $16 (4 TQ’s) – $6 (4, $1.50 MQ’s) = $6.96 for 4 packs of diapers.

  12. I heard on another blog that Target only carries size Newborn and 1 in the jumbo pack. Can anyone confirm?

  13. Worked here in California!!! I bought 2 packs and used 2 $4 off plus 2 $2 off coupons. Love it!!

  14. I use either babyganics or seventh generation on my baby. I’m not sure why but both pampers and Huggies give her rashes around her thighs where the elastic is. They both have worked great regarding leaks. She’s a stomach sleeper so all the liquid accumulates to the front and there has never been a wet bed only a heavy diaper. Her daycare doesn’t seem to have issues with them either.

  15. I also would like to hear some reviews on these diapers. I have boys & really only like Pampers. This price is awesome tho, so would be interested in trying if others think they are good quality.

  16. Please post if it works for you! I am waiting to spend my hopster points til I see if the $4/1 actually applies to a jumbo pack without having to be forced through. So I’d appreciate you sharing your experience!

  17. Has anyone tried babyganics before? I’ve only ever used huggies and pampers. I’m scared to spend money on a pack if they leak but 2.99 is too good to pass up…

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