Target: FREE Airborne Immune Support Chewables

airborneThese Airborne 4 ct Chewables just showed up new at my store in the travel section. If you find them too, there are coupons out there that do not exclude trial sizes and will make them FREE…

Airborne 4 ct Chewables .99 (found in the travel section)
$1.50/1 Any Airborne Immune Support Product HERE
-$1/1 Airborne Product 10-6-13 SS x3/31 or 1-26-14 SS x7/31
= FREE after either coupon!

I don’t know if the printable will beep but I did test out the deal with the $1/1 Airborne Product from the 1-26-14 SS and it went thru just fine with no beeps for me.

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  1. I’ve been getting these free for months now. Mine are in a pink pack. they were in the one spot at first and the 20% cartwheel worked on them. they used to prompt a $1 off any airborne catalina, so I’d get one each time I went in. the cat stopped a few months ago:( Then they got moved to the travel section, but when the cartwheel was out again, there were none left in stock to test out if it still worked on them. none of the printables have ever beeped for me!

  2. I went last night to target and they had the pink airborne in the one spot section. I had the cartwheel for 20% off and I had the $1.50 printable coupon and it worked! I didn’t have a beep either. It was such a steal! I was so excited thanks!

  3. At my store it sells for 99 cents so when I applied the $1.50, I actually got credited $1.50. Moneymaker of 51 cents for me. THANKS!

  4. Sorry kerry, I thought you knew. I originally found out about them from a comment left by another reader about the trial size in the one spot and the coupon with no restrictions. Im not sure if they mentioned the cat or if I discovered that myself. Then the first one spot cartwheel came out and I tried it to see if it’d work and it DID! Ill be sure to let u know if I find a good one again. Btw, I found the yellow ones at my moms target in the travel section, but the cartwheel didn’t work on them. The cartwheel worked on the pink ones when ive found them in both the travel section and the one spot.

  5. The Target I went to, wouldnt let me use either coupon. They didnt even try to scan them. I had her call a manager over and she(the manager) refused to take it. She said it states that it is for the product specified (which she said means, pictured) and also said that since it was for more than the product was worth, they couldnt take it either, and that Target doesnt give things away for free. They made me feel absolutely horrible….I wrote in a complaint letter. LOL

  6. np ladybugpam- I must have missed the comment. sometimes when giveaways are ging on or the comments are plentiful they slip thru. 🙂 Hard to keep up sometimes.

  7. I was getting the same item at target last night and i used the 1-26-14ss also, it went through without a problem but then this young cashier with a long black hair took the coupon back and read for like 10 minutes, it doesnt say anything about travel size on the paper but she insisted im not allowed to use for future reference because that considered stealing and because im buying a 99 cents product with a $1 off coupon and travel size is strictly not allowed. she took the coupon anyways and said its exception this time, ive been using coupons for a while and i know what iam doing, she just gave me a very hard time at target . It had ruined my day, im just a woman trying to save money with a coupon!! ( just want to warn you guys about choosing a more friendly cashier when checking out , miramar fl supertarget)

  8. I bought some today…the red ones were $1.00 and the orange were 99¢…weird. But the $1 coupons worked! Now that I know my target carries them, I will print the $1.50. Thank you so much Kerry! My family better be healthy with all this airborne now lol!

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