Target Valentine’s Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

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Many of you should be at 90% Off now for Valentine’s Day clearance and 70% Off on Candy & food. If your store didn’t drop by today, it may happen tomorrow- but always scan to be sure, as it is possible for signs not to get switched out. I understand that pickings for many of you may be slim or even non-existant for some of you- but it can’t hurt to check and see if you have anything left!


Kelley always seems to luck out these days- although she said the majority of what was left was Valentine Exchange kits-but she does have some other things – she found these cute placemats for just .19 cents and she’s still busy digging around to see what she can find. 🙂


She also has just a ton of candy left- and if you do too- we have coupons to make for some great deals. She found M&M’s down to .95 cents which will be FREE after the following stack….

-$1.50 off two 9.34-oz. or larger M&M’S candies Target Coupon x3/16
-$1.50/2 Mars Snickers, M&M’s, Milkyway, Twix or Mini Mix 8 oz+ 1-12-14 RP x2/23


There are also some insert coupons for Hershey’s Candy. Kelley found Valentine’s Day Candy Kisses down to .95 and there is a $1/2 Hershey’s Miniatures Assortment, Milk Chocolate Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures or York Peppermint Patties 10 oz+ 1-19-14 SS x3/15 to pick them up super cheap.


While there hasn’t been a ton of hidden finds this year- here’s a few things to look for in the regular aisles. While some if not all may have originally started out in the Valentine’s day section- check around the regular aisles too to see what maybe got put back in the wrong place or mixed in. Kelley found these Angry Birds mini plush in the regular aisle mixed in with some other Monsters Inc plush. They have a heart shaped tag and will be as low as .49 cents if your store is at 90.


You can watch for these little packs of Angry Birds mystery figures with little hearts on the package- now down to .49 if your store is at 90% Off. And the little MegaBloks figures down to .29 if you are at 90. Kelley found both of these in the regular aisles.

Watch for these Sophia the First character mini dolls that you may be able to find in the regular toy aisles. There is a similar doll in the regular aisles so these may have gotten put back in the regular section and it’s worth a quick check. The ones you want are in a heart shaped blister pack and are a Target Exclusive. These will be ringing up .59 if your store is at 90. Also watch for LaLaLoopsy Velvet B. Mine mini dolls- also in a heart shaped package.


I also got these pictures in from Jenna who found Spritz 20 sheets of plain white and the 8 sheets red and white ringing 90% off. On the white- check the regular aisles to see if any are mixed in – it will just say “Tissue Paper” underneath the Spritz logo. And only the red & white in the smaller packs in plastic are ringing up 90% Off. She also found a Dr. Suess matching game in hexagon packaging for 34¢ and many different bubbles including Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse, Avengers and Spiderman at only 9¢ each! -Thanks Jenna!

clearance-findsAnd I got pics in from Barbara- Barbie Chelsea dolls now down to .59 cents if your store is at 90% Off- she found hers mixed in with the smaller Barbie toys in the bins in the Barbie aisle- so it can’t hurt to check. And She also found these PacMan Knex packages ringing up .49 cents- also found mixed in with other small Knex packs in the regular aisle. These will be as low as .49 if your store is at 90% Off. – Thanks for the pics Barbara!

Happy Hunting and let us know if y’all find any other hidden Valentine clearance we should be looking for. You can always shoot me an e-mail with pictures to

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  1. My local Target in suburban New York is in the process of removing all remaining Valentine’s items this morning and has also invalidated the barcodes. I found some Sofia the First holiday items in the regular toy section but they can’t be rung up.

  2. I was able to find the Mega Bloks Block Buddies for .29 and Sofia the First figurine for .59. I also found a Lego City Seaplane (in a small bag) for .34 and Play-Doh Makeables (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Minnie) for .49.

  3. Found Cabbage Patch cuties for $0.99 in the regular aisle. They were purple with a heart on the chest.

  4. Did great at my store! Spent$26, all 90% off. There was a ton on the shelves. Got a rude comment from an older lady that I had “gotten enough”. What is up with people?

  5. Mens boxers green -Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles(eating a pizza with hearts on it) was 90% (.99) along with superman with red superman logo (no indication of valentines) also .99. Also, look for mega blocks first builders, block buddies. It;s one “figure, i.e., fireman, princess etc” with one mega block underneath..2.99, .29 w/90% .
    I also bought lots of valentine card packs that had toys with them like erasers, tattoos etc. These are great for goody bags and you cant beat the price!

  6. Found some non-Valentine looking candy for Easter baskets, and two pairs of socks. Also got a large solid chocolate Hershey kiss, wrapped in red foil in a silver box. It says “best teacher” or something like that, but no holiday wording. Expires 1/15. Picked up 2 for end of year teacher gifts. No Legos though!

  7. I wish my target had more in stock. I went yesterday and the day before and there was pretty much nothing left.

  8. I was so excited, one of our stores in NY dropped to 90% off yesterday! I was able to get a ton of stuff including a large bag of small bags of Cheetos for $1.49 (food/candy of course is at 70%).

  9. Thanks for the heads up!! I just went to my Target and saved $556.00. Total out of pocket was $63.98.
    Be sure to look out for girls fluffy socks, slippers and hair accessories that are ringing up 90% they are heart themed, they are in the girls section. Also scored tons of baby outfits that were not marked clearance also 🙂

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