Pinecone Research Looking for New Panelists

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pine-cone-researchPinecone Research is still actively looking for new panelists in the specific demographics listed below. If you are not familiar- Pinecone Research is a very popular & reputable invitation-only survey site because their payment is fast, members only get sent surveys they qualify for, and the surveys are simple to do!

Members will evaluate products and earn cash rewards for their opinions. You are also automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes.

Pinecone is specifically looking for the following panelists. If you are a US Resident and fit one of the requirements below, just click on the appropriate link to apply and see if you qualify…

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  1. I was getting surveys from them on a regular basis for almost a year, then nothing. Kept inquiring what the problem was, and like Tee Tee, would just keep getting a form e-mail response from the owner. When I finally got an actual response, it was to tell me that I was being dropped (with no reason why) – and this was just after I had recruited several folk to come on board with them, after they said they needed additional folk to sign up. Great way to thank me for doing that. (Not.)

  2. I was on this panel for a couple years. It was great at first, I would do a survey they would send me a check in the mail. Then this past year they changed their policy and I had to log onto a site and go through 9 steps to get a cash out option. I had trouble ever sines getting paid. I tried form July 2012 until January of 2013 to get paid for surveys I completed and they did not pay me for 10 surveys! I called various numbers, no one could help. I emailed, I used the site option to chat with someone. They referred me back to the owner who only uses an email and emailed me the same email every time I asked to be reimbursed. Finally I asked to take me off the panel! How frustrating!

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