$1.50/1 Suave Infusions Reset = FREE at Target!

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UPDATE: we have now los the Target Coupon folks šŸ™ That was fast.

The high-valueĀ $1.50 off when you purchase one Suave Natural InfusionsĀ coupon has reset! We got an awesome Target Coupon to stack with on this product yesterday to give us a total of $3.00 off each bottle! Prices can vary by region- butĀ many of you should find it for FREE after stack šŸ™‚ ….

Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Shampoo or Conditioner $2.74 – $2.84 (Sale thru 3/15)
-$1.50 off Suave Professionals Natural Infusion hair care ETS Target Coupon x4/6
-$1.50 off when you purchase one Suave Natural Infusions
= FREE after stack

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  1. I wonder why they took it off so fast being it wasn’t close to expiration. Usually it stays up tip expiration. Maybe because we were getting them for free with the MQ?

  2. When you buy multiples of an item and have MQ coupons for each item it will frequently only show the coupon once on the receipt. (i.e., 2 @ 2.69 $5.38 then it might show -$1.25 once). If you add everything up on the receipt, though, it has actually taken off the coupon twice, one for each item. For example, this happened recently on my receipt when I bought the value size Nature Valley granola bars. Also, when it shows you the return value, it does not factor in the MQ even though it took it off. If several of the people above looked at their receipts, they might find the same to be true for them. Again, usually you will see this when the receipt shows multiple quantities on one line rather than giving them a separate line item for each. hth.

  3. I bought 2 bottles and used 2 Target coupons (my store allows up to 4, regardless of the IP wording, the 5th one will beep) I got the macadamia nut, that one smelled the best! I had no trouble with the coupons scanning. Whenever there is overage involved, I always give manuf coupons first, then Target coupons. If you give the Target coupon first, it automatically changes the price and the manuf coupon will either auto adj to the new price or it’ll beep/not go through. So giving manuf first, then target has always worked for me.

  4. My cashier only let me use 1 TQ for these per transaction. It was ok bc I had picked up 2 shampoo and 1 conditioner (the last in the store!), and I just bought the 2 shampoos. All my coupons were beeping today. But in all I got over $100 in merchandise, paid $19 oop and still have $15 in gift cards.

    Be careful with the Suave MQs they usually have a limit of 2 per transaction!!

  5. I’ve had the same problem at times but found that if you give the cashier the Target coupons first and the manufacturer coupons last, they seem to work fine. I just bought the shampoo and conditioner with no problem; I purchased a few other items using coupons and I can account for each coupon. I add up my coupons before check out and deduct that amount once I get my total, just to make sure all my coupons were accepted. Otherwise, I’ve done exactly what Barb said, I take whatever coupon doesn’t scan to the service desk to get my money back with no problem.

  6. I find the same issue with Target so I would caution people to check their receipts—– in my area (sub DC) IF there is overage, my Targets do not use the overage against the rest of the purchase. What I get is the coupon scans with no indication of a failure (bad beep) so you don’t realize you’ve actually ‘paid’ for the item until you read the receipt. I suppose you can go to customer service and try to get them to correct- but there are enough competitors around that sometimes it’s easier to go elsewhere.

  7. tc: mine beeped when trying to scan the third target coupon, so it looks like you have to split transactions and buy with something else (yogurt?) for the ~$.25 overage.

  8. Nikki – Did your register beep when you bought 4 in 1 transaction? I’m curious as to how many I can get in 1 transaction.

  9. Nikki, the same thing happened to me back when there was the $2.00/3 iams cat food. I got 12 cans for 7.08, used 4 coupons but after leaving the store realized the register only deducted 3 of them even though all 4 were scanned. They should have been free but instead I paid 1.08 for all the cans. I did have other items that I purchased so there would have been no overage. So I too was frustrated. But on a recent trip I used just 1 of the coupons only getting the 3 cans totaling 1.77 and when he scanned the coupon the register did not recognize that I had bought the items and he had to manually take off the $2.

  10. I have found that since EVRYTIME I have used coupons at Target when there is an overage, I just use either the Target coupon OR the MQ at the register then I go over to the service desk and hand them the ones I did not use at check out and get cash back. It’s just easier that way.

  11. I got 8 of these today for free! (2 transactions), but I was wondering if I could have used it on the Keratin Infusion? I think the answer would be no because the coupon says Natural Infusion, but I really wanted to get some of the dry shampoo as well, and that I only saw in the Keratin Infusion

  12. The deal with Target, usually, is that you must mix overages with a larger transaction. Your overages will go against the balance of the other items in the transaction. Target WILL NOT give you the overage back in the form of cash. I always use the overages against other items that I either can find coupons for or as way to extend the savings of another item.

  13. I *thought* I took advantage of this deal, but checked my receipt to find the second $1.50 didn’t come off of either bottle (I bought two) Now I’m out two coupons and have no way to prove they didn’t deduct cause they took the coupons. The cashier didnt even say there was an issue. I assume it’s because it was an overage, but how can I make sure it doesn’t happen again and I get the adjusted value applied? Ugh!!

  14. My Target in Camarillo, CA is so lame. The sales clerk and store manager won’t let me use coupons when there is money overage. They get flustered and just refuse to take them šŸ™

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