Kellogg’s Family Rewards: More $3/3 Cereal Coupons


If you missed that high value $3.00 Off on any THREE Kellogg’s Cereals coupon on (no longer available), Denise let me know that there is also a $3/3 Kellogg’s Cereals coupon available to print on Kellogg’s Family Rewards that you don’t need any points for. Once you are signed up and/or logged-in you can look under the coupons tab for this nice high-value coupon.

If you are not familiar with this rewards program – when you join Kellogg’s Family Rewards, you can get exclusive coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s® brands when you purchase them. But there are also coupons available to print for members that you don’t need any points for like the $3/3 cereals. Just go HERE to sign up.

If you’ve missed my earlier posts – we’ve got a great deal going on at Target We also have a super-high-value 50% Off Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Target Cartwheel x4/19 to stack with it. This week Target has a new price cut on select Mini Wheats Cereals for just $2.50 each thru 4/26. After stack – they are just .25 cents a box…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats ($2.50 PC thru 4/26) = $7.50
-$3.75 (use 50% Off Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Target Cartwheel x4/19
-$3.00 Off on any THREE Kellogg’s Cereals on Kellogg’s Family Rewards
= .75 for all 3 or .25 each after stack

And if you wait until tomorrow, 4/17 to do this deal- you can also Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb 2 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats excl single serve with Checkout 51 (between 4/17 – 4/23. This will make tese cereals FREE plus you can check out my post HERE for specially marked boxes you will want to watch for to make the deal above even better.

-Thanks for the heads up on the coupon to Denise!

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  1. My Target is sold out of the $2.50 boxes. Luckily there were stocking the shelves while I was there and the team member told me that since they were sold out I could take the larger (24 oz.) box up to checkout and they would give me the $2.50 price! So I basically did the same deal, but got larger boxes!

  2. My Checkout 51 refreshed at midnight and there isn’t a Mini Wheats deal, only a Special K!

  3. Kianna, its just how she has it written. Even though CW is scanned last, the correct amount is figured in her deal idea. Also, manuf coupons don’t have any bearing on CW, it’s only Target Store coupons.

  4. I’m confused about this deal because you have the cartwheel scanned first, but they scan cartwheel last. With them scanning cartwheel last, the total would be 7.50, minus $3/3 coupon = 3.50 and then 50% cartwheel makes it 2.25 for three boxes. I believe that my store requires Cartwheel to be scanned last, because it asks the cashier if they have already scanned all coupons. Please correct me if I’m wrong so I can properly prepare for my shopping trip tomorrow!

  5. Am I the only one who’s cereal was not 2.50? Mine were $3.14 (maybe because I got the bite size ones?). But I used a KFR coupon for 1.50/1 and got it for .07 so I am still happy but I wonder why mine were higher priced?? The regular frosted mini wheats didnt have a sale sign either, and I didnt price check them since I wanted the bite size anyways.

  6. It’s huge process whenever I attempt to print from Red Plum and usually I give up before I get anything printed. I can see above that I’m not the only one having problems. Why on earth does Kelloggs or any other company even do business with Red Plum? I just deepens my aggravation when I see the “wecare” email address because clearly they don’t care. If anybody comes up with the magic bullet, please share!

  7. The Miniwheats deal gets better. If you belong to KelloggsFamilyRewards, you can click on Special Offers and enter the 3 codes in the “Get $5 for a Healthier You” promotion to get a $5 check!

  8. My Target was also out of the regular Mini-Wheats. An employee told me that vendors stock the cereal aisle once a week and that they hadn’t been to the store yet this week.

  9. Went to two different Target stores today to try to get the Mini-Wheat cartwheel deal, and they were out of stock. That happens to me often on the higher value cartwheel items. It’s getting kind of discouraging.

  10. Another way to do the deal (I plan on doing this tomorrow morning if not OOS), if you have enough KSF points.

    Meant KFR not KSF.

  11. Another way to do the deal (I plan on doing this tomorrow morning if not OOS), if you have enough KSF points:

    Buy (4) Frosted Mini-Wheats @ $2.50 each ($10.00 total)

    Use the following:

    50% Cartwheel ($5.00)

    (1) $3/3 MQ

    (1) $1.50/1 MQ (KFR – 1,000 points)

    Pay: $0.50 For 4 – Get back $1 wyb 2 from Checkout 51 starting Thursday

  12. Steph, I believe there was only 3 kinds at my store that was $2.50. The raspberry, raisin, and the frosted mini wheats. I almost got one other one that weren’t $2.50. Make sure you price check all of them too.

  13. Hi Samantha- it is 4 unless otherwise stated. for example if you bought rice krispies the cw has a limit of 2 for that one. But most are 4- hth

  14. I have a Mac Mini and i was never able to print from Kellogs. I had to upgrade the os to maverick per the troubleshooting page and i was able to print coupons.

  15. How many of the same item does a single cartwheel scan apply to? For example, how many boxes of the cereal can I include in an order and get the cartwheel discount on? Thanks!

  16. Thanks Suzie. It worked! Is it necessary to change your settings back once your are done printing?

  17. I haven’t been able to print Kellogg coupons from my Mac in a long time. I install the printer thing-a-ma-jig and nothing ever happens.

  18. Here’s my story. I consider myself computer savy, but I used to have a lot of trouble printing coupons from java based sites like Kellogg and Red Plum. After doing everything I can think of (and that includes Suzie’s suggestion above), the only solution was reverting to an old version of Java. The one I’m using is Java 7 Update 46. I think the most current one is Update 55. I’m not updating mine until Java 8. You can google for old versions of Java. I recommend getting an earlier version of Java 7. Keep in mind that if you do this, you need to disable auto-update or else Java will just install the latest version.

  19. I have the same problem. Someone told me to change the security settings on your computer to low but that still didn’t work for me.

  20. I too had the same problem. Here is what they recommended on the their site and it worked for me.
    – Close your internet browser.
    – Open your Java Control Panel.
    – Under the General tab you should see “Temporary Internet Files” and click the “Settings” button.
    – Select to Delete Temp Files
    – Make sure to check the box that says “Installed Applications and Applets”.
    – Now go to the Security tab on the Control Panel and Lower your security to Medium.
    – Click Apply and then OK to exit out of the window.
    Now retry in your browser and see if that works. That worked for me so hopefully it will help you also!

  21. Does anyone have tips on how to print coupons from the Kellogg’s site? Every time I try to print I click allow when the popup shows and then after that no coupons print.

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