Dial Gift Card Deal Update: Watch for Hello Kitty & White Tea Hand Wash Bonus Packs for Great Deals!

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As I posted yesterday- there is a new offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 4 select Dial Products thru 3/29.. But there are a couple items I noticed at my store that Kelley didn’t have that you will want to be sure and watch for. My store actually had an entire endcap set up in the Personal Care area with all the Dial products on it. And I found two very interesting things. I can’t guarantee that everyone will find them- but it can’t hurt to look.

First – watch for these Value Packs of Dial Foaming Handwash in the Soothing White Tea variety. While all other varieties were priced at $4.99  for me – I found the White Tea ones priced super-cheap at $1.84. These are included in the deal and each one comes with two 7.5 oz Foaming Hand Soaps and a 2 oz Hand Sanitizer. If you find them too – it’s an amazing deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Bonus Packs of White Tea Foaming Handwash ($1.84) = $7.36
-$2.00 (use two $1/2 Dial Foaming Hand Wash1-26-14 RP1 x2/15 or $1/2 on Facebook
=$5.36 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 4 select Dial Products thru 3/29
= .36 cents for 4 bonus packs or .09 cents each or like paying just .03 cents per item

The second thing to watch for is Bonus Packs of Hello Kitty Dial Products which include a 15 oz Dial Body Wash & a Liquid Hand Soap. Mine were priced at $2.78 and also included in this deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Hello Kitty Bonus Packs ($2.78) = $11.12
-$2.78 (use B2G1 FREE Dial/Dial for Men Body Wash 12 oz –  1-26-14 RP1 x2/15
$1/1 Dial Body Wash on Facebook
=$7.34 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 4 select Dial Products thru 3/29
= $2.34 for 4 bonus packs or .58 cents each or like paying .29 cents per item

Remember you can mix and match your deals too as long as you buy 4 qualifying products. And even if you don’t have one coupon to use for the scenarios above- it is still a great deal when you break down the cost per product.

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  1. I bought 4 foaming hand on sat & used 2 MC for $1/2. Got $5 GC got home & the white tea were $1.84 but the green tea rang up at $4.99. Had a sign showing $1.84 but didn’t take a pick, went to cust serv & they adj. Went back for more & now all are marked for $4.99, but they said if I have a pic can adjust. Woohoo!

  2. They still had some white tea marked at $1.27 but there was no mention of the g/card as shown above…how can we tell if its in the deal or not?

  3. My store had them for $1.27 for the white tea twin pack with bonus hand sanitizer. It was marked on the shelf at $1.27 but sure enough the price checker told me $1.27. I had no prints left on the facebook coupons but it was only $5.06 for 4 plus a $5 gift card back! Still a great deal! my store only had 4 but i would’ve gotten more. Also saw jumbo packs of Huggies diapers sizes Newborn-3 on clearance for $7.64 with peelies for $1.50/1 making them around $5.

  4. I know the 5 gc offer is good until late march but does anyone know if these are going to continue to stay the super low price of $1.84?

  5. Thanks so much for this post. I didn’t find the body wash, but with the DPCI number you provided for the dial white tea hand soap bonus packs (mine came with hand sanatizer, too) I was able to get 8. After coupons and gift cards back it was about a $1 money maker for me (mine were cheaper than the posted price)! Very exciting. They didn’t have them on the shelves but quickly located them for me in the backroom.

  6. Found the white tea scent 2pk on an end cap for $1.84. There were no signs for the gc deal. Went to checkout and asked cashier to check if the deal was working. It was working fine! I did find the pear scent as well but not sure if its working on those too. Going back tomorrow to get more!!!

  7. I tried to get 4 large kids body wash at the 2nd target I went to (first didn’t have) and cashier said my B2G1 coupon wouldn’t work on the kids. I asked for a manager, and he agreed with her. I have such trouble with targets and coupons sometimes. I gave the gift card back and said, “take them off please”
    I have gotten brave now through couponing.

  8. Ashley – A worker at the Arnold store looked it up by the TCPI # (049-00-2105) and went to the back to get me 8 of them. He said they had plenty in the back, none on the shelves.

  9. Ashley – I saw the white tea bonus packs at both the Brentwood and Hampton Target in STL this week. They were on an end cap in the personal care area with other Dial products.

  10. Is anyone in the North Dallas area finding the Dial deal? I’ve only been to 2 Targets (one super and one regular) and no luck. I was really hoping to find the kids body wash. TIA

  11. I found them on an endcap at city Target, but I didn’t want to haul it on the bus home with me – plus there was no gift card deal posted to it. When I went to a regular Target, I couldn’t find it at all. Glad this deal is through 3/9 so I can go back to the city Target!

  12. I went to the target in Oakcreek Wisconsin tonight…they didnt have the tea scent but they had the fresh pear…I noticed that 2 rang up 1.84 and the other 2 came up at 4.99. They price adjusted it but they had to do it at the end as a store coupon because they said if they price adjusted the two other ones it wouldn’t give me the gift card. It seems strange that the same items would have different upcs, but it all worked out.

  13. Thanks for posting this! My store had the white tea soap for $1.79 so I picked up four for only $0.17! Haven’t found the Hello Kitty body wash yet but I’m a very happy shopper after the soap score!

  14. Jennifer B – I found mine on a end cap. There were only 3 so I scanned it and saw that there were more in the stockroom. The associate was happy to get another one for me. If you can’t find any, you can look up the DPCI number on one of the scanners. If the store carries it, the scanner will give you the aisle and tell you if there are any in the stock room.

  15. Hi Jenae- I would have brought the Hello Kitty bonus packs up to a register or GS to make sure you weren’t just missing a sign.

  16. Has anyone had problems with their Target not giving you the $5 giftcard? Bought mine today and they said that they didn’t qualify for the giftcard.

  17. The three Targets in my area are all resetting the soap/deodorant/toothpaste aisles. The first one to finish the reset had the multipacks and Hello Kitty on an endcap that wasn’t facing a main aisle. They weren’t marked with the lower prices or gift card offer, but they all rang up for the price Kerry found with the $5 gift card. Nobody working in that area of the store seemed to know anything about the prices or deals.

  18. Ladies:

    Where are you finding these? I checked the regular soap area near pharmacy and all the end caps down our “main aisle” where they normally put clearance items, but no luck.

    Thanks in advance!

  19. I went to my Target store today and only found the 4.99 ones. I even scanned them to make sure it wasn’t one for the deal. Sad 🙁 Plus the hello kitty stuff did not have a sign on them either. I thought it was weird.

  20. Been looking all week for this and finally found some today!! Yeah me!! Found exactly 4 of the hand soap, 2 pump kids body wash and 2 hello kitty . Thank you!!!

  21. The White Tea 2 packs + hand sanitizer were 1.77 at my store so I paid 8 cents plus tax for 4 packages of the handsoap. So psyched! Thanks for the heads up!

  22. @Stacie- yes you will- a gift card is just merely a forma of payment. they wont cancel each other out or anything. About the only thing you cant do is use a GC in the same transaction you earned it in. hth

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