New High-Value $2/1 Right Guard Printable Coupon Available Now = Great Deal on Deodorant at Target!

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Hurry and print a new SAVE $2.00 off any ONE (1) Right Guard® Xtreme Clear® Antiperspirant or Deodorant on Red Plum while it lasts. We still have a $2/2 Right Guard Personal Care Target Coupon to print *HERE* at zip 90210 to stack with, plus a current B2G1 FREE offer at Target to grab a great deal on deodorant…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Right Guard Xtreme Clear Deodorant 2.6oz ($3.39) = $10.17
-$3.39 (one will be FREE with Target Deal thru 3/22
-$2/2 Right Guard Personal Care Target Coupon to print *HERE* at zip 90210
-$4.00 (use two $2/1  Right Guard Xtreme Clear Deodorant
= .78 for 3 or .26 each after coupons & freebie

If your store allows an item on a SALE freebie- you may even be able to use another $2/1 to make them completely FREE, but some stores will not allow this. Some of you will also be getting this same coupon in your Sunday 3/16 Red Plum insert.

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  1. @Seisha. I agree with Kerry. She did not know what she is talking about. Target coupons come in all forms. The cashier did not know what she was talking about.

  2. Hi everyone. I am reading this a bit late. Did a transaction in CA and coupon took off $1.50 instead of $2. very interesting considering. So their system has changed and thanks Lynda for the explanation.

  3. no, not using the coupons per the instructions on them is fraud by deception. irrelevant if the store accepts them.

  4. The manufacture coupon comes off at 1.50 instead of 2 because when the items are b2g1, the refund value is reduced. So technically we pay the price of 2 but it divides out by 3. It is adjusting the coupon down for that reason. 2 dollars exceeds the price. I fought it at my target and they manually entered the 2.00 in but that was the explanation given to me.

  5. Not trying to say that breaking the rules is a good thing, but some stores are more lenient. They may also let it slide if they see you have a full cart of stuff rather than just cherry picking the practically free stuff.

  6. @adam # 20, it’s not fraud. You’re only committing fraud if you duplicate or counterfeit coupons. At the stores discretion they can accept or deny coupons. If you hand them 20 identical coupons, and they accept it, then that’s on them. It’s their obligation to enforce their coupon policy, not the customers.

  7. The cashier i had today told me that the $2 off 2 target coupon on is not real she said all target coupons have the cart watermark on them and that it wasn’t valid. is anyone else having this problem?

  8. Kristin-how did you use 6 ManQ in one transaction? Target does not allow more than 4 of each-even if you have a group of people

  9. MN – No shelf tags showing B2G1, checked the aisle scanner, showed “special purchase” (figured it meant the deal is working). Went through checkout with no problems, deal worked.

  10. Hi!! Is anyone else having problems printing the $2 coupon off the of the RedPlum website?

  11. At my store I did not see shelf tags for this deal and it wasn’t in the ad. At my store Speed Stick was buy two get one free. I’m in Texas.

  12. Carol I had the same problem with the $2.00 Mfc coupon from the insert the coupon said $2.00 but it only took off $1.50. Does anyone know if this is a issue that target can resolve if I tell them the Situation? it Just bugs me a little since its a $1.00 off the deal you know?I have to go back for a missed coupon so ill let you guys know what happens. so beware when using the coupon

  13. My target doesn’t have the sign that states buy two get one free. Will the deal show up during checkout?

  14. dropofrain,
    its up to the cashier if they want to take it bc they do scan i used 2 today… and if people only have 1 paper and one computer there are $1 off stickies on some of them so i got 4 and it was $.48 overage

  15. Hi ! I bought 6 in one transaction, 2 rang free and then I used 3 $2/2 TQs and 6 $2/1 (if your store allows a coupon on freebie) makes them $4.44 overage (of free if you’re store doesn’t give cash back) !!
    I know some have issues with using more than one TQ per person, I just bring my girls and hubby. It doesn’t say anywhere per transaction just person.

  16. Apparently when i gave the cashier the $2 off coupon from the insert it only took off $1.50. 🙁 I used 2 $2 off coupon (from the insert) and 1 target q.

  17. My target let’s me use for Target coupons in the same transaction. It just depends on the store if they will let you use more than one.

  18. Sarah – sometimes when I click on links on this site I get re-routed to random websites, it’s super weird. But, just close that out and click on the link again and it should take you to the proper place.

  19. I clicked link to “$2/2 Right Guard Personal Care Target Coupon to print *HERE* at zip 90210” and it took me to Sports Authority website. Anyone else having that issue, or is there a special coupon section on SA I am unaware of? Thanks for any help!

  20. it’s against Target’s coupon policy, TQ state “Limit one coupon or offer per guest”

  21. or you could get 4 and use 2 $2/2 TQ and 3 $2/1 making it $.17 or if you can use a fourth one like at my store making it completely free… but i cant get my other computer to print it out so still making it a good deal for 4 deodorants

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