Upcoming $20 off $100 Baby Purchase Target Coupon

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UPDATE: This coupon is now available as a mobile (text BABYSALE to 827438 to get yours). I also have a few deal ideas that are valid thru today only 3/22 HERE.)

We have a nice in-ad Target Coupon coming in next week’s 3/23 Target ad for $20 off an in-store Baby Purchase of $100 or more. I was really pleased to see that it is valid on Diapers & Formula too- which is rare! This coupon will be valid for 2 weeks- thru 4/5 and is valid on the following items:

Newborn Apparel, Furniture, Bedding, Nursery, Training Pants, Toiletries, Diapers, Wipes, Travel Gear, Baby Toys, Car Seats, Bath, Food and Formula, Infant and Toddler Feeding. (coupon excludes infant & Toddler apparel and Toy Department).

As far as I know right now- it looks like this coupon is only going to appear in the ad- there is no text code listed for a mobile and there is no online code for it either, but I will let you know if any of that changes.

Since it is a purchase threshold coupon, as long as you meet the $100 spending requirement before tax, you should be able to hand over this coupon first and then use other coupons for individual items along with it, including Target coupons- but ultimately additional Target coupons for individual items may be a ymmv and up to each store.

There will be lots of ways to do a deal and there are a couple of pages of baby deals & sales in the 3/23 ad like 20% Off all Chicco strollers, car seats & travel systems, deals on baby monitors, Ergo baby carriers, a $10 Gift Card wyb 2 Huggies or Pampers Giant Packs for $34.99 and more.

For the rest of the Sneak Peek at the Target weekly ad for 3/23-3/29, you can check out my post HERE.

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  1. Does anyone know if this coupon will have a promo code to use online? I’d like to use it on an online only item that’s not sold in stores.

  2. So glad it’s available today!! I’m planning to get 2 19.99 pullups, 2 19.99 goodnites, and 20.04 worth of fillers (probably the Gerber cups and other items with coupons). I will get $20 in GC (deal ends today), and I have $1.50 TQ and $2 MQ for each goodnites and $2 TQ and $2 MQ for each pullups for a net cost (counting GC) of $45. It’s like paying less than $5.50 per single pack of pullups/goodnites (since these big packs in the GC deal are bigger than 2 small packs) and getting the filler for free! And if I get fillers that have MQ/TQ it will be even less!

    Kerry I bet this would be a good scenario for you to publish for today only. I know you would only use 1 ea of the TQ, but you could do 2 diapers (TQ is mobile, ending today), 2 pullups (TQ from Nestle), 2 Gerber cups, and then you would only need a little over $10 to get to 100. It should get down to 44.50 OOP even using only of each like 1 TQ.

  3. Does anyone know what is the max amt of similac checks I can use in one transaction and still avail of this $20/$100? Huge plz n thx.

  4. The mini crib I want is not available in stores. Can I order it in store and pay for it there and use the coupon?

  5. Jenn- my 20% off select baby items says “Nursery item or accessories or bedding or toys or layette or furniture or sleepwear. Excludes diapers, wipes, formula, food and items in toy dept.” We need a new infant car seat and I was wondering f I may be able to use it with the upcoming $20 off $100. Hope you get a great deal on a swing! Hoping car seats and swings are part of “accessories”!

  6. Do you think the Gerber development cups will apply for this? I was going to buy some today.

  7. does anyone know what the 20% off select baby items coupon is good on? I need to get a swing

  8. I was going to go to target tomorrow, instead I will go sunday after I check my ad. Thanks Kerry!! My son needs diapers so this is amazing!!!!

  9. I am excited about this! Maybe I can get a good deal on the ergo I’ve been holding out on

  10. There’s a gerber formula gift card deal that could stack with this. And $3 Gerber Good Start formula coupons.

    Thanks for sharing this deal!

  11. @Jess flores – customer service will usually only do a “missed coupon adjustment” within 24-48 hours of purchase. Now sure how price matching would come into play though…

  12. Pretty excited about this! I’ve been putting off buying a swing and I still have a 20% off infant item coupon I’m going to try to use.

  13. I purchased over $100 of clearance Huggies a couple of days ago. Do you know if I can take the receipt and coupon for the $20 back?

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