$20 Off $100 Baby Purchase Coupon Now Available as Printable plus Nice Deal on Luvs Diapers after Stack


That nice in-ad Target Coupon for $20 Off a Baby Dept Purchase of $100 or more – is now available as a printable HERE. If you are a fan of Luvs Diapers- the Value Packs are included in the offer this week for a FREE $10 Gift Card wyb 2 select Diapers.

Although Kelley’s signs were missing- she was able to verify that they are prompting the Gift Card and that the Cartwheel we have for them is working too (thanks Denise & Alice for the heads up!). After a triple stack it makes for a nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Value Packs of Luvs Diapers ($25) = $100
-$20 Off Baby Purchase of $100+ In-Ad TQ (or BABYSALE to 827438) or HERE x4/5 (limit 1)
-$5.00 (use 5% Off Luvs Diapers Big pack Target Cartwheel x3/29
-$4.00 (use four $1.00 off when you purchase any ONE (1) Luvs Diapers zip 90210
= $71.00 – $20 (get back two $10 Gift Cards for buying 2 select diapers thru 3/29
= $51 for 4 or $12.75 each or like saving 50%

For more deal ideas with the $20 Baby Coupon check out my Best deals of the week post HERE.

NOT FAMILIAR WITH TARGET CARTWHEEL? This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

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  1. The coupon in my target ad is for a $20 gift card when you spend $100, could you use the printable too?

  2. I was able to get a great deal on formula and nursers with a 10% off up & up formula cartwheel that came out yesterday morning.

    3 -40oz containers up & up at $24.99 each
    1 – 22.5 oz container up & up at $15.29
    4 – up & up bottle liners at $2.99 each

    total: $102.22
    -$20 of $100
    -10% on formula ($9.03)
    -5% on target red card

    total: $71.34 (after tax), I also had gift card from a gift return making my actual total $31.34 which was even more amazing!

    Robyn, I think you would need to spend $200 to be able to use both. I did 2 $5 off $25 purchase of apparel this weekend (one mobile, one print) and had to spend $50 to use them both.

    Kerry, thanks for all your notes and help! My husband was making fun of me this weekend until I came home with $175 worth of clothing for our son and only paid $9 out of pocket!

  3. I don’t know if all Target’s are doing it but when I checked out with this deal I got a $10 coupon off my next $35 purchase. Something else to sweeten it! 🙂

  4. @maria your $9 oop was it for taxes??? I am looking for baby clothing deals so your oop was amazing for $175!! GO GIRL!!! =}

  5. There is a great deal on Seventh Generation Diapers as well. They are on Sale 20% off, additional 10% off with Cartwheel today (last day), plus the 20$ off 100. Yay, I get my expensive diapers at a reasonable price!

  6. can you use the 10 g.f you get from purchasing the diapers on a different transaction or will they apply that to the diaper purchase

  7. Yeaterday I got this deal it was $100.00 for the 4 luvs big packs, I use the target coupon of the weekly ad for $20 dlls, the cartwheel ($5.00) and one luv coupn for $1.00 dll so I pay $78 dlls with txs ( my total saving was $46.00 dlls) and recieve 2 giftcards for $10 dlls, but I was really disappointed because I gave them, 4 coupons and they just take one, ’cause my coupons said one coupon per purchase, the cashier call the manager they told me that I can separate my transactions so they can receive my 4 coupons, but if I do that I will not use the $20 dlls coupons, they said that they have problems when they send the coupons thta said: one coupon per purchase if they receive more than one in one transaction. I think that per purchase mean per item, does anyome have the same problem?

  8. Question, does the $20 come off as a straight $20 Target coupon, or is it divided up among the baby items you buy (like when there are gift card deals and it gives specific refund values on the receipt) Just curious if I buy a baby gift and it is returned if they will take the coupon off the return?

  9. Hi Jenny- always good to bring the policy with you where they state you can use 4 identical coupons in one transaction. A purchase is one item- so you could have used 4 coupons

  10. Thanks Kerry … Even when the manager and the cashier where very nice, and explain to me, that they have problems with the manufacture when they send the coupons like that, I feel a little bit frustraded.

  11. Can the $20 off of spending $100 coupon good for online purchases on target.com. If so does anyone know the coupon code to use?


  12. The 20% off baby item tq worked on a car seat I bought today. Paired with the 20 off $100 it made for a sweet deal!

  13. Cristina,

    Sorry! just saw this. My $9 was not taxes. Massachusetts doesn’t tax food or clothing. I planned out two trips, one to Kohls and one to Target. Had I paid all original pricing at both, it would have been $174. Here’s a basic breakdown.

    Kohls: total after clearance and sales: $36.60
    I used a 20% off your entire purchase
    then I had a $15 gift card
    then $10 kohls cash
    Total was $4.28

    Target, total after clearance was: $59.14
    2 $5 off $25 purchase (spent $50 to use both)
    20% off Just One Year items Cartwheel
    brought total down to $39.70
    Then I used $35 in giftcards I had collected from previous purchases (like buy this many, get $5 giftcard)
    so my total was $4.70

    I had to really plan it out and spend the time looking at the items to make sure they were good for my cartwheel AND my coupons (apparel coupon would take clearance but Cartwheel wouldn’t so I didn’t want too much clearance items, there also wasn’t a ton of clearance at my Target anyway) I also spread out the ages of the clothing if I found a really amazing deal so some items I got on super clearance at Kohls, I won’t be using until Little Man is 12 months (two shirts at $2.40 each!). I also don’t really buy things from Kohls unless they’re on sale because I think some items are expensive like one outfit was originally priced at $24 for 3-6 months. He’s going to wear that for like 3 weeks once the weather changes and I can’t wrap my head around spending $24 for 3-5 wears.

    I hope that helps!

  14. Has anyone tried to use it on something like a jumperoo? It says excluded toy department, but technically a jumperoo is in the baby department even though it is toy like? Anyone?? Thanks!!

  15. Becca, On my receipt the $20 coupon came off as a Target coupon at the bottom and not on the individual items. I am not sure what will happen with a return.

  16. I got a coupon to receive a $20 gift card for completing my baby registry online. Assuming that I get that from customer service before checking out, there should be no problem with me using it on this, correct?

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