Target: FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 4 Dial = as Low as 74¢

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dial-dealWatch at your stores for a new offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 4 select Dial Products thru 3/29.  While most of the products included are priced at $4.99- Kelley did find that the kids Body & hair wash were included for $2.99 to make for a nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Dial Kids Body Wash ($2.99) = $11.96
-$2.99 (use B2G1 FREE Dial Body Wash 12 oz+ 1-26 RP1 x2/15
$1/1 Dial Body Wash or Bar 6pk+ on Facebbook
= $7.97 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 4 select Dial thru 3/29
= $2.97 for 4 or .74 each after coupons & gift card

Men’s & Women’s Body Wash, 10-pack Bar soaps and special bonus size 4-packs of Dial 7.5 oz Handsoaps are all included for $4.99. Here’s some other coupons you can use for this deal…

-$1/2 Dial or Tone, Select Items 1-26-14 RP1 x2/15
$1/2 Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soap on Facebook

You can also check out my post HERE for an update on this Gift Card deal.

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  1. by where i work i went and noticed that they had the Hello Kitty and the double packs, but when i was going to get them there was a staff member there saying they needed to be increased to the higher price (over $4) like the body washes since they are on the giftcard special. i cant seem to find them anywhere else.

  2. HI Laura- it is only Bonus packs of the Dial foaming handsoaps- not singles- there is the one in my photo, then there are 4 packs of liquid (non-foaming). If you have been trying single handsoaps they are not going to work unfortunately hth.

  3. I wish I knew what the “select” products are, I tried the kids bw and nothing but the Hello Kitty bonus pack was eligible. None of the foaming hand soaps worked for it either.

  4. Just wanted to point out that it’s not the normal 12oz kids body wash that’s included. I was disappointed when the first Target didn’t have those included, and then the same at the second Target, but just as I turned the corner, there was a whole endcap of specially sized bottles of the kids body wash – 24 oz bottles. So double the normal size bottles! 🙂 So happy to finally find this deal!! So look around for a special display for these items. I found the kids body wash and the hello kitty package, and will be back to look around for the hand soap! Thanks!!

  5. I did this deal yesterday. I didn’t see any signs around the product but decided to try anyways. I found 4 of the Hello Kitty body wash with the free hand soap $2.78 each= $11.12. Used (1)b2g1 coupon which deducted $4.99 = $6.57. Used my $5 gift card paid $1.57 oop and got back a $5 gift card. The coupon did beep and didn’t go through but she let me use it anyways since it didn’t say any exclusions. The hand wash senario also worked out well with the “white tea” scent $1/2 coupons went through.

  6. @May- if you are asking if it works on the individual hand soaps no. just the special bonus packs- the 3 pks like shown above (2 foaming handwash + trial hand sanitizer) or the 4 pks of liquid hand soap (all bonus packs are 4.99 each except if you get lucky and find the white tea.) hth

  7. … will it work on the hand soap??? I went yesterday but there was no sign by the hand soap…just the.big refillable bottle. I just don’t want to waste my.qs.

  8. I tried it yesterday too, and my store didn’t include the kids in the GC deal either. I really wish that when they had specials or deals on things, they weren’t regional but every Target as a whole.

  9. In my redplum insert this week is a big ad for the Dial $5 gift card. The Dial Kid’s body+hair wash is pictured as a participating product. For those of you who didn’t get your $5 gift card for buying the kid’s products, I’d take the ad in (along with your receipt) and show the manager so you can get your gift card 🙂

  10. My store did not include kids at all in the GC deal. Lucky duckies to those whose stores include it.

  11. I just went and it worked for me, but only on the 24 oz. size of the Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash not the smaller sized bottles which were also marked $2.99.

  12. Coupon Fabulous – if you do that you can’t use the $1/1 since the B2G1 will apply to 3 bottles. So buy 6 x $2.99 = $17.94 – $2.99 (b2g1) – $2.99 (b2g1) = $11.96 – $5 GC = $6.96 or $1.16 per bottle. hth!

  13. I have used similar coupons that say Dial, Dial for Men on them on the kids and had no problem – can’t wait to get to Target to do this deal!

  14. There is no mention of dial kids… line two of the coupon states “Dial,Dial for Men Bodywash, 12 oz or larger”, which i take to mean either dial or dial for men. However, it does not state excludes……. has anyone tried this yet?

  15. I will have to check my Q too…havent looked at it yet. Thanks for the heads up estela 🙂

  16. Just curious. If we are buying 4… Couldn’t we buy 4 and add 2 more bottles an use (2) of the bogo free coupons?

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