Target After-Easter Clearance Up to 50% Off

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For those of you headed out to Target today- you should find much of whatever Easter inventory your store has left up to 50% Off. Easter clearance is also great time to pick up non-perishables for next year- like decorations, die kits, baskets, plush toys and more.

Watch for some of the Easter Basket stuffer toys which would be great for stocking stuffers or party favors, or plastic utensils & other disposable table top items that can be used for birthday parties or other celebrations. Kelley’s Dollar Spot was wiped out, but you may want to check there for 50% Off Easter too.


While some specialty candy & food items will also be 50% Off, most of the Bagged candy will sit at 30% Off, and other select food items may sit at 30% Off too. Kelley had just a ton of candy this morning – and quite a few food items – all 30% Off.


But if you are worried about the candy lasting too much longer at your store though- you can still get a nice clearance deal now on M&M’s..

Buy 3 M&M’s Easter Candy ($2.23 on clearance for 30% Off) = $6.69
-$1.50/3 M&M’s candies 8 oz+ Target Coupons x5/18
$2/3 Mars Chocolate Candy Twix, M&Ms, Dove, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way or Bites 7-11.5 oz
= $3.19 for 3 or $1.06 each after stack & clearance, regularly $3.19 each

As far as when the next drop to 70/50 on Easter will happen- it usually takes about 3-4 days for the next discount to happen. Sometimes it’s even 5 days after Easter and stores will vary as far as when they drop to 70% Off. There is no definite set schedule and what is left will vary greatly from store to store- but it’s something to keep an eye on at your store if you have interest. Especially if you have a ton of stuff left like Kelley did today!

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  1. Melissa- I went to Westchase area one:) and Tanique if ur in the west side, join me:) lol, this is my email monikapalomino at hotmail dot com:)

  2. Ok very strange – I typed that msg to Monika yet her name is the sender .
    Phone issues!

  3. I only went to one store this morning, Houston Texas, 70% 50%, don’t know if it was the actual store with the issue, but when I scanned most of the stuff at the price checker, it said “item not found” I walked to the register, and register was prompting it at 70% no issues!!!:0 it threw me off, but again I don’t know if it was this specific store:/ anyways they had them super cute pacifiers that look like bunny teeth ringing up at 70%:) bought 2 with an 18 month old, we got through those like crazy!!:)

  4. As of wed. night 4/23, Easter clearance is up to 70% at my Pensacola store.
    Candy and food was still @ 30%.

  5. My two closest stores in Texas (Lake Worth and Weatherford) looked like swarms of locust hit that first day even by noon but had to go to Manhattan, KS (the little apple) yesterday and their Target looked like no one had been there. I found several baking molds our stores never had and found baby clothing back in the infant section scanning 50% off. The food items like morsels and marshmallows weren’t there but they might not have had any based on everything else that was still on the shelves.

  6. Jennifer, I definitely purchased things at 90% off from the Dollar Spot during both Christmas and Valentine’s Day clearance – it was really fun paying 10-30 cents per item! However, when the Dollar Spot went on general non-holiday clearance, you are correct, it hit 70% and then was salvaged. YMMV, of course. 🙂

  7. Marla – the dollar spot stuff drops 70% off for only one day, then it is sent to salvage that night. It doesn’t stay there long so if you want something I say grab it! Thanks for the heads-up on the my little ponies, my daughter LOVES these!

  8. What Flo said! 🙂 There are identical plush ponies with a regular round tag next to ones with an easter egg tag, so make sure you pick up the right ones. They rang up at $2.50 at my store.

  9. Thank you Fio. Two targets around me; Highland, IN and Saint John, IN have a TON of stuff left. Toys and candy! Pretty lucky. Haven’t checked Merrillville or Munster yet. Luckily, they are all within 15 minutes from me 🙂

  10. Small my little pony plush toys. They are usually around $4.99 and may find mixed in with the regular ones. But, the clearance ones, have a tag shaped as an egg instead of the normal one.

  11. Tonight I went to Target in Atlanta (the Buckhead store) – lots of stuff left – everything from lip balm (I bought some) to My Little Ponies (didn’t buy any but scanned a few – make sure the tag is an Easter egg to get the discount!). Plus, black circle in the Dollar Spot is half price and that includes things like a lot of the cute Paper & Dots craft supplies! I hope there’s still some of that stuff left when it drops to 70% – or, dare I dream, 90%…

  12. I saw people loading up carts at 30% off at Target and I’m in an area with a lot of Walmart stores. I guess if you’re using a GC at Target or something it might not matter but a savings of 75 cents or whatever times 30 bags is still a good chunk of change to me.

  13. Tee tee, when it comes to seasonal items, everyone is going to have pretty much the same thing. Some stores will just have more than others.

  14. My Target was pretty bare 🙁 I was able to get a cpl dye kits & a cpl of the Crayola Color Wonder w the Target & Manufacturers coupons making a nice deal

  15. @Kelly – It would be nice if they did that, but they probably think they can get a lot of people to buy at 30% off. I try to wait until at least 50% off since I don’t NEED the candy (I take it up to work for everyone to eat!) or if there are candies that I absolutely love (I’m looking at you coconut kisses), I’ll buy a bag @ 30% off and hope like hell they are left for 50-70% off.

  16. Why don’t you guys ever say what location you are at getting deals or not getting deals? I love to read them but it does us all no good if we don’t communicate what state or city has whatever deal you got or didn’t get.
    Just say in’ …….makes sense.

  17. Found several Crayola Color Wonder items on clearance this morning including some puzzles for only $2.49 after 50% off. There is currently a TQ for $2 off 2 Color Wonder items and various MQs for Crayola items that you can use.

  18. I wish Target would follow Walmart’s lead and clearance out the candy to 50% off the day after .

  19. Would the new $1/2 Starburst Target coupon work on the clearance jelly beans? I have a $1/2 MQ that expires today, so that would make an even better deal!

  20. My store was wiped out of EVERYTHING except candy and a few cake mixes. It was crazy. Not one 50% sign to be seen!

  21. Went to my store Sat night to check for a couple things and the Easter section was completely wiped out!!! No one held out for clearance….everything was gone! 🙁

  22. I went Easter shopping this morning and got my son tons of candy and toys!! I love clearance!

  23. The boots and Barkley cartwheel for rawhide and the one for toys both work on the clearance Easter items- an extra 10% off! And I think they have a few days left in them, so they might still be up when it hits 70%

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