Rare .50/1 Any Thomas Product Printable Coupon Returns + Stacks on Mini Bagels & Bagel Thins

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This nice rare coupon to save $0.50 on any Thomas’ Product at zip 77477 is back. It has not reset but if you missed it the last time it came around you can print it while it lasts. You can use this coupon on any Thomas product- but we do have a couple different stacks going on at Target right now.

Right now we have a 20% Off Thomas Mini Bagels Target Cartwheel x5/17 that you can stack the .50/1 Thomas’ Product coupon with. The Bags of Thomas’ Mini Bagels sell for $2.99 regular price at my store, so around $1.89 after stack if you have the same price at your store.

There is also a very nice 20% off Select 10 Weight Watchers-approved items Target Coupon x6/7 and the Thomas Bagel Thins are included. Other products you can mix and match this Target coupon on are as follows- Smart Ones Frozen Entrees, All Whites, Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies,  Progresso Light Soup, Thomas Bagel Thins, Sandwich/Pocket Thins, Yoplait Light/Greek 100, or Weight Watchers String Cheese, Wheat Bread, Dessert or Frozen Novelties.

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  1. Hey Nadia- still there for me. Like I said it’s not a reset- so if youprinted it last time it came out- it is probably sitting with your other print limit reached coupon. If you din’t print it- try switching to zip 77477. Still there for me as of 8:34 pm EST 5/7. hth

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