Target: Nivea Men’s Body Wash as Low as 42¢ Each

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Watch for an odd inclusion on the Unilever deal this week for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 select Personal Care products thru 2/22. While Nivea is not a Unilever product- Kelley & I both found signs on the Men’s Body Wash also including them for a $5 Gift Card when buying 3 at $3.59.

Just a heads up though that I did this deal yesterday and the Gift Card did NOT automatically prompt. Therefore you will need to find signs in your store in order to take advantage of this deal and be prepared at the register- you may have to ask a TM to go and verify- or you may try taking a picture of the signs in your store and show them at the register.

But once they verified my signs- I was able to stock up at a great price after coupons. Your best deal is to do the offer twice in one transaction in order to get the most of your coupons….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 6 Nivea Men’s Body Wash ($3.59) = $21.54
-$9.00 (use three $3/2 Nivea or Nivea Men Body Wash 2-9-14 RP x2/23
= $12.54 – $10.00 (get back two $5 Gift Cards for buying 6 thru 2/22
= $2.54 for 6 or around .42 cents each

Also to note- Eureka & Ivory also mentioned finding bonus 2-packs of Nivea Body Wash on clearance prompting for a Gift Card wyb 3 as part of another deal in the stock up & save section. Kelley & both did not have these at our stores- but it can’t hurt to look just in case.

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  1. They would not honor it today at my store. They looked and it was no longer even in the system, so I guess maybe it was a mistake, and they took it down.

  2. I had to really argue on this one with CS. The fine print on the tag does not say anything about nivea so I’m thinking that the tag should only have the sale price, but no GC offer. They kept telling me it was just a way of advertising the other deal ??? really, why would they have a tag for gc above something that is not part of it? I had taken a pic with my phone and after much arguing they gave me a $10 gc (I bought 6). I’m pretty sure this was a mistake because at another store the signs were up but no product. At a different one the sign only stated the sale price as others mentioned.

  3. I did this deal I few nights ago cthe gift card did not pop up and I talk to the cashier she said the dove is just giving gift card how can I get this fix

  4. Had the same issue in MN. The shelf showed the offer, but did not prompt at the register-they did honor the deal though.

  5. The men’s Nivea Maximum Hydration was tagged $2.69, Buy 3, Get a $5 GC. It did not auto-prompt at the register. I bought 4 body washes and 2 women’s Degree deodorants (3.89 each). Luckily I had pictures on my phone so they took off $10.

  6. Mine was priced at $3.59, but no signs of $5GC… My Target usually gives me issues about getting a GC when using q’s. I do not know why. They just give me this look, act dumb and end up calling a manager.

  7. I did’nt see this posting, was in Target shopping, my Nivea was $2.78 for Nivea Maximum 049002593, bought 12 the caisher/manager had to give me a $20 credit plus I used 4 $3/2 coupons, she really did not want to take the $20 off but it was posted and was correct item. I had taken a picture she kept telling me it was for the double packs, end up being .11 cent each. Pulled tags down while I was in the isle. I’m in Chicago on the Southside

  8. They told me I had to buy 3 of the select items so I could not get the gc. So mad, might try to do it again.

  9. They were taking the signs down when I walked up! They now realize it was a mistake apparently.

  10. yay – my 10yr old son loves “manly” body washes/shampoos… I will definitely have to stock up on this deal. thanks for posting!

  11. HI Carire- yes absolutely- a gift card once it is earned just becomes a form of payment on a nother transaction. it does not affect your ability to earn more gift cards. About the only thing you can’t do- is use a gift card in the same transaction you earned it in. hth & makes sense

  12. Can the $5 gift cards be used to pay for a separate transaction where you will also receive another gift card? For example, purchase the above offer and receive $10 in gift cards, then use the gift cards to pay for the Simple wipes & Ponds facial cleanser deal (posted previously) and receive a $5 gift card. Thus, paying $12.54 for both deals and leaving with $5 gift card.

  13. HI Lindsey- the only time a gift card will show at the self check scanners is when only one of something needs to be purchased- as noted and highlighted in my posts you will need signsage for a chance at this deal. hth

  14. I got this deal last night and the gift card didn’t prompt, I said something about it and my cashier took off the price of one which she didn’t have to do. Paid $2.85 for three which is alright but I still would have rather had the gift card.

  15. The gc did not prompt the register so I have to tell the cashier that I will be getting gc in every 3 nivea purchase. The cashier just deducted $10 on my total purchase so I only paid around $3 bucks including tax :).

  16. So do the self scanners and registers always match? Meaning, if it does (or doesn’t) say gift card at the scanner, will it be the same at the register? I HATE when there are hick-ups at the register and like to avoid it whenever possible!

  17. If you don’t have 3 coupons (I happen to have only 2), just FYI I calculated you can get 3 for 2.77 (92c ea) with 1 coupon, 4 for 3.36 (84c ea) with 2 coupons, or 6 for 5.54 with 2 coupons (92c ea).

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