Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Get 25 More Points

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Right now you can log into your Kellogg’s Family Rewards account and grab 25 more FREE points with the code FOURLEAFCLOVER25. -Thanks Sonia! *Note – You may need to have a little patience with their site today- as it does seem to be running a little slow. Also- if you have any product codes to enter- now is a good time to do it- for today only (3/17) Enter ANY 4 product codes, and get 400 FREE bonus points!

When you join Kellogg’s Family Rewards, you can get exclusive coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s® brands when you purchase them.

Just go HERE to join the program. When you purchase specially marked Kellogg’s Family Rewards products such as cereal, crackers, and more you can enter the codes found inside to start earning points.

You can also grab some FREE codes every now and then too like the one listed above. You can then redeem these points for lots of good stuff – including high-value coupons! By joining the Program, you will also receive special offers, recipes, and exclusive savings.

Here are a few codes you can enter right away to help get you started. (Please let me know if any of them come up as expired)…


You can also access coupons on their site that you don’t need rewards to redeem. Once you are registered and signed in, just click on the “Promotions & Coupons” tab toward the top of the site- then click the “online coupons” link on the left.

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  1. OMG, what have I been doing all these years eating Eggos for breakfast EVERY morning and throwing away all empty boxes? we buy so many of Kelloggs’ products and I never even thought about entering codes. wow. no more!

  2. I got a message saying they are extrending the 400 bonus points until march 21 because of the delays everyone is having

  3. GRAINSDAIRYFRUIT is still valid. I just used it. It must have been entered wrong by Nikki. The only one on that list was expired was GETKELLOGGPOINTS.

  4. Hi Nikki- yes the bonus is for product codes a mentioned in the post. TY for letting me know about the expired codes!


    The codes that I put above were expired, also I did not recieve the extra 400 points for entering those codes, but I did have 4 code of my own that I entered and earned the extra 400 on those

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