Target After-Easter Clearance – Now Up to 70% Off

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Many of you should now find Easter Clearance up to 70% Off today if your store has anything left. I heard a few people dropped yesterday, so there should be a lot more stores dropping today. If you don’t see signs be sure and scan just in case.

Not all stores go to 70% on the same schedule, but there is always the possibility the signs haven’t been switched, so it’s always worth a scan to check. Kelley took all these shots at her Ellicott City, MD store this morning- I am shocked at how much she has left!


All Kelley’s candy and food dropped to 50% Off and as you can see she has a ton of that left too!


She had an entire wall of chocolate left!- all at 50% Off.


She also had an endcap of about 500 bags of white chocolate M&Ms! They were down 50% Off to $1.59 and after triple stack it’s a very nice deal if you find your store at 50% Off too…

Buy 3 M&M’s Easter Candy ($1.59 on clearance for 50% Off) = $4.77
-$1.50/3 M&M’s candies 8 oz+ Target Coupon x5/18
$2/3 Mars Chocolate Candy Twix, M&Ms, Dove, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way or Bites 7-11.5 oz
= $1.27 for 3 or .42 each after stack & clearance, regularly $3.19 each


Watch for anything non-perishable that you may be able to use for next year, or take a look around for items you may be able to repurpose for another holiday- be it Birthday, baby shower etc.


Also be sure and check your dollar spot for up to 70% Off black dot items. Kelley’s dollar spot was empty yesterday- and mysteriously filled up with some Easter black dot items today. So you never know and it can’t hurt to take a quick look and see what you can find.

Check home, and apparel and bakeware too, and there were quite a few comments on my post HERE when Easter first dropped to 50% Off that you may find helpful. And feel free to leave comments on this post letting us know what you found and if there are any hidden surprises in the regular sections of the store we should be looking for!

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  1. Crayola not crayons – sorry. Oh and I found hello kitty pompoms for 90% off ($0.50)

  2. My store was mostly picked over but found several packs of the NUK pacifiers in with the regular pacifiers and a few princesses mixed in with the regular ones. My favorite finds were a chick lalaloopsie that rang up $0.49 and several crayons chalk grab ‘n go games – chip shot golf for $0.49. I found one of these in Easter and 3 more up with the other crayons chalk items up in art supplies. There were 4 different chalk grab’n go games – only the chip shot golf rings up 90% off.

  3. My store in Wisconsin had signs posted 90% all Easter, even candy. Tons of candy left. When I checked out the candy didn’t ring up 90% off. Good thing I took a picture that clearly showed all the candy sections had 90% signs and they had to give it to me. I’m pretty sure they fixed the signs after I left.

  4. Hope my store has a few things in the am. Darn I could have gone a few hrs ago! 🙁

  5. Holy cow! my target only had a few things left on the back shelf.. does no one celebrate Easter there to have that much stuff left over? lol So jealous!

  6. Jacksonville Beach was 90/50 today, but two other Jacksonville stores were 50/30 and 70/50.

    Found a bunch of the small Disney toys at the 90 off. Doc McStuffins, Cars, Princess, etc. Found dolls, cameras, flip keys and drawing boards. We have a charity toy drive we are working on, so I bought all of the ones I could find!

    Also got Nordic bundt pans for $1.29, chap stick 4 packs, and egg storage containers (egg shaped, with plastic lids).

    I plan to also donate all of the egg containers, perfect size for crayons and legos!

  7. Anyone in the Chicago Il area know what percentage it’s at today? Thanks for all your input ladies!!!

  8. My store was 50/70 today although it was marked 30/50. I got quite a bit of stuff but nothing like last year. Even way before Easter I noticed that they didn’t have as much stock (quantity or variety) as far as basket stuffers as they did last year.
    I found a Pull Me I Jitter Sassy baby toy that was a rabbit so I scanned it and it was $1.50 (down from $5), the same for some obviously Easter teethers.
    I found some Gyro Light-Up Tops (Avengers, Cars, Spiderman) that are exactly the same as some at the end cap that has the $3-$5 Blip toys but they were $.90 each. Also some Spin Globe Cinderella’s in the same section for $1.50 (down from $5). They had some Easter and some not of these things. The only difference is the tag (the Easter ones are obvious). Also, some black haired child Barbies for $1.50. They have an Easter basket on the packaging behind them and the back packaging has rabbits on it. Also, some Little Kingdom Disney Princesses (Cinderella and Rapunzel). These were in packages that had the plastic packaging shaped like an egg. I looked in the toy section and they had other princesses in the Little Kingdom collection and they are $5-7. The Easter ones were $1.50. Little Hello Kitty figures for $1.50.
    I got a couple of cake pop molds (obviously Easter) and they had the Nordic Ware sticks at 70% off too, nothing Easter about the packaging on those. That is the main stuff I found besides normal Easter stuff (paper plates, cups, paper grass, plastic eggs, craft kits, etc).
    My favorite buys are the “candy containers” that are pictured in one of the Easter posts on here. They are ceramic with rabbits on the top. I got 3 large and 1 short for roughly $5 a piece. They are the Threshold brand.

  9. I went to the Dulles, VA store today and all Easter stuff was still only 30% off! I couldn’t believe it was still only 30% and asked when the discount would go to 50, but they told me they didn’t know. There was still a ton of Easter stuff.

  10. Carter’s baby clothes with chick or bunny themes were marked but were 70% off. Magic clip princesses with subtle Easter packaging were 70%. Princess palace pets were also in the Easter section and 70%

  11. SK- same problem has been happening to me. I use Internet explorer and sometimes I can get it to work if I clean out the cookies or wait a day or two.

  12. The Target is Shreveport, Louisiana, is pretty wiped out as far as Easter stuff (now at 70/50), but they did have an endcap filled with M&Ms (and not just the white chocolate version). I was able to do the deal Kerry posted for 3 bags with a MQ and TQ making them 42 cents each.

  13. Regular Easter stuff was 70% at my store yesterday afternoon but candy was still 30%. I was bummed because there was still a good amount but the prices are still really high! I got a few things for baskets next year, Spiderman and Avengers toys for $1.50 or $1.19. Plus a bib for my cousin’s baby due in July that was $1.19 I think. Dollar Spot stuff had been moved back there but it was still all 50%. Maybe candy will be 50% by Saturday when I can go back and hopefully there will be some left!

  14. Hey SK are u on a Mac, I have been having issues as well::/ do you have “chrome” as one of ur browsers, try it, it’s worked for me!!!!:)

  15. Kerry, I select a coupon and when I hit print it says no coupon selected. Tried on different browsers .

  16. What a sweet deal on the EOS chipsticks!! I didn’t see any single ones (non cardboard) at mine, but I’m happy for you!

  17. Main Easter stuff in NJ was 70/50. However dollar spot is still at 50 today. We turned to 70 yesterday.

  18. i’m curious where which states are hitting 70%. it’s fun to see how some states are early and some take forever

  19. Yesterday the Twin Falls, Idaho store non-food Easter went to 70% off but the food, meaning the candy was still at 30%. So few items of Easter left, except a larger selection of candy. I can’t believe how much is in the above photos! What a gold mine- there weren’t even Easter napkins left at our store, which is crazy since in years past there has always been so much more.

  20. My store has tons of stuff left which is quite unusual, almost always completely wiped out! of course, none of the stuff I wanted left anyway. It seemed they sold out of the Zitners Coconut Eggs at all stores within 50 miles of me a month before Easter and never put out any more.

  21. There is a bib that says something to the effect of “I’m egg-stra special’ Its white and yellow and its reg price is $3.99. There is also a pink onesie that says “Mommy’s bunny” reg. price $4.99.
    EOS lipbalms are scanning .89. They are not on a cardbard backing, they are just single balls wrapped in a clear celophane. One is red and one is blue.

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