$5 off $15 Hair Care Purchase Target Coupon Now Live! plus Deal Ideas for FREE & Cheap Products

d-dollar-target-couponIf you missed my post on Thursday, there is an upcoming Target Coupon coming in next week’s 3/23 ad for $5 off Hair Care Purchase of $15 or more. This coupon will be good thru 3/29, and is valid on shampoos, conditioners, treatments, or stylers. It excludes baby shampoo, hair color and hair appliances. But the good news is- this coupon is live now as a mobile and you can text TARGETHAIR to 827438 to get yours.

Since this coupon is a purchase threshold coupon, as long as you meet the $15 spending requirement before tax, you should be able to hand over this coupon first and then use other coupons for individual items along with it, including Target coupons- but ultimately additional Target coupons for individual items may be a ymmv and up to each store.


There are so many ways to save big – but here’s a roundup of a few deal ideas for you…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 5 Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 13 oz ($2.49 PC thru 3/22)
& Buy 1 Suave Natural Infusions Shampoo or Conditioner ($2.79) = $15.24
-$5 off Hair Care Purchase of $15 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text TARGETHAIR to 827438) x 3/29
-$8.00 (use four $2/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner 3-2-14 RP x4/12
$1.00 off 1 GARNIER FRUCTIS Shampoo or Conditioner
$1.50 off when you purchase one Suave Natural Infusions product
= 6 FREE products after coupon

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 13 oz ($2.49 PC thru 3/22)
&  Buy 2 Vidal Sassoon Heat Protect & Shine Spray 5.4 oz ($3.49 PC thru 3/22) = $16.94
-$5 off Hair Care Purchase of $15 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text TARGETHAIR to 827438) x 3/29
-$8.00 (use four $2/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner 3-2-14 RP x4/12
-$4.00 (use two -$2/1 Vidal Sassoon Styling Product ETS 3-2-14 PG x3/31
= 6 FREE products after all coupons

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 L’Oreal Advanced Stylers (PSA $3.99)
& Buy 2 Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 13 oz ($2.49 PC thru 3/22) = $20.94
$3.99 (one L’Oreal Styler will be FREE with B3G1 deal thru 3/22
-$5 off Hair Care Purchase of $15 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text TARGETHAIR to 827438) x 3/29
-$6 (use three $2/1 L’Oreal Advanced Hairstyle Product ETS 2-16 RP x4/12 or 3-16-14 RP x5/10
-$4.00 (use two $2/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner 3-2-14 RP x4/12
= $1.95 for all 6 items or .32 each

Don’t have any insert coupons? Here’s some printable scenarios or ideas with no coupons at all!…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 TRESemme Keratin Smooth 7-Day Renewal Shampoo 9oz ($4.99)
AND buy 1 TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray 11 oz ($4.49)
& Buy 2 Suave Natural Infusions Shampoo or Conditioner ($2.79) = $20.05
$4.49 (the Hair Spray will be FREE with B2G1 TRESemme deal thru 3/29
-$5 off Hair Care Purchase of $15 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text TARGETHAIR to 827438) x 3/29
-$4 (use two $2.00 off TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Product (limit 2)
-$3.00 (use two $1.50 off when you purchase one Suave Natural Infusions product
= $3.56 for all 5 or .71 each after coupons

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Axe Shampoo 12oz ($3.99) = $15.96
-$5 off Hair Care Purchase of $15 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text TARGETHAIR to 827438) x 3/29
= $10.96 – $5 Gift Card back for buying 4 select Axe Personal Care thru 3/22
= $5.96 for 4 or $1.49 each

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Professional Hair Care PSA $13.00 = as low as $26.00
*Choose from TIGI Bed Head, CHI, Biosilk, Fekkai, & RUSK Select Products
-$5 off Hair Care Purchase of $15 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text TARGETHAIR to 827438) x 3/29
= $21.00 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2 thru 3/29
= $16 for 2 or $8 each after coupon & gift card

UPDATE: It looks like some areas will be getting a different coupon this week in their ad for hair care- for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb $15 or more in select Hair care. Despite which coupon your area receives, both versions of this coupon are available as mobile coupons. So you can also text HAIRCARE to 827438 to get the Gift Card coupon.

In case you are wondering if both can be used together- it is my opinion that the answer would be no. Both mobile coupons state the following in their terms… “No other same department/category coupon will apply.” I take this to mean that you may use one or the other in your $15+ Hair Care transaction.

Here’s a roundup of other printables you can stack with….
$2.00 OFF when you purchase TWO Pantene Shampoos or Conditioners zip 77477
$1.00 OFF when you purchase ONE Pantene® Styler or Treatment Zip 77477
$1.00 off when you purchase ONE LOreal Paris Adv. Hairstyling Product
$2.00 off when you purchase TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Product
$2.00 off when you purchase any L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Product
$1.00 off when you purchase GARNIER FRUCTIS Shampoo & Conditioner
$1.50 off when you purchase any gud product
$1.50 off when you purchase one Suave Natural Infusions product

For the rest of the Sneak Peek at the Target ad for 3/23-3/29, you can check out my post HERE.

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  1. This is also another mobile coupon…HAIRCARE. If you spend $15.00 you will receive a $5 gift card back.

  2. For the first deal, to even out shampoo and conditioners you could do this deal right?

    buy 4 garnier products – $9.96
    Buy 2 suave products = $5.58
    Total: $15.54
    – $5 mobile coupon
    – $8 (4) $2 garnier coupons
    – $3 (2) $1.50 suave coupons
    Final cost free.

    I plan on doing the same with Vidal products – buy 4 Vidal and 2 suave.

  3. wow with hair care that makes it even better, i gonna try using both tonight. anyone have an idea of how much the got 2 b dry shampoo is? really want to try it

  4. I’m gonna give the five dollar giftcard one first then do the second one and see if it gets deducted, if not thats ok, i can always do another transaction and use the giftcard, don’t mind experimenting.

  5. i sure will, im probably not gonna make it until tomorrow morning, but i will post as soon as i find out.

  6. Just FYI Walgreens had $1 off Axe Hair care coupons in the little red coupon machines right by their Axe products. Good for any hair care item but with a 2 coupon limit.

  7. I. Tried using both it was a no go ( it showed the big red screen) saying items were not in cart.

    Lesson learned on that one. I had gift cards to burn and I still got a gift card. But now I can go buy more with only paying tax. So all is well.

  8. f you get the weekender paper there is a 2.50 /1 axe q Mines going alittle something like this Tomorrow
    3 axe (isuppose it will be limit 2 on the q ) 3 SUAVE (OUT OF GARNIER QS MAYBE )

    17.49 – 5.00 AXE Q -4.50 SUAVE Q -5.00 TARGET Q =2.49 GET BACK 5.00 GIFT CARD 2.51 mm

  9. Today I went to Target to use the $10 off for pet food and the $5 off for hair products, using my smart phone. After the cashier rang me up I went to hand her my phone. She was training a new employee and said paper coupons before mobile coupons. I was worried that after my coupons, the pet food and hair products coupons would not work. I had manufacturers and target coupons. But to my surprise, they all came off with out a problem.

    Just wanted to let everyone know. I also think I was good for the new employee as she got to experience everything…newspaper coupons, target coupons, printable coupons, mobile coupons, and, of course, cartwheel. Gotta love Target!!!

  10. Any chance I could use the $3/15 beauty coupon I got in my Target beauty box and the $5/15 haircare mobile coupon on a $20 haircare purchase?

  11. I have the same question as Megan on the Kids Suave 3-in-1 hair and body wash — on the Suave coupons the 3-in-1 is shown as Hair Care, so wondering if the Target coupon will count it as haircare too.

  12. Kramon, I believe you could use both because they are two different coupons but try and let us know if it is a no go or not. Perhaps 2 transactions?

  13. I used the$5/15 today and worked great. I also got a Catalina for $10/$35 on paper prod., cleaning supplies, personal care, grocery and beauty. Do you think I can use the mobile that will give a $5 gc (Haircare)along with this as long as I have $35?

  14. I just came from Target, They gave me a $5.00 gift card they did not take $5.00 of my bill.bummer.

  15. I thought maybe it might work because the Catalina isn’t limited to just the beauty department. It includes other departments as well. I was afraid to try it, but I guess they could just say no.

  16. UPDATE: $5/$15 mobile haircare coupon and $3/$15 beauty coupon from Target Beauty Box both worked on a $19 haircare purchase, but I had to go to customer service to get the $3 coupon adjustment. All I can say is, good luck trying this. Stars must align, customer service must be in a good mood.

  17. Just FYI — both TARGETHAIR and HAIRCARE can be used on Clearance hair products. I purchased some high-end products with my total a tad over $30 ($15 per coupon) – got the $5 gift card and $5 off my total purchase. But, note that my total did need to exceed $30 to cover the cost of both coupons. But just so you know that it’s good on Clearance!

  18. Target had tons of Pantene clearance. High end Hair products and a few of the Got2Be (still had 2.00/1 coupons) used these as fillers to get to the $15.00 because they were 2.34 – 4.18 dollars each minus the coupons. They were taking the signs down for the current through today sales. It was hard to tell what was what. The cheapest Garnier Fructis was the shampoo and conditioners at 2.49, the stylers were 2.99 – 5.99. Loreal deal for buy 3 get 1 free here we got to use 4 coupons.

  19. I was able to use the Haircare 5.00 gc and the 5.00 gc axe deal today ……paid 11.94 got back 10.00 in gcs.

  20. Tonight, I purchased 4 Axe shampoos ($3.99 each – $15.96 total) along with other items, then handed the cashier (at The Woodlands, Texas location) the $5.00 off $15.00 Target coupon first, then the four $2.50 Axe shampoo coupons.

    The cashier took the four Axe coupons off first and then said he couldn’t take the $5.00 off Target coupon because I didn’t meet the $15.00 minimum requirement.

    I don’t think he was rogue, but I didn’t push him much (other than to point out that I was using a Target coupon and manufacturer’s coupon within Target’s policy).

    He wouldn’t budge.

    In looking through the Target coupon policy, I couldn’t find any specific verbiage about this scenario.

    Not looking to “get away” with anything — just want to make sure I’m following the letter and spirit of their policies so I don’t waste time and come off looking like a jerk.

    Any input on this?

  21. HI Larry- you should be able to hand the target coupon first. would have asked for a manager. But you may want to check the fine print on your axe coupons. They are a Unilever product and typically limit you to two identical coupons per shopping trip. hth

  22. FYI, the free loreal styler does count towards the $15 price. I didn’t have to buy another product to make up the difference. Here was my transaction:

    4 stylers @ 3.99 = 15.96
    -free styler 3.99
    -(2) $1/1 target coupon
    -(2) $2/1 mfr coupon
    -$1/1 mfr coupon
    -$1.50/1 mfr coupon
    = $3.47 oop
    Received $5 gift card
    = $1.53 moneymaker

    I only did the gift card deal because I plan to use it ok another trip to target to purchase more hair products with the other mobile coupon. Great deal!

  23. There was a $2 off any one Gariner product a few weeks ago that I found in my coupons. Check your binders!

  24. Targets in Colorado had 2.00/1 hang tags on clear shampoo and conditioners. This puts them in the mix for the $5/15 deal. But I hear there is a 2.50/1 in our coupons today. So if you don’t get it today maybe it will be waiting for you at target or just to mix and match.

  25. There is a $2.50 off 1 Axe Hair Product, I can’t remember the which insert, but this would be a great deal!!

  26. Anyone do the garnier deal today- didn’t get out to the store yesterday and was wondering if the price went back up on the 13 oz

  27. Used todays RedPlum: Got 2 axe 3.99 and 2 dove 3.99, used from the paper: 2 2.50/1 axe and 2 2.50 dove. -5.00/15 =.96

  28. I did this deal with herbal esxence and tresemee and garnier. I got 5 bottles 2.50 afer all coupons.
    2 garniers 5.98
    2 herbal essence 5.98
    1 tresemee shampoo 3.99
    total 15.95
    $5.00 off 15 target coupon
    had 2 $4.00 garnier
    $3.00 off 2 herbal essence
    $2.00 one tresemme
    total was 2.50
    cashier was wonderful and thought it was a great deal

  29. The 5 off 15 coupon doesnt exclude samples so would we be able to toss a sample into the orders that are just a few pennys short of $15?

  30. So can we do the axe and use 5/$15 and still get a $5 gift card? Assuming they are separate promos

  31. I have a mobile for $5.00/$15 in hair care, I also have a one for a $5.00 gift card as well when you buy $15.00 in hair care products, Can I use both of them or now.

  32. I have a printed $5 off $15 and a link for the $5 gift card when you spend $15. I was thinking of giving the cashier my phone to scan and then the printed coupon for $5 off $15. Does that sound right?

  33. I went to the store last night, and was tried to do all the shampoo deals, and none of them worked. There was no gift cards, and no buying 4 loreal and 2 garnier deal to get one loreal free. No signs, didn’t right up that way nothing. Hue only deals I got was when you you spend 15 you save 5. 🙁

  34. I love this deal, I had success! Here is what I did

    I had the cashier scan first my $5 off $15 mobile coupon on my phone. Then, I gave her my coupons to scan. While she was doing busy doing that, I pulled up on my phone the other mobile offer we have right now called BAREURHAIR and had her scan that too. SUCCESS!

    In case anyone is interested, I was going for both the $1 coupons from BAREURHAIR on the Old Spice and Head and Shoulders. Both took and I so I got the $5 and the other $2 that I wanted off BAREURHAIR.

    SOOOOO Happy!

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