One Spot Black Star & Circle Items Up to 70% Off

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I heard as early as yesterday some of you were hitting 70% Off if in the One Spot on black circle and black star items – many of which are Valentine’s day items.This will make items as low as .30 cents if you have 70% Off at your stores.


If you don’t see signs be sure to scan just in case. Kelley’s One Spot dropped today and she has not one sign in sight- making for a very full One Spot section. So be sure to find a black star or black circle and give it a scan just in case!

As far as the regular Valentine Holiday items- they are sitting at 50/30 as far as I know but it is possible that this section may drop to 70/50 as early as tomorrow. There is no guarantee and not all stores drop together at the same time – so it is something to watch closely on your own too if you have interest in shopping the clearance.

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  1. Here in Colorado, only the black star was 70% off. I scanned a few black circle items and they all scanned regular price. I was able to get a bunch of 8pk #2 pencils for 30 cents a pack….. already thinking about school supplies for next year!!

  2. Just came back from the Target in Fayetteville, GA the Dollar Spot was at 70%. Most of the items were picked over but I still got great deals. The signs said Black Star items didn’t think to scan the circle items as well. I got 2 felt Hello Kitty bags, 9 Dora puzzle bags along with some other things. Also, my Valentines Day section signs said 50% off but scanned at 70%. There was Tons of stuff left. It will probably hit 90% off I’m guessing Tuesday but I could be wrong. Happy Shopping everyone and Kerry thanks again for posting these great deals. I hope there are Hidden Clearance finds associated with this. : )

  3. Tracy the dollar spot only ever goes as low as 70 percent. But the Valentine’s seasonal stuff will go to 90 percent eventually.

  4. The one spot by me actually went 50% the day before Valentine’s Day & dropped to 70% off yesterday…
    …we had signs though, so everything good has been picked through.

    I highly suggest avoiding the Mrs. Field’s chocolates. I bought some for presents and 1 for a taste test. They were terrible!

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